Mirror, Mirror: Twin Giants

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Opening her door to check for the morning papers Kuori found an unmarked package resting on her steps. Eyes look up and down the street curiously before she picks it up. Her powerful frame fills the doorway as she shakes the box gently to listen to the contents but doesn't hear a thing, just a faint shifting of what could probably be packaging foam. Her lips purse before moving back inside.

She glides through the entry hall and living room towards the converted dining room and home gym. Girl's gotta keep in shape after all. Kuori sets the box on the table and starts to rip open the brown packaging. Inside is a simple, but polished wooden box. Lips purse as she lifts the lid. Inside is what looks like a mirror, though face down. Her fingers brush over the inscription on the back.

A frown plays over her lips. Who could this be from? And why did they want to talk about good and bad wolves, and feeding them?

It certainly looked beautiful. She admits that much to herself, looking at the black and white spiraling handle in admiration. The wolf head looked especially intricate, whomever made it must have spent hours on the design. She doesn't pick it up just yet, instead she goes and sends a message to Zhu. "Did you send me a mirror? It's lovely if you did." The mirror didn't seem like Kitty's style...for some reason she figured a gift from Kitty would have come with batteries and a squirt bottle.

A jog around the Market district and a shower later, Kuori still hadn't looked at the mirror, however she felt an increasing curiosity about who sent it. She didn't exactly have a lot of admirers. Or did she? The possibility of some secret admirer made the slate gray of her cheeks darken to coal. Thanks to Kitty she'd come to enjoy wearing dresses more, actually enjoyed the attention she got from those like Khoom, or Christopher, even her brief affair with Mav. Though the night in question with Mav was more her feeling adventurous. Still, she always comes back to Zhu, her little huntress. But wolves weren’t her style either. Not Kitty, not, Zhu. Could it be from Khoom or someone else? Valkyrie perhaps?

Standing before a full body mirror, the powerful goliathess looks at her nude self, bottom lip caught between white teeth. She twists and turns to look at herself from different angles, remembering the compliments she’s gotten to try and see where the appeal is. She’s strong, this she knows completely. A large hand cups each of her breasts, watching the flesh spread out around her fingers like a baker’s loaf of dough, a bit larger than Kitty’s, perhaps what some of the lowlanders call a cup size but still proportionate. She pushes them together, feeling the nipples rub at her palms telling her she should stop before stimulating them too much.

Kuori strikes several poses, flexing her arms, watching the interplay of muscles as they all come together in a powerful way. The way she often admires some of the men around town, watching the strength in their arms and how it all comes together in an admirably powerful way. A twist to look along her back, toned and fit leading down to a firm and full backside that she gives a light slap, doesn’t even shake at all. Her mind considers things from the perspective of her friends. The mirror could have come from any one of them, but didn’t seem like their sort of display for affection, and she was sure the mirror would have had a card or note with a signature.

Then her eyes traveled down the line of her body past the taut stomach and the rock hard abs. Pausing briefly at the patch of black hair, lightly trimmed and cared for. Would anyone else still find her attractive if they knew the secret she kept?...if people knew she carried nine soft inches of male endowment, would they still think of her as beautiful? Attractive? Or would they ridicule her...like her entire village in the mountains had? She grips her girth with one large hand, lifting it up to look at the monstrous thing from all angles, but lets go feeling it begin to harden and expand.

Teeth catch her bottom lip softly, the white edges biting softly around the plush exterior as she watches her male part extend downward with gravity and blood flow. Watching herself in the mirror, Kuori fondles her own breasts, moaning at the sensitive tingle in her nipples when she tugs on each one and how her dick reacts to it. Her plump crown peeking out from it’s uncut foreskin that clings for dear life. One hand on her breasts, the other glides down to grip her thick girth heavily, squeezing it roughly as she starts to stroke it.

She’s found a place in this Rhydin. Friends, a lover, people that do accept her...but some things she still worries over. How much can she be herself, and let people in….when she’s a neither man...nor woman, but caught in the middle of both. Kuori stands like this for a handful of moments trying to see herself not just how she feels, but how she wants to be seen.

Her hips rock against every powerful stroke of her hand as she imagines other things. Kitty’s large breasts or Zhu’s magnificent pussy...Maverick’s never-endingly tight ass clamping around her flesh as it invades his hole. In her head she hears all of their voices, moaning, crying out her name until...

“Hnnnng!” Her body tenses, large testacles seizing up as she blasts her mirror image in a thick deluge of cum. Kuori’s cock throbs with every spurt as ropes of seed splatter across the image of her stomach, tits...even up to her face. Eventually she shakes herself out of these thoughts, watching her seed slither down the surface of the mirror like a great white python. “I need to get outside..” After I clean off the mirror...

She pushes the thoughts about the mirror and her possible secret admirer to the back of her mind and goes to pick out an outfit for tonight’s patrol. Kitty’s words about letting people see only what she wants them to played in her head as she takes out a pair of comfy, but loose around the thighs, leather pants and a corset top, her boots, and finally...her shield. The mace is for going to war after all.

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Two Days Later

Now, this must be the eye of the storm for Rhydin, peaceful, tranquil, and a great place to kick one's feet out on a table, and to sip a fine cup of homely-brewed English tea, with a hint of lemon to tantilise the pink muscle that lavished itself in the warm liquid. Fingers cupped the porcelain cup, and he occasionally sipped from the rim of the cup, soft lips encasing it as he rested on his chair, clad in a simple, yet appealing garment of tight jeans, dark-blue hat and his taut, white shirt,- the muscles underneath surprisingly thick and firm under the shirt, rolling across each other with each slow lean on his seat.

Eyes of deep blue soon swivel around for the door, focusing onto the large beauty he's familiar with, and a broad grin stretched out on soft lips, dimples on either cheek as a set of digits were wiggled her way, a wink offered to the Goliathess, "Well, lovely seeing you here gorgeous...Getting a cuppa too?" One blonde brow arched into a smooth curve, legs fidgetting as one hand extended to pull out the seat beside him, just for her.

Dressed in what Zhu calls 'Biker Chic' which is head to toe leather starting with supple knee high boots supporting a two inch heel, her leather pants are loose around her thighs, and a corset top shirt fights to keep her largest assets in place. Over that is a tough, if faded leather jacket. Her fingers poke away at a datapad, even out of the office and House Helston, she's still taking work with her where she goes. At the counter she gets a large cup of coffee, granted it's not the shop Kitty advocates, but it's less crowded.

"Hello, Chris." She greets him with a wave, pays for her drink and a bagel, then is moving over to join him. Kuori seats herself on the adjoining cushion with care, long legs stretching out to cross at the ankles. "On my break." she informs him before taking a sip of her coffee. "What are you up to?"

"Being the good little chef that I am, new personal cook for Kitty y'know? Going places..." He'd grin across to her, eyes blatantly absorbing the view of her figure as he gazed at her movements with a sense of admiration, "Been planning a treat for Kitty too, with Khoom, but that's still in the works...You look fantastic by the way, leather suits you lovely..." He'd offer a wink to her, leaning back into his comfy seat.

Her features break into a broad smile as she leans forward a bit to continue looking at the little reports and notes on her tiny screen. The ten inch screen tablet looks like a cell phone in her hands. "What treat?" She looks at him in keen interest in time to see Chris crane his neck trying to look at her tablet.

Both brows rising slowly in intrigue before he nodded to Kuori, smiling, "Something nice, something I can bake, with Khoom's...Special touch, y'know?"

"The heat?" She tilts her head curiously, and then just to nettle him. "Stop trying to look down my top…," giving him a playful push, trying to not send him across the room.

"Something like the heat, gives a little relaxation, nice toastiness like coals before the real fire kicks up," Gives a lopsided smirk across to her as the smile continued to grow, and Chris'd lean back with a wink, "Just peeking at your tablet...If I wanted to look down there, I'd ask politely, offer you a drink too...."

Kuori rolls her eyes a little at his retort. "Should have kept my mouth shut. You know that stuff does not work on her like the rest of us?" She has to ask that one as she looks up at him, her tablet dipping to show camera feeds and a chat window.

He'd blink, and a hand reached back to awkwardly brush the hairs among his neck, smiling apologetically to her, "Sorry for the info and...We know this, it's a special lot we're gonna use, just gonna experiment with it first actually..." Smiling across to her, "Could always let you try some of the first batch if you want?"

She looks at him speculatively, biting her lower lip as a wicked thought comes to her, however she controls herself. "Mmm, I think I will let you and Khoom have your fun." Though she does look at him in interest.

He'd catch sight of the bite, and he'd extend forward, a hand placed softly on her knee, calloused with hard work form constant years of job-shifts, but still soft and subtle when needed be, "You're welcome to help out, wouldn't mind seeing your pretty face around more hmm?"

"I am just one of Kitty's hired muscles" she says softly with a shake of her red head. "Thank you though, it is sweet." She leans to him then, putting a kiss on his forehead, nevermind it lets him see into the grand tetons.

Oh he'd gather a long look, but as she kissed his forehead, he'd tilt his head, offering her a light trace of lips along her jawline, a gentle stroke along her knee, "You're more than some muscle Kuori, you're a lovely woman...Beautiful even, I'd be honoured to have you help out...I'll even take you out for a meal, you and I."

She shivers a bit at the trace to her jaw. "Chris..." she says uncertainly before taking the plunge. "There is...something you should know before you perhaps get your hopes up...about me..."

He'd glance up, holding that hand upon her knee with tender care, despite her looming size, "Something wrong Kuori? Go a little far there for you? I get a little ahead I admit..." He'd smile, though parted lips for a long sigh, "Is it the size difference? Seriously, not daunting at all unlike other guys might think...." Oh, how close, yet so far he thought then.

"Something like size difference..." she reaches down to put her hand on his with a herculean grip...and slowly guide it two inches further up her thigh. She tightens her grip in case he freaks out, it's better to get this awkwardness out of the way now, than him run for the hills later on and make her feel just awful for leading him on.

At first, curiosity drove him forward to explore with her hand, fingers gliding over the textured leather till there was a bump, and he blinked. Eyes gazed down, but he neither gripped too hard, or turned tail and ran, he's remained there, softly his hand remained upon her thight and he'd turn his head up, and smile. The smile could say alot, warm, welcoming, accepting, teeth exposed in the lamplight with a soothing glow, "I don't mind at all...Think I'd freak out hmm?" Now the eyes just sparkled with a mischievous glimmer, and he'd part lips for a thick, amused chuckle, "Kuori, I've seen some weird-arse stuff round here, you? You're normal, and fantastic, just as good as any woman y'know? I ain't the prejudicing sort..."

"You'd be surprised...I have to be...careful." She nods slowly and exhales a breath she didn't know was held before letting go of his hand to let him pull it away or leave it there.

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He'd leave it there for the time being, not moving it at all as he sidles up closer to her, head tilted in obvious curiosity, "Be careful? How come? I mean...You sure are packing, be the envy of anyone in a shower room..." Smirking, he'd watch her from under the rim of the hat, eyes inviting her to confess.

"Not all are as....open, as you or Kitty and Khoom. Some can be...rather cruel to those of us who are...so radically different, or do not fit." She doesn't realize how that last statement can be taken either way but shrugs her large shoulders. "But I have to start being more accepting that not everyone in Rhydin...are like the people of my village."

"People don't like it? Screw 'em, best to be 'round those that accept you as you are..." He'd drag his seat between her, staring up as lips peeled back for his bright smile, "People 'ere are rather accepting, some are still pricks...But I'd say you fit in damn fine here, lovely lady such as yourself, and I don't care if you have a d*ck or not either, I like you as you as you are..."

She actually blushes at the deluge of compliments, and gently twaps his shoulder. "Stop it."

He'd sway with the strike, a quick laugh sprouting from soft lips as he leaned back forward, "What? Just speaking the truth where it stands, don't be so modest on yourself! You're gorgeous! You got the best of both worlds!" Oh sheesh, now he had crappy teenager songs drilled into his head..."Don't be so hard on yourself, you're you, accept it, I mean, what's the point of hiding huh?"

She fidgets at his last question on hiding. "Even someone like me...can get made fun off, I do not enjoy being embarrassed."

He'd sigh, but wouldn't separate the contact, "Nothing to be embarrassed about, like I said, screw anyone who says crap, don't go to their level...Ever," he stated firmly, eyes locking up to her own, "Say what, I'll take you out, me and you together, for dinner, how's that sound? I'll pay even...." Hoping to encourage her, push her forward, all with a smile too.

"All right, just dinner." Putting a thick finger on his chest though she was happy at his kind words. Really happy.

"Dinner it is..." he'd smirk at the finger touch, and one hand curled around the one with the finger pointed, bringing it up to politely kiss the knuckles of, "I'm glad I could help, really, no point in seeing a lady sad..."

The hand fortunately moved from her thigh, and brushed along her cheek, "You have a phone, just in case you need to call? Let you know the plans, and I promise you won't regret this at all!" For either of them really.

"It comes up on my little pad here.." she's as glued to it as Kitty is and is soon getting a paper from one of her pockets. A business card is handed over with her information on it.

He'd gladly take the business card, skimming it over as he gathered his cooled tea, and sipped at it quietly, a slow curl of lips until eyes turned upwards, "I'll call you then, 'bout 6?"

"Sounds good." Then she asks something she never thought to ever have to. "What should I wear?" A dangerous question that...

Dangerous fits the name Kuori. He'd straighten his form, broad shoulders rolled around beneath the thin, tight shirt as an eyebrow lifted up, "Whatever you feel most comfortable in, being around me and at a dinner...But in my opnion....Dress." He was silently imagining the image already....And boy, was it good. And great for where they were going too....

"Let me know where to be and I'll try not to come late. Sometimes I get emergencies I have to take care of personally at Kitty's businesses." She says with a brilliant smile, all white teeth behind her full lips.

"Well, hopefully Kitty doesn't need to drag the pair of us away then?" For better or worse, likely the first one. The smile was well received, and he'd place the empty cup upon the table, arms flexing as he slowly pulled himself up from his seat, "I'll certainly let you know Kuori, think I wanna screw up a lovely dinner date with beaut like yourself?" All play and fun for the man as he bowed his head, "I'd best be getting ready then m'dear, you take care, alright?"

"I will, and you too." She too got to her feet and flashed him a wink. This entire meeting was worlds apart from her normal demeanor, but she enjoyed herself.

With a swift lean forward, he'd plant a soft kiss to her cheek, but it soon ended and he'd turn on his heels, hips swaggering side to side as thick boots marched for the door, and it was a sight Kitty too much enjoyed herself.

Kitty's not the only one in that moment as Kuori watches the hug of his jeans, however probably for far different reasons. Lower lip caught between her teeth, she trails out after him with a smile.

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The Big Date

Hmm. It was around that time now, and he was still waiting, thankfully a patient minded man himself. He was leaned comfortably against the rough, brick surface of a corner wall, eyes glancing side to side along the road as he awaited Kuori's sight, which in his opinion, wouldn't be difficult at all! He had opted to dress himself up considerably for this dinner date, sleek black suit pants accompanying a similarly black jacket, white buttoned shirt hanging untucked around his toned torso whilst the collar dangled carelessly in the wind, the tie forgotten. Never would catch him looking like some offiice tweeb! Tap tap tap went the leather boots, waiting as arms folded up against his chest.

She'd taken a transport for hire to get to the address. She sits looking out the window for the longest time before opening the door. The first thing Chris would see is a white heeled and then a long, toned, dark leg as she comes to stand up. It's a slow reveal as she closes the door. A plunging neckline offers a teasing sight of hard abs below her enormous chest. The lower part of the dress is free flowing around her waist and hips as it stops a few inches beyond her knees. She waves to him with a smile, her long red hair left to hang free around her shoulders.

Well....Hot damn. His eyes instantly caught sight of the legs, and he'd move over swiftly to aid her up, if she ever needed it, smiles galore for the goliathess, "Hi there Kuori....You look....Well, magnificent...."

His hat, somehow, perhaps after a tough moment of self-interrogation, managed to be pulled off, revealing the smooth, thick locks of blonde hair that was curled back over his ears, a glossy sheen to the well-tended strands. He'd take the first steps, moving up close so to pass a soft kiss to her cheek, toes propelling him up before he extended on arm out so she could hook her own around his elbow, "You gonna love this Kuori...Got ourselves seats at a real fancy restaurant!" And by fancy, he means top-end, and not just the joint where it says 'Best Burgers in Rhydin!'

She stops a bit to help him, bending her knees. "You're sweet." Kuori accepts his arm, holding it close to hers with the side of her bust pressing against his elbow and tricep.

He wouldn't complain about the contact, not at all, and as he escorted her around one corner, she'd receive a feast for her eyes. Glowing, neon lights spelled out the name of the restaurant, a high-quality Italian that he miraculously managed to gain entry into. Possibly since he said his boss was Kitty. Lucky to be a cook huh? He'd guide her forward, leaning closer so he could speak softly to her, "I'm glad you could come, seriously, feels good to be out and about, no?"

"It does." She can admit that much, letting him lead the way. She's never...been on a date before. This is all sorts of new for her.

"Good, good!" Well, he'll teach her the yes' and no's of one! First, the gentleman would hold out the door, like he did now, flashing a bright grin and a wink for Kuori, before quickly returning to her side as the cool breeze ended, and a welcoming warmth enveloped the pair. Waiters smiled, nodded, and one would lead them to a table...There were a few. Glistening under the glowing ember of candlelight were silverware and fine china, the rich aroma of fresh food: Pasta, fish, wine...It all tantalized the taste buds and teased the nostrils. "Ever been to a restaurant like this then?"

Their table was set, a rose between them, napkins, cutlery, the real deal. The table center of the restaurant, open for a full 360 view. The chair was quickly pulled out first for her, an appreciative nod to Kuori. "Never," she says with a soft smile as she lowers herself down onto the chair carefully. Hands smooth down the front of her dress demurely before looking at him. "Thank you, Chris."

Like a child at Yule her eyes look around in wonder at all of the different sights. She didn't know where to look before turning back to Chris. "It's very lovely." She nods in approval, certainly the scents made her start to salivate.

A finger traced around her large shoulders and neck as he drifted away, a sly smile as he watched her already become excited before taking his rear onto the chair, eyeing her from the opposite end, menus suddenly before each of them, "Best for you...You still feel awkward now? Or hungry?" Winking to her with a snicker.

"A little of both." she responds with chagrine, fingers resting on the table before being handed a strange book. She looks at what's written on it in new confusion. Her legs adjust for comfort, not realizing they've stretched to Chris' side of the table.

He'd have room to kick his legs out, the smooth texture of the legs brushing against her own as he lifted his own menu up, "You just see what you want, and order it...Simple really!" In case she didn't know, and he busied himself with the menu, "I gotta ask by the way...How long you and Kitty been working together then?"

"I don't know any of this.." she frowns, biting her lip slightly. At his question she looks up and blushes. "She took me in when I found Rhydin, gave me a job working at the docks moving crates, then..last year, she made me head of her guards. She's been very good to me, a good friend, I owe a lot to her. Just don't know how to ever repay all of her kindness." Not to mention how far she's come in understanding Common, though slang is still a difficult thing for the goliathess.

"Ah, right...Sorry...." He'd move forward, and lean close so he could peer at her own menu....Most of the lists had some images of food, steaks, pizzas or pasta. All tasty too! "Seriously? Well, moving crates to being head of guard? You must make a killing!" Possibly even literally too! He'd smile, nodding, "We all owe Kitty a lot, gave me a job actually, first I was a bar-tender, now head-cook, seems she knows a great person when she sees one hmm?" A playful wink sent t Kuori, finger pointed to the various images, "Any catch your eye?"

She nods a bit and goes back to looking over the menu, actually winds up with her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she chews on it thoughtfully. Eyes bounce around at the different photos, several heaving breaths battling indecision. "I don' know. All look good."

"Any! I'll buy you anything you pick, your night out, your choice," flashing her a smile as he skimmed over his menu. Already done though! And lo' behold, there was a waiter with red wine, the expensive kind too...Certainly making her feel special wasn't he? Resting in a bucket of ice, the cork was popped and two wine glasses were filled, the scent of the wine drifting around, tickling the senses as they passed. Fingers curled around the fragile neck of his glass, and he lifted it up towards Kuori, "Cheers!" Maybe fragile glasses weren't the best idea right now...

"I think I'll have the...chicken cack of tori" she butchers the name horribly before looking up at the waiter and the wine, one more thing she's not had before. That glass did look fragile, and she is in white...this could be bad. With infinite care, she curls her fingers around the stem. "I don't hear any cheering.." blinks and looks around.

He'd laugh, shaking his head quickly as he moved the glass forward, gently nudging the rim with his own, "You say cheers when you knock your glass with someone else's, before a meal sometimes! Like now...Cheers!" He uttered as the glass chimed softly, and he nodded, turning his eyes to the waiter, who just peered at Kuori, before figuring out what she decided, "I'll have the spinach and ricotta cannelloni m'man!" Another scribble of words and he was gone! "So...I'm surprised no one else has took a looker like you out for more meals Kuori...."

"Oh," she blushes at the cheers explanation then gives him a deer int he headlights look. "Not many actually talk to me. I can go anywhere and am left completley alone." Sad but true, she just shrugs a bit, moving past it. "I intimidate the weak ones."

With a hefty sigh, he'd lean forward, and one hand softly patted her own, a smile gracing his features to her, "I'm sorry to hear that...But no need to be alone now hmm? Need the company, give me a call, sure I can cheer you up!" And no surprise she intimidated them..."So what? You never been on dates and such?"
"I find ways to busy myself." she nods then thinks about his words. "No, I have not, Kitty works me very hard, and then I train some of the sisters at the Temple of Skyach, Then I make time to train every day.." Like she said, she finds ways to keep busy, mostly pushing her physical limits.

"Sheesh, bet you make gym-goers blush eh?" He'd smirk, the calls of chefs around and the rising steam of kitchen received a brief look and a smile, "Kitty works us all hard, let me tell you that, she wants me to cook her huge portions of food...Nothing like this either, hamburgers, pizza, hotdogs...." He couldn't help but snerk at the last part.

"Gym-goers?" Blinks at that. "What's a...gym-go er?" Another strange tilting of her head. "All of her favorite foods. She does have a large appetite, but she needs to." She wasn't about to get into how much food she needed to eat a day herself.

He wasn't going to cook for the pair of them, he'll state that! "Y'know, guys who go to the gym, workout place, bunch of sweaty big-heads," he'd shrug, "Large is an understatement, but I guess how she pays me is fine enough!" Cheeky smile for Kuori, and he'd nod to her dress, "Must say, dress makes you look even more gorgeous! Suits y'know."

"Kitty helped me go shopping a while ago, first time I got dresses. She likes my red one with these sequins and some long purple gloves." She blushes at admitting this. "I like how she looks at me when I show it off." Quickly takes a drink of her wine. MMm, actually a yummy wine.

Lips twisted for a grin, and he'd nod, "I like how you look too, you're certainly the envy of the room..." There were the odd glances from the surrounding tables, eyeing the dress, the large demeanour, and her....Assets. "Maybe you should show me the dress on our next time together at dinner no?"

Oh that blush, goes straight to her neckline as she looks down, hair falling forward trying to hide behind the red curtain. "Flattery will get you everywhere..." she quotes.

"Famously quoted from Kitty," He'd smile encouragingly to Kuori, "But only as much as the one being flattered allows..." He'd wink to her, "Come on, no need to hide the pretty face! Foods here anyhow!" Indeed it was, great steaming plates of the hot food, a variety of scents that could force you to almost taste the full air.

Looking at the food she grins and claps happily, almost giddily and bounces on her seat a few times. "Looks good." Then she feels self conscious as a few women at the surrounding tables suddenly slap their men. Tries pulling her top a bit closer together.

He snickered as he too caught wind of the slaps, wincing as he could feel half a dozen groans of displeasure and the gentle rub of reddened flesh, "Made the impression hmm?" He'd too dig in, but with every mouthful, eyes flicked up to Kuori, a smile behind the occasional slurp of pasta, or the sip of wine. To be honest, he wasn't made to be fancy like these fellows..."Enjoying your meal?"

