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General Info

Rather than a traditional coffee shop Kaos is set up in an old storefront, which means that the service floor is a long rectangle from front to back.

The floors are old and scuffed wood, honey colored pine under the varnish. There's a walk-way down the middle of the lounge wide enough for four adult men to walk side by side comfortably that leads back to the "bar." Against the walls on either side of this "corridor" are groupings of couches, loveseats, and overstuffed arm chairs around coffee tables.

Each grouping is set up rather like someone's living room; the chair with its back against the wall facing inward, couch and loveseat facing each other over the low coffee table set conveniently in between. There's about three to five inches of space between each "section", and the sections march all the way back to the bar.
The accoustics are such that even when the lounge is packed it's possible to have a private conversation with one or more people without having to raise your voice, or lean close enough to whisper back and forth. The atmosphere is laid back but not lazy. For the most part the customer base falls into the categories of; young, upwardly mobile, beatnik-ish, trendy, moderately alternative, and centered.
As the lounge is set on the edge of what used to be a "hub" for an upper-middle class neighborhood (but is now more tuned toward those with an artistic or fringe bend), the feel is in keeping, and makes sense.
Kaos is the type of place you might bring a friend after catching a play in one of the 'Houses nearby, or meet up with friends for a quiet no-clean up evening out, or for that matter meet up with someone for one of those first date outings. Some patrons choose to settle back with a book, others bring their laptops to catch up on homework or some project or another for work, or simply to email family and friends.
The overall feel is very close to the living room of a friend, with a coffee bar at the back of course.

To the right of the front door is a small raised stage with two mid-sized speakers to be used for Tuesday nights' open mic/poetry reading event. To the left is an old upright piano, the veneer is fading and flaking here and there but it's kept perfectly in tune and damn well cared for. In the back, beside the short hall that leads to the restrooms is a pool table, a quarter a game if you feel like dealing with warped sticks.

No alcoholic drinks are served at Kaos. No food is served here. Just excellent coffee made the way you want it made, and Italian Sodas (which really are just flavored syrups and carbonated water, most often fruit of some sort, served in heavy, lead free vases instead of glasses). None of the furniture matches, none of the cups match, and none of the vases for the sodas match. There are no uniforms for the staff; only the dress code which states - tasteful please! and nothing more.

Customers bus their own tables, and order their own drinks, and no one complains about this arrangement as it keeps the cost of said drinks down to very reasonable instead of outrageous as in some other, larger establishments.

The staff is for the most part NPC, though PCs can, of course, choose to work the "bar."

Derek, Manager. At twenty nine, and a Rhy'din native, Derek knows his way around the block, and a couple over too. Doesn't mean he's going to do anything stupid any time soon though. The boy loves his job, and totally digs the vibe the place has going on. Easily recognized by his rainbow dreads and smiling green eyes, the day shift is his domain.

Staria, Assistant Manager. A little heavy, a little cheery, and a lot nerdy, Staria has a lot going on inside that red head of hers, and isn't afraid to share her opinion when called upon to do so. From Dr. Who to Harry Potter, she wasn't afraid of being wrong, neither was she afraid of being right. Brown eyed, fair skinned, with dark red hair and a smattering of freckles across her nose, the twenty-three year old had a lot of life to live, and a lot of living in her. The evening shifts were hers and she was just as likely to be gaming at a side table as she was to be studying behind the counter.

Terri, Mid-shift. With pale blue eyes, and the foolishly arrogant attitude of most young humans, Terri looked at life like an adventure. Though that adventure might one day be the end of her. She has a ready laugh, a warm heart, and an open mind as well as a work ethic that just won't quit. While she might be the type of person to take the pill you find in your couch and tell you what it does when she's off the clock, at work she's all about her customers. Bleached blonde hair and barely more hip than a boy, tanned skin and knobby knees. She favors flowing skirts and what's come to be known as the Boho style.

Sky, Mid-Shift floater. Young, and confident with it. He's barely old enough to buy a beer after work, and had one too many arguments with Captain Morgan to ever want to drink Rum again. Not quite six feet tall, with deep blue-grey eyes and dirty blond hair. A heavy build that requires some upkeep to keep from going to seed, and a pair of dimples that just won't quit. He's good natured, and slow to rile. Though his mouth does have a tendency to run away with him when he's finally decided he's been pushed too far.

(Since Kaos is a hangout type place, and there's neither booze nor food involved, I think it'd be best if it was a violence free zone. Arguments are one thing, but all out fights should be taken "outside." PC staff are more than welcome to flesh out the four NPCs I have listed here. Also, thoughts, comments, suggestions, are more than welcome.)
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