Introduction to current GR Chat + Alpha Info


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Currently (As of February 17th, 2019) GreaterRealms chat rooms have these features available:

  • You are not limited to what public room you can be logged into at once. You may log into all of GR's chatrooms at the same time, switching between them by clicking on their tabs, or choose to join one.
  • All public rooms are currently being archived, aka able to be read by everyone. You can visit the archives directly from within the chat by clicking the link: Archives.
  • The archives has a save button for those wishing to keep their RP or any other messages.
  • Private, password protected rooms can be created by registered members. Tests have not been carried out on whether or not they are archived publicly. Be aware.
  • Registered members may create their own public rooms for testing or play. Be aware that the 24 hour rule from our old website and prochat applies. ( We will delete rooms that are empty generally after 10-24 hours to keep load and clutter down unless that chat is requested to become a permanent fixture.)
  • You may mute users. Private/chat room creators should also be able to kick and or ban users. (Though I do not think I need to type this, I will remind members not to abuse this privilege.)
  • You can tag a registered member within the chat. If you do so, they will receive a notification here on Xenforo that they were tagged as well. Yes, currently, users not in the chat that are tagged most likely will receive a notification of it. It goes without saying that you should not tag someone unless you really want to get their attention. And also, please use this for RP purposes only.
  • Sound has been turned off unless it is a private message, mention or whisper.
  • Users should have options such as font custom color. These can be found by clicking the settings icon. This icon looks like one large cog with two smaller on the upper right hand side.
  • Chatroom does have a few slash commands that can be used. Customization of them have not yet taken place. The roll command only rolls d 6 die. (I want to change that eventually, but not yet familiar with the php for commands.)
  • Statuses, such as "afk," "here," where your character is or whatever you'd like can be typed in by each registered member and displayed below name. There is a character limit however, so simple statuses will fit far better.
  • The archives/logs are kept for 30 days and then automatically wiped by the website. Administration may wipe them prematurely if sensitive information that goes against our privacy policy is submitted, or if the chat is inundated with pure spam.
  • Your Xenforo Avatar will display in the chat.

Not yet configured/Known/Implemented:

  • User names in chat do not link to their forum profiles yet.
  • There may be scrolling issues for small browsers/computer screens. No fix yet, but working on it.
  • Pop up may not load correctly first time opening. Please refresh/try again, or right click on chat link and > open in a new tab/window
  • Since the chat is a pop up, you may want to ensure you white list so that it loads.
There will no doubt be features and issues that I have missed. These will hopefully crop up in time and usage and I will be able to address them as they come. Several tutorials are on the list of things to do and will be posted in the weeks to come.
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