Her ability to be refined goes out the window when the food came, she's cutting, chewing and slurping noisily. Spicy pastas sauce is smeared on her lips and a drop has fallen onto part of her dress. "MMhmm" she purrs happily.

Well, looks like modesty can be tossed out of the window! He'd tug at his pasta, grinding it between teeth as the odd leg brushed against her own, a snicker as pasta fell onto her dress, "Looks like you'll need to clean up later..." The wine was thick, yet smooth and strong, a good kick to the tongue. He grins broadly watching as she makes more happy noises, eyes rolling towards the back of her head. The large woman is actually swaying on her seat it's so good.

Hopefully she doesn't fall! A hand reached out to carefully hold her arm, sweet smile sent to her, "Now...No need to go overboard hmm? Damn good I know..." Had she ever eaten fancy food before?

Having grown up on a hunter-gatherer diet, it tends to be what she sticks to along with fresh fruits and vegetables. At his touch on her arm she blushes again but stills. "So good..."

"First time?" A light tease as fingers squeezed her arm affectionately, "I'm glad you enjoy it...Know what you like for next time," flashy show of teeth and a wink. His meal as near done, and they had gone through most of the wine. "You wanna head back to mine or yours after this, if you wish to at least?" It was a serious question behind blue eyes, aimed ahead at Kuori with a soft smile.

She coughs a little bit at his words then blinks. "Why? Is there something you want me to see or see yourself?" She picks up her little napkin and wipes her lips, the edges of her mouth opening into a seductive oval as she uses a finger to wipe along the corners. Though she's oblivious to how this looks along with her statement.

"Just if you wanted to, company, that's all," Chris chuckled quietly, dabbing his own lips with a napkin to clean the mess of a spinach and ricotta massacre whilst eyes watched her intently, "Glad you came tonight then?"

She nods again with a happy smile. "Working for Kitty has a downside though, I start thinking some things are okay when they are not."

"Hmm, what do you think is okay then?" He'd smile across, though obviously intrigued as he leans closer to the Goliathess, daring not to peek down the alluring dress.

"I actually don't know.." she says with a laugh and covers her face again, hair falling forward. "What do you think is okay after a good dinner and date?"

He'd snicker, but a hand reached across, placed on her shoulder, "Well, some head back to one of their rooms together, or they split ways and head back home alone...I like to escort the lady back home, and see what their choice is..." He was respectful to offer the choice to any and all, "If you permit this?"

She fidgets a little bit before nodding. "We can see what comes of you escorting me home. Usually I am doing the escorting.."

"Good! Trying more new things then...Like how the roles switch?" The waiters arrived, one stealing away their dirty dishes, the other holding out the credit card machine. With one fell swipe, the machine bleeped, the waiter bowed, and with a quick, secretive pass of some notes, did he push up from his seat with a hefty sigh, "We ready m'dear?"

Another nod. "I think so, take me home Chris." She starts to get up then, once more towering above the room.

He wasn't the last bit daunted by her height, standing before her until he turned to one side, and an arm hooked around Kuori's wide waists, fingers dancing around the hip of her form, brushing over the silky fabric of her dress before escorting her out with some brief farewells to the staff. The door was held open to the brisk outdoors, and he tightened his hold, "I enjoyed being with you then by the way...Did you feel as embarrassed then?"

"No" another head shake as she puts an arm around his shoulders, her large hand resting on part of his opposing arm. "So tell me, why did you do all this? Just to make me feel good?"

"Somewhat yes, and that you really are a fine woman, that I enjoy being around thoroughly...I grew up to be polite to women, treat 'em nice, no exceptions..." He tugged her close, a warm smile to the goliathess, "Seeing a woman smile 'cause she's happy? Makes me smile to know that she's happy." Nevermind tugging her closer puts his head right into her side boob.

"You got all that from talking to me for five minutes at the bar, and then earlier today?" She playfully ruffles his hair as they progress along.

He'd accept the ruffle with a light laugh not minding where his head is at the moment. So soft, and cushiony! "Sure, you can make a woman smile easily, but to make her feel special, feel great, best feeling you can get Kuori...How did you feel then? How 'bout now?" Eyes gazed up, expectant.

"You succeeded." she smiles. "I did feel special. Not sure what I'm supposed to do though, you were so sweet tonight." She crosses one leg in front of the other walking a swaying line. "What...would you like as a reward?"

"That's the thing, I don't ask for any reward, just make sure the woman, or you, have had a great time but....If you're willing, I'll accept what you have you have to offer...." A wide grin, and he'd brush back some of the blonde locks of hair.

"Accept what I have to offer?" The phrasing makes her do a double take and look down at him with a raise of her dark brow. "Which would be?" Wanting to hear his own mind on this.

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After Dinner

Her home is a bit of a walk, and by the time they reach the front door of her brown-stone her puppies are barking. She can't wait to get inside and take her heels off. At the door she opens it and looks to Chris a moment with a smile. "I want to do this again. Had fun."

Puppies? Well, now he wanted to see a goliathess with puppies, sure be an odd sight! Unless they were large puppies...Then he didn't want to see the parents! He'd nod up to Kuori, he stepped forward, a hand holding her hip with fingers just lightly gripping her, "You're welcome...I'd like to as well, mind if I...Come in? Hear you have some friends inside...." He loved his animals, though he wouldn't admit he owned a cat right now!

"You just want to breach my threshold" she replies with a wink and motions him to come inside. Closing the door behind him, she kicks her feet off to be barefoot on the warm wooden floors. The interior is cozy, most of the furniture designed for her size. Beyond the door are two rooms, a living room with a large comfortable davenport, chair, and table. Not much in the way of wall furnishings. The other room looks like a converted training room. Heavy weights, wooden dummies, and a handful of weapons..including a large mace leaning against the wall. The spiked head about the size of one of her chesticles. From further in the house come trotting two small tibetan mastiffs. Their shaggy fur making them look like giant lintballs.

"Well, I hear no complaints," he;d retort back with a innocent smile, following her inside before shedding off the leather shoes with no flicks of his heels, eyes quickly scanning around the room. And when he saw that mace...That was the last thing he wanted to see coming to his face at this moment! And dogs....Furry dogs! Lips peeled back for a bright show of teeth, hands held out to brush along the shaggy fur, offering scritches to the pooches, especially behind their ears, "You have a fine home 'ere Kuori...Beautiful really, and cozy...You get many visitors?"

"Just Zhu, Kitty came here once when I needed some help with clothes." Not the whole truth, but Chris doesn’t need to know. She shrugs and watches him interact with her beebees. "That's Tora" pointing to the one on the left that is all black fur and a brown belly. "And Kora" the one on the right is tanned with white feet.

One hand for each, then both for Tora, then another for Kora, brushing through the fur, tickling tummies and scratching behind ears as he softly spoke to the dogs, "Whose a couple of cute doggies hmm? You two!" Scritch, scratch, scritch! "Lovely dogs you got Kuori! How old are they?"

"Four months? I think.." she can't remember off the top of her head, raising an arm to scratch at the back of her scalp. "Please, have a seat, I'll get them some food then...get out of this dress." She leaves what comes after that open ended and moves down the hallway, taking a left at the end where a light clicks on.

He'd smile to the dogs, not holding back from spoiling them with pets, "Big 'uns for four months and sure thing, I'll just grab myself a seat here then..." He'd fall back onto the chair with a relieved sigh, happy to have the weight off his feet, and the dogs padding along for attention, which he obviously offered. Wait, did she say, out of this dress?

She's not gone long and comes back wearing a comfortable silk kimono just her size. The garment hugs along her curves before flaring out around her thighs. She stands at the door and watches him with the puppies. "I think they like you, Chris."

His mouth flutters like a guppie as he looks up at Kuori, anything he thought to say suddenly coming up short at what she’s wearing. There’s a slow rise to his feet. “Uhm….wow..” Is all he can get out.

She giggles at the reaction, blushing deeply. Speechless isn’t a way she thought to ever see Chris, however she takes a step into the room and inhales deeply. Her bust expands impressively under her robe making the hem lift a little bit. She just watches him for a breath or two before shrugging out of it. THe kimono falls to the floor with a soft whsk. Her heart pounds in her chest, so frightened about what could come next.

