It's Kind of a Funny Story...[Story line Event]


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When the moons align with the stars, when the mists appe--scratch that. It's the planes that shifted and brought him to this odd-ball planet with it's odd-ball collection of people. He found himself rather smack-daub in the middle of some sort of business place; crowded with people who went about their day as if a small, two foot person wrapped in white silk with a pointy little red hat was rather normal.

Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't.

He looked around with a glint in his eye that promised no-good-could-come of this and rubbed his little knobby hands together with an enthusiasm that should make a grown man feel worried.

"Excellent," he muttered to himself smugly. "Excellent. Yes. Oh yes! I can work with this..." The portents of this statement could not bode well.


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--Out of Character--
The Plot:
Squelaiche, the Seelie's court jester has arrived for a short visit in Rhy'Din. The visit starts a chain of hilarious and silly events in motion. Known as the prankster and illusionist, Squelaiche sets about pranking and fooling as many citizens of Rhy'Din he can get away with for no other reason than because he can. And because it's fun!

The dates:
It's a Kind of a Funny Story Event will run from today (March 26th,) until April 2nd in celebration of April Fool's.

Random Suggestions & Ideas to inspire:
  • A character's favorite dagger has suddenly become the deadly Dagger of Flatulence. Upon use, the dagger releases a most impressive...sound...and a mightly stench in a 10 foot radius.
  • A character's favorite sword suddenly droops and becomes limp as celery.
  • An amusing and foolish illusion suddenly befalls a character in some way, shape or form.
  • Itching powder in a character's favorite cod-piece
  • The serious and quite powerful as well as intimidating villain develops a horrible lithp (lisp)
  • Every door a character opens happens to have a bucket of water, confetti or glitter waiting to fall upon its head
  • A character's favorite pet begins speaking/can suddenly tap dance/controls the weather/turns pink/grows wings/ thumbs
  • Someone keeps replacing a character's favorite salt pouch with fire-peppers
  • All the weapons have turned into pool noodles
  • A character who is usually graceful, suave and collected suddenly becomes klutzy, awkward and clumsy[/size][/font]
  • An area is over run with Kobolds allergic to being Kobolds
  • A character's magic suddenly has comedic and unpredictable results
  • A villain with a ridiculous name, "Bob the Flayer," "Lord Squeaky Pants the Dancer," appears and must be hilariously fought.
As always, the above are simply suggestions. This story line is made for anyone with any idea of silliness to inflict upon their character to participate (or not if they don't wish), in any way, shape and form they choose. Write a forum post. Play in the chat. Interract with one another, or go about your merry way as you see fit. All that matters is that you have fun and enjoy it. :)

If you do decide to take part in the event by writing a forum post, please link your writing as a reply to this thread so that other's can read it and so I can hand out icons to those of you who do as a thanks for your creative genius! Or, if your silly story is open to other players, share that here, too! If you prefer to RP this out in a chat room, please let me know too, so I can hand out icons!

Thank you, and happy (silly) gaming!
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