Not long after her kimono hits the floor...so does Chris. Out cold.

Kuori slouches at Chris’ collapse and pouts. “Damn…”

(Thanks Chris! ))

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Three Days Later

It's been near a week since the mirror came and Kuori still has yet to actually pick it up. Part of her wanted to wait and see whom it was from before actually removing the object from it's cushioned box. The other knew a thing like that was for show, not use. Too pretty for the everyday.

Each night before bed she's sat down on her davenport, legs resting under her all comfy like, just running her fingers over the polished backing. The greater wolf is the one we feed? What did that mean? How do you feed a wolf that's inside of you? Just doesn't make any sense to her. She's just closed the lid on the box as Kora and Tora jumped beside her. Their furry little bodies pawing at her for attention as they settle in for a little cuddle fest.

The front door opening makes her head lift, watching the door carefully. While it's true only one person has carte blanche to come and go from her home freely, doesn't hurt to be careful. Not at all. "Zhu?" she calls out softly, holding her puppies close to her breasts.

"Yeah, it's me." She replied. She looked like she was dressed to hunt, down to having those glasses in place. She let herself into the house. A place she could get away for a little bit. She spent most of her nights working, fighting and free time with Kuori... When the daimons allowed. She looked around letting the door close with just enough sound to announce her entrance.

"Have a good hunt?" Kuori smiles as Zhu comes into her sight, lower lip caught between her teeth at the hugging leather the smaller woman wears.

"Well, a few more daimons off the street." She smiled and leanin in the doorway.

Kora whines happily at the gentle scritches behind his head, eyes looking between the two as he pants softly. "This is good?" While Kuori knows the story of the daimons, she has yet to meet any of them, or see them.

"Yes, it is. Less creatures hunting innocent souls." She lifted the glasses and set on her head.

Kuori nods with a grin and pats the cushion beside her. "Come, tell me of your battle. Every detail." She adjusts herself to make room before setting back against the cushions. Watching the other woman come close, draping it over the arm. She molds her in close to Kuori, trying to find space with the dogs.

"You ever tire of hunting daimons alone?" She looks upon Zhu with an intimate fondness and drapes an arm around the smaller woman's shoulders. "Ever want something else?"

The question makes Zhu pause and scrub her hands over her face. "All the time, beautiful... I just have very few choices in that regard while the goddess holds my soul." She admitted quietly, a wealth of emotion in that voice.

"You want Kuori to have a talk with her?" She lowers her voice to just above a purr and leaning close to Zhu, stiffening as the other woman nipped at her earlobe.

Zhu nuzzled close to Kuori, "I appreciate the sentiment, but I doubt the greek huntress would listen."

"I'll ask with my mace.." she murmurs back with a gentle, but rumbling laugh. "I do not know your world, but how can she hold power in this one?" Kuori thinks this is a valid question to ask.

"There are enough people that believe. That is the key to the power. But then she is also the moon as well as the goddess of childbirth." She shook her head. "That and we hunters are cleaning up her brother's messes."

"So she doesn't have the spine to do her own lifting." Kuori sniffs a bit at that clarification. "Sounds weak." She’s never been one to understand such things. Life was about strength, right?

"You could say that until you look at what would happen if she was destroyed." She curled into Kuori, "Strength of character, no.. she does not have it."

"How can she be the moon and a bitch at the same time?" Celestial bodies are not a concept she does well with at all.

She shrugged, "Power corrupts." She stated plainly.

Zhu gets a blank look. Zoom, right over the goliath's head. "I, guess." Nods a little bit. "Wish I could get your soul for you. Though, you've lived without it for so long, does getting it back do anything for you?"

"I would be allowed to end my term as a hunter... be mortal again."

"Is that good? What do you lose?" As the questions became more serious, Kuori bends forward to put Tora down, watching the puppy trot off towards the kitchen and his food. A slow nibble on her lower lip, both listening and thinking. Something Kuori has been working on. Normally she listens and then thinks her words through to the very end. Sure, that habit has led some to think of her as slow witted, but she was content to let them think what they would. Her friends knew the truth of it. "Would ...being more vulnerable be okay for you? What if the Daimons come after you?"

"I can still fight and still have my family and allies." She ran a hand along her arm gently as she also was in thought.

"That's good." Another little nod before turning a little on her seat to look more fully at Zhu. "I have..a confession." She takes a deep breath before looking at the smaller woman with a smile. "A man asked me out on a date a few days ago. And I went. We had dinner. He works for Kitty like I do, her personal chef. Like me, she took him from the street and gave him a job and place."

She did school her face to stay neutral at the news. "Is he.. someone you would like to get to know?" She was proud that her voice was neutral as well.

"He's nice, and was polite. After dinner, we came back here and he was so sweet. You should have heard the way he spoke, Zhu. It was everything you, Kitty, Khoom, and Chryrie have ever said to me. That others should accept me as I am, and if they don't like it, 'screw'em" she finger quotes the screw part.

"He is right there, Kuori." She nodded and kept it light for her sake. Then something dawned on her, "Chris was it?"

She hadn't said his name but at Zhu's words she nods. "Yes, that's his name. He never gave me his last name." She just realized that too, he never gave his last name. How odd, then again she never gave her own and he never asked her.

"I met him. He said you spoke of me rather fondly." She replied.

"I always do." she says with a warm smile. "You've been very good to me, helping me be better at accepting myself and, letting others in."

"I am glad to do so, Kuori." She smiled letting go of that other feeling. "You have been a light to me. Someone I can open up to."

"I went on the date to see how he is. We ran into each other at the tea shop, got to talking and he put his hand on my knee." she shrugs a bit. "I took a risk and moved his hand to feel...me.." she motions to her lap. "He didn't run away screaming."

She nods at that. That honesty hurt but she still smiled. "Well, not many men would stick around."

"No, many would not. But I don't think I'll be on another date with him." she shakes her head with a light laugh. "He is sweet, but too...." she scrunches up her features trying to think of the right words.

"Excitable?" She murmured thinking of the man she met a few days ago.

"That works." Nods again and smiles. "Excitable. Just have a lot, Zhu. Working with Valkyrie at the temple, she's been making promise and told me she is an avatar for her goddess, which could someday kill her. So, I told her that when she can't carry herself any more, I will carry her."

"Oh boy..." She murmured again in an ancient language too. "You would think with being able to take their own form, they would not put people through this."

"Apparently Skyach was injured in a fight, she lives through her follows her now to survive." There's a little shrug as she lets it go. "I am just...." she trails a bit. "trying to see what I want. I want to be more like Kitty, to have her confidence."

"Confidence is good. But don't let people define your destiny. If you don't want to accept that *honor* then don't." Zhu tries to assuage Kuori’s conflicted self. This isn’t the first time the pair have had a conversation along these lines. She really just wants her love to be happy with herself.

"I want to be me..." she murmurs, almost whining. "But...I want to be....me." she puts emphasis on the second declaration while looking at Zhu, hoping she caught the meaning. Her shoulders hunch forward with a pout as she rests her chin on the knuckles of her left hand.

"Then don't let them change you. You are beautiful just the way you are, Kuori." It felt like she repeated this a few times.

"But I want to change..." she finally says. "I want Kitty's confidence, to be upfront with people about what I am." She pushes forward and puts hands on her knees, red mane hanging forward. "And, I don't want to be ashamed for being...born as I am. It's hard."

She leaned up on her knees to kiss Kuori’s sculpted cheek. "Not that you want to change. You are just afraid of getting hurt because a lot of people can't accept you for who you are."

"I have people who do.." she nods, biting her lip and turns to kiss Zhu fully. "And, I want to be open with myself, and each of you. My village cast me out, so I no longer have a connection to them. You, Kitty, Khoom, Chris, Chyrie, Valkyrie, Issy, Delphinea...are my village now. I do love you all."

She pressed into that kiss tenderly, "(vq) Kuori, you do know you live in a place within me that few can touch." She admitted softly.

Kuori eases from the kiss enough to say. "There are many places within you few beyond me can touch..." She's definitely been working for the Helston's too long.

"More like allowed to." She smiled at that.
"Allowed to, yes." Kuori teases and presses another kiss to Zhu's lips. It lingers there as the larger woman feels her heart began to thump heavily. "Let's go to bed...."

She returned that kiss softly, "Yes, let's, lover"

Kuori slowly gets to her feet, the kimono from Zhu sliding down to the floor before she holds a large hand out to help her stand. "I want slow tonight..."

She takes that hand and rises to her feet, "We've got all night." She grinned as she moved with Kuori.

The goliath's room is as simple in decore as the rest of the house. A large four poster bed, and by large it is just that. Cloud like soft pillows, several fluffy blankets and storage beneath. There's a desk with some technology on it she has to learn for work, then her closet. Though clothes are scattered around the floor haphazardly.

She had eyes only for Kuori at that point. "Slow, easy and oh so sweet, hmm?" She had that throaty purr in her voice.

Kuori nods and bites her lower lip, slowly walking backwards into the room holding both of Zhu's. "Yes..." returning the purr with one of her own before sitting back on the bed.
She shrugged out of the tank top she was wearing and then the leather pants until she was standing in just panties.

Slowly, Kuori eases back on the mattress with a come and get me smile. She just drinks in the sight before her and loves what she sees. Her thick, muscular thighs rub together expectantly as Kuori gently tugs at one of her own nipples, rolling it between her fingertips. Shw watches the smaller woman peel off her layered clothes, revealing all of that pale delicate flesh. For every muscular curve revealed, Kuori feels her cock growing thicker. Within seconds the painful meat tube is arching upwards in a huge display.

“Goddess...I want that…” Zhu murmurs softly as she begins to crawl forward on the bed, eyes zeroing in on the magnificent sight of Kuori’s throbbing shaft.

“Won’t stop you…” the thick set woman groans at the look in Zhu’s eyes and spreads her thighs slowly. Her powerful hands knead and press into the doughy firmness of her breasts, just wanting to watch her cock disappear down Zhu’s throat. To see that narrow passage bulge outward inch by inch.

“No, you won’t.” is the ready reply as Zhu lowers her face down between her massive lover’s legs, nuzzling gently into her grapefruit like sack. Her long, thin, fingers wrap around the meaty shaft, barely able to fit. Her nostrils fill with the musk that comes from the mouthwatering flesh pressed against her face as she lifts Kuori’s balls to find the puffy lips hidden below it. The tight sac rests on her nose as her tongue curls against the moist lips, tasting the tangy cleft.

Kuori shivers feeling the light brush of tongue, the soft nature of Zhu’s tongue not only sending spikes of pleasure through her slit, but up through her shaft. Pleasuring one teases sensations in the other. She could still remember the first time with Zhu. The smaller woman could be so gentle, letting Kuori take her time to explore. Sex isn’t just about the end result, it’s the whole trip getting there. Her lower back spasms, involuntarily lifting her hips skyward as Zhu pierces her folds with the broadness of her tongue.

“Not yet…” Zhu murmurs from out of sight, her powerful hand tightening around Kuori’s shaft, stemming the tide before it even gets started. She keeps her thumb pressed firmly into the wide glans that runs along the underside of Kuori’s shaft, trapping the blood flow before easing back and taking one of the slate skinned woman’s large testes into her mouth, suckling heavily. Her mouth ejects the hefty globe with a puckering intake of air. Without letting up her grip, Zhu strokes firmly upward on the hefty tube of meat and licks her lips to sever a string of saliva that clings for dear life in the spanning distance. Lifting her head up, she smiles coyly at the sight of Kuori’s head flung backward, lost to her own pleasures. Zhu eases onto her knees, trailing her tongue along the sensitive underside of Kuori’s cock before positioning herself above her lover. Cruelly brushing the hot tip along her slick entrance for a heartbeat.

Her mind fights to think straight once she feels the wet heat from Zhu hovering along her tip. She knows what’s about to happen and relishes the anticipation, tugging harshly on her own nipples, the sensitive nubs shooting electricity straight down to her core muscles. The taut lines of her stomach bunch and clench hard enough to rip a gasp from her lips in time to watch Zhu bodily drop onto her. They both cry out together, Zhu at being deliciously filled, Kuori at how every part of her shaft is clenched viscerally and the ghostly brushes along her hidden cleft.

Kuori instinctually puts her feet flat on the bed as they fall to an immediate rhythm. Zhu’s nails run along her inner thighs, arching backwards to grip Kuori’ knees to rock back and forth on the balls of her feet. The smaller woman’s legs scissor with every thrust of her hips, to connect against Kuori in thick, slaps of flesh. Grunting and heaving, their bodies quickly cover in sweat as it becomes a battle of endurances.

With a sharp cry, Zhu flings herself forward to capture Kuori’s lips in a heated kiss, her silk walls milk the truncheon gloriously spearing her body, feeling its hard lines drag along her inner sleeve. Fingers capture the face of her dark skinned lover gently even as her teeth gnash against that heavenly full mouth, making Kuori swallow her screams as she hits her limits. Muscles clench and flex as her juices squirt out around Kuori’s phallus. Her release triples in the next instant as she feels that obscene member swell up and as though growing a knot, her insides abruptly being coated in thick heat with nowhere to escape.

Locked on to one another, the pair lay there for several minutes. That tender kiss muting the mutual cries as their orgasms feed each other’s hungers. Eventually Zhu drags herself from atop Kuori, painfully slow as her legs have locked up, making it difficult to move but she’s far from complaining. Even as she feels Kuori’s heavy seed flow out from between her legs onto the sheets in a widening puddle. They both feel the growing wetness, but lack enough mental clarity to care about changing the sheets as a companionable silence falls.

Zhu rests her head on the lush pillows of Kuori’s breasts, lightly tracing each nipple softly before murmuring. “First one who can walk gets the shower…”

“Agreed” Kuori groans, absently stroking the smaller woman’s hair.

(thanks for an awesome scene Zhu! ))

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Hours pass leaving Kuori restless once again with her thoughts. She eventually pulls herself away from the sleeping Zhu who’s become dead to the world with the rising of the sun. She doesn’t bother to cover herself in the short walk from the comfortable bed into the bathroom.

It’s a cozy space with a large brass bathing basin that had to be installed especially for her. The former bathtub and shower combination changed to just a shower in the corner with wall jets instead of an overhead mechanism, more so she didn’t crack her skull on it.

In front of the vanity sink sat a stone bench that let her comfortably rest while toying around with things like make-up and brushing her hair. The former something she still doesn’t fully grasp the concept of. Some of the tools in her drawer looked like exotic torture devices. Every time she uses the mascara it comes with a fear she’ll gouge her own eye out. And oh the urge to blink! She’s given up on trying to apply bases and powders and blush and all manner of other facial colorings. With her gray complexion it just feels pointless. Gray skin makes most of those things look like clown paste. So she sticks to things that lighten up her eyes.

Three long strides bring her to the side of the basin to start water for a bath. She doesn’t bother checking the heat. For her, it’s never hot enough. Her thick frame glides effortlessly around the space as she pulls a towel from the basket under the vanity sink. The plush material feels exquisite under her fingertips as she sets it on the stone bench. Her eyes look around for what else she may want with her bath as the granite nails on her left hand idly scratch at her bottom.

From the corner of her eye, the faintest glimmer of refracted light catches her attention. That strange hand-mirror. Picking it up with a little spin within her fingers, Kuori looks at her reflection. Eye to eye with double in the glass, she bites her lip a bit and holds it away from herself. Kuori combs a bit of hair from her cheek before blowing a kiss at herself and setting the mirror on the bench.

The basin is over halfway full by now, the steam rising from the surface is inviting to her taut frame. Slowly descending into the scalding water, she releases a pleased cry as the heat seeps into her bones delectably. Leaning back against the basin’s edge, Kuori exhales slowly feeling the water lap at the plentiful swells of her breasts before going still after a minute.

“By IceFang’s heaving sack...a bath? So weak…”

Jerked upright, Kuori catches a flash of red in her peripheral vision before a large hand shoves her down below the water. Gasping and flailing, she clamps both hands on the edge of the wash basin, trying to force herself back up. Her feet slide against the smooth edges of the basin, fighting against her attacker.

She twists and jerks her body against the side of the basic trying to topple it, but the hand holding her under doesn’t budge in her grip. The power in that hand equal to her own, nearly more. The seconds elongate as she feels water slipping into her lungs. Her vision dims at the edges. All fighting stops….

“Twenty-eight...twenty-nine...thirty..” the intruder whispers before lifting Kuori from the bath by one black hand.

The goliathess takes one heaving gasp as her vision swims for the last time, she can only see herself like being held before the mirror. “Pathetic…” the word echoes against her ears..in her own voice when consciousness fails. She’s out, never feeling her body crumple to the hard flooring.

“Now to have some real fun…” a sinful tongue slithers out across full lips in a tempting way. Turning to look at the mirror, Kuori looks at herself with a grin. “Loads of fun, and this time, we won’t have anything restraining us, will we?” She looks down to the floor at her double with a lewd laugh.

Striding barefoot from the room she heads to the bedroom. Time to get some clothes….

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“Nng…” a dull ache throbs in the back of her head. Weak and disoriented, Kuori pushes herself up slowly onto her knees. Her body shivers as she tries to piece together what happened. With a gasp, her eyes widen and dart around the room. It’s dark with the faintest glow coming from the lone window and it’s frosted glass.
“Wha….” Night? She sways unsteadily while inching to stand, fingers reaching to grip the side of the tub for support. Hand on the tub, and elbow on bended knee, Kuori pushes herself up with a steadying breath.

She snatches up her towel and deftly ties it around her ample toros, tucking in the corners to keep it from coming undone. Despite the covering, she can still feel herself hanging down below the bottom hem, like a weather vein.

The path down the hall is one of trepidation as she pauses to look in the doorway to her bedroom. The place is in shambles with much of her clothing laying on the floor, tossed and scattered from the closet. A wave of numbness rolls over her at such violation. She fights to find words, even a sob. The room puts ice in her stomach as she takes several steps inside, her foot pressing down on something dried and crusty.
A shudder runs up her as she looks down and moves her foot carefully. A pair of her nylons. She stoops to pick it up, eyeing the odd stains curiously before the scent hits her. Stiffling a gag, she hurls the nylon away. Seed, the garment reeked of seed like it’d been used as a contraceptive. There were nights she fantasized about that very thing, bending over Thea, or perhaps Shariane to feel the contrast. Such things are perverted now with another using her stockings for their own depravity. A sliver of dread settles into her at just what else her attack did with her belongings.

There she freezes at the sound of a faint whimper…

...the puppies!

Standing still in the darkness, she listens closely. The faint but ragged breathing of their little chests and hearts is soft, her babies are really trying to hide. An ear to the room, Kuori closes her eyes and turns her head slowly, listening.


She moves the bed aside, listening to the frame splinter and there they are. Her babies each huddled together. She reaches to touch the closest one, gasping as it flinches away from her. They fight her embrace as she makes shushing sounds to them, trying to be nurturing. Each one scared near to death.

“Mama’s here…” she murmurs to them and slowly walks towards the kitchen. Each room is more of the same. Everything she looked at fondly lay broken or cracked...including her porcelain figurines in the kitchen. The little white animals lay in pieces.

From the corner of her eye comes a slight flashing. Her datapad for work.

She finds an unbroken bowl and gets water and food for the puppies before picking up the item. Despite the cracks on the screen, it responds to her touch. It’s a video message. She taps the play icon.

“Hey Kuori...it’s Natalia, you know? From work? I knew you were always hiding something with those baggy clothes of yours. But let me tell you, after tonight, I’m swearing off men. The only thing I want a dick attached to, is a woman who can do what you can. Going to be so sore in the morning, where do you get the energy? Anyway, I hope this doesn’t change things between us, professionally. Though, next time...warn a girl before you go in dry? Just saying….”

The video stopped there, but it wasn’t the only one.

There were fifteen messages...all from coworkers.

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“I did what?” Kuori’s stomach was a pit of quicksand as she listened to Natalia give her the blow by blow.

“Yeah hon, Ren was being a complete ass to Jesimine because she fainted when that big blue Ular came in to audition for some of the video’s made by the company.” She relays with a growing smile. “Wham, you shoved him face first into a table, cracked it. Knocked him out cold. Went on about showing more respect for someone who’s clearly his better. Was both frightening and awesome.”

The normally stoic goliathess falls into her seat with a pained expression as the possible implications of it hit her squarely between the eyes. I could lose my job for that. The pit is replaced by a ball of ice where she looks to her datapad, dreading a message from Kitty. None. Yet. “He was a jerk, yes, but he was good at his job. I could send him to deal with something, that’d require two others. Who knows what he’ll do now, quit, or worse….”

“Look, I’d be worried too,” Natalia continues, sensing her friend and superior’s distress. “However, it’s documented the man is a misogynistic ass. No one blames you for taking the guy down a peg. Though, the way you were pressing against his butt as you bent him over the desk, I thought you wanted to do more than just open his head.”

“Wait, what blue Ular?” Her head lifts up, but she’s distracted by Nat’s follow up. The imagery making her glad she’s sitting down. For good reason. Ren had a very nice bottom.

“I think he was blue, just real dark. But it wasn’t a black or a brown. Just took a guess.” Natalia shrugs unapologetic. “You really don’t remember any of it do you? I can say something to Kitty, if you think it will help...”

Kuori looks up, all but tasting the emotion in the other woman’s voice. All she could do is shake her head. No, she didn’t have the faintest idea. “I do not know what will help. Kitty will laugh at it, probably. As to the rest? I think she’d send me to Chryrie and have my head examined.”

“That’s a real shame...you should go and talk to someone about it. Make sure you’re not losing your mind.” She did the unexpected, and leaned in close, wrapping her arms around Kuori’s neck. The lithe woman holds the red haired goliath to her chest with a soothing purr before slowly releasing her. “I meant what I said in that message. Your junk, is the only one I want. Anything else’ll be hand service.”

Her eyes widen in shock and embarrassment. Kuori’s cheeks flush the color of pitch where she looks at Natalia as if the woman sprouted two heads. Stammering, she pushes back to her feet in time to feel the other woman’s lips brush her own. There’s a gentle pause. Soft, but full. She feels the lower tier conform to her own in a playful nibble.

“It’s all right, sweety. Clearly someone is trying to get you in trouble. I’ll help if you want, but go and see someone about your black out. That’s a serious thing. Especially when it’s someone like you. I’ve watched you train, Kuori. Someone could get really hurt, even though it wouldn’t be you.” Natalia strokes her hands down her dark skinned superior’s face before making a quiet exit.

With Natalia gone, Kuori slumps over her desk and just buries her face in her arms.

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Lights pulse. A kaleidoscope of shifting colors over a sea of drenched bodies. The tide of flesh ebbing with every beat per minute. The press of bodies makes the room sweltering. A dark oasis for those escaping the outside world. At its heart, a towering figure stands caught in the riptide. Every way she turns brings a new face, new hands, lips. Everything around her in constant flux, at the center, she remains still. A still point in the changing sea of motion.

Her spine arches as hands map the contours of her athletic form. The lights blind her from seeing the faces around her, but she can feel them. Like a hundred lovers crushing against her, and she grinds back. Trapped in the throng of bodies, she’s never felt freer.

Clothing grips her like a second skin, coated in her sweat and others. She feels it drip from her hair onto her bare shoulders. A gasp of breath catches in her throat feeling a questing mouth. The steady flicking of a tongue she can’t see sends a bolt of emotional lightning through her. She tosses her head from side to side feeling the music overhead pull her in.

The meaning in the words completely lost on her, a distant thrum to the steady pulse that slithers through the crowd. She swivels her hips and meets each press with one of her own, turning, twisting. Writhing. A hand cups her chin and pulls her down into a fierce kiss. She feels the wet velvet of a tongue push passed her teeth, leaving something behind. Stale, chewable. Swallowing isn’t even questioned.

Fingers close with hers, leading her from the eye of the maelstrom. Her vision blurs at the edges, but who cares? She’s enjoying herself. Pulled along, she allows herself to be led down, down, down…

Pressed against a wall, she feels a hand slide brazenly between her legs. It stops.

Eyes widen at what the hand finds. Bright in the dim lighting of the hallway lust falls to horror

Lips spread in a predatory smile.

Her lips.

Her smile. A sinfully sweet thing being wet by her tongue in anticipation.

Someone took the bait. And she’s starving.

The material of her skirt is unable to hide the bulge throbbing between her thighs before it springs free.

His screams are lost in the dancing tide of bodies on the floor above.

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Up with a startled gasp, Kuori looks around herself. Her chest heaves with every shaky breath. All around her is stillness. The rented room at the Inn is dark as when she went to sleep, her puppies are all cuddled into a massive ball on the left side of the bed. She’s not in that hallway, not with that man….

“Just a nightmare…” she whispers to herself despite feeling the very real aches upon her body. Ghost sensations from the dream she tells herself.

Easing the covers back, Kuori swings her legs off the bed and walks towards the little stand with a bowl of water and soap. Her hands fumble around the little candles for the book of matches as she settles onto her knees, sitting on her heels. She blinks against the small point of light for a second then lights the two candles around the mirror. Her broad shoulders ripple as she grips the sides of the stand.

The attack at her home.

No memory of bedding Natalia...or those others,

Emasculating one of her best guards for being a jerk to women,

Now this dream.

“I’m going mad…” she whispers to herself and scrubs her face with the waters of the bowl.

“And I’m loving it!”

Startled, Kuori whirls around to face the room behind her, eyes darting everywhere. “Who’s there?”

She waits for several breaths, tensed to spring. The silence drags on as she waits, but nothing else happens. “What in the hells is going on?” Kuori mumbles to herself feeling slightly shaken. I need to talk to someone about all of this, maybe I’ll go and see Thea or Jak tomorrow

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Up well before the sun, Kuori stood before the Temple of Chryrie feeling dreadful. Sleep came lousy thanks to her increasing nightmares. Something is seriously wrong, that much she knows of. How to even begin talking about it with others? Hey, I think I'm going mad and hearing voices and having dreams that feel real. She doesn't need to be a medicine woman to know that'll get her locked up somewhere dark for a long time.

Her powerful strides take her passed acolytes in their morning routines as she traverses the maze in search of Jak. After so many months, she had a guess as to where he'd be. Her 'pupil' certainly was popular among Khoom's gaggle. All she had to do was follow the giggles.

There was certainly giggles from where Jak was right now. The main room for where the Acolytes slept and relaxed, covered in their beds and manly pillows and blankets, for the maximum comfort! Jak, his human form applied for just the day, was busy nuzzling and cuddling against a duo of acolytes, one with long, flowing auburn hair and the other with equally long wave of blonde hair that curled around the trio among the pillows. Silk pants and a loose vest was all he wore, and the acolytes wore just a thin sheen of silk themselves, and much of their figure was indeed visible.

Thankfully they haven't become TOO preoccupied just yet....

For one of her...dimensions, Kuori could summon a surprising degree of stealth when she needed to. Walking toe to heel as the hunters do, she glides closer to the little squirming pile and leans against a support pillar. She crosses her thick arms under her breasts and merely watches for the time being. In her mind, she's counting how long it takes them to collectively notice her presense.

Giggles spewed out from between the girls as their fingers played through his blonde hair, small little whispers shared between them all with idle hands beginning to wander as well...Jak emitted a low purr as both arms looped around the girls and drew them closer, but that was when...

"Isn't that Kuori!?" The blonde announced to Jak's ears, making the lad turn his eyes across the room and to...Oh!

She could just be as sneaky as him now. Great.

"K-Kuori! H-Hi....Oh...Urm....Been t-there...Long?" The acolytes just snickered at Jak's embarrassed crimson face, and shifted a little to sit up now, and stare curiously to the towering lady, a small nibble of their lips as eyes idly wandered.

Could just be that she's always been that sneaky. Hard to say. Arms remain crossed as she adjusts her shoulder-lean. "Long enough?" is her impish reply as her left boot crosses over the right and rests up on the toes.

Relaxed in her posture, the stance pulls the edges of her leather armor around her biceps and thighs as a reminder of just how thickly built she is. Emphasis on thick. Kuori looks from each one before zeroing in on Jak. "You know what today is?"

The words are playful, even with a smile.

Brushing a hand along his neck, Jak did nod slowly, biting down on his lower lip as he glanced between bot acolytes, an apologetic smile for the pair, "I..Ah...N-Need to go sorry, f-for business, but I will c-come back and give y-you comfort yes?" Both girls did nod, a touch confused, before they both smirked and leaned across to smooch Jak on either cheek, a litttle too close to his lips perhaps...The pair did happen to then step up, hands held together, and step away ut from the room to leave the pair alone, sly winks for the Goliathess as they sauntered out, giggling.

Jak gulped, his adam apple bobbing up and down as he slowly pulled himself to his feet, "T-Today is...Big day of t-training?"

"It's the day of your test." She says flatly. All playfulness falls away as she pushes from that lean to stand at her full height. Towering doesn't even come close to the word as she stands before Jak.

"Pass, and you earn your first shield." Kuori reaches behind her back and removes a smaller version of her own shield. The dimensions more for Jak's slender frame than her own. Seems she kept it in the small of her back, inside the gap created by her own shield.

Some days he thinks Kuori could easily just stuff him in that gap as well...Sheesh!

"Oh...G-Good!" A sweet smile greeted Kuori, and he stepped lightly and quickly across to the Goliathess, before his amber eyes divert towards the shield, and they maaay have brightened at the sight of the shield. Fingers reached out instincitvely to touch the shield, curious to see how it felt, not caring for the looming Kuori for now,

"It is v-very nice shield yes, t-thank you!"

Where her own is closer to a full sized shield at two and a half feet across, the one she hands to Jak is a twenty inch wide disk of polished metal. His face reflects in the polished, doming. Made from four rings of overlapping metal it's rivetted and balanced. While it's sturdy enough to block a heavy strike, it's still light for what he's been trained to use it for.

"Don't thank me yet, Jak. We still have a lot to do today. Go and gather what you need. I'll wait here."

It was certainly marvelous, Jak beaming down at his reflection, perhaps a wink as well, since it was almost a mirror right now. Both hands carefully take the shield until he easily places an arm through the straps to test the lightness and the grip, and then nodded up to Kuori,

"Y-Yes we do! I w-will be right back!" And without heistation, the small lad dashed frantically out from the room, skidding along the smooth floor as he hurried to his room to toss in his spare clothing, food and water into the only rucksack he wore. But when Jak returned to the room...
His clothing had changed.

Instead of silk pants and a loose vest, he opted for his more protective suit, being that of light, tanned leather, his arms bare, bracers only on his wrists, but the rest of the leather clung snugly to his slender, toned form, and was not too heavy as well!

"H-How I look?" Leather suit? Check. Shield in arm? Check. Rucksack? Check!
"Well that was fast." she observes with a chortle.

She gives him a once over, walking a slow circle around Jak to inspect his gear. Kuori tugs on a strap here, lifts on a buckle there. Maybe a playful pinch just to keep him from relaxing too much.

"Aim t-to please!" Slyly smirking as he was standing still, eyes ahead as he was allowing Kuori to circle him, shifting only when he felt her tug on him gently...That was until she pinched him! A short yelp, and he softly rubbed the spot where he was pinched, poking his tongue out to Kuori,


She grunts indifferently and shrugs despite the ghost of a pleased smile on her lips. "You're not as soft as when we first met."

A nod and she turns away from him, testuring he should follow. "Know anyone I can talk to about dreams, Jak?"

"S-Soft? Well, perhaps s-since you have been t-training me so to be h-harder..." In many ways in fact, oh yes!

Following after Kuori, he'd remain at her side for now, humming as he briskly walked onwards, though he did raise a brow curiously, "D-Dreams? Well...C-Chryrie is good f-for that, she...Sees me in my d-dreams sometimes, and we...T-Talk." Yep, certainly only talking! "M-Maybe Khoom? He's s-smart, and maybe he knows s-spells about dreams?"

She arches a brow at him curiously to all of that. "I wasn't aware you and Chryrie were so close..." teasing him a bit, nudging him with her elbow. Her mistrust of magic has her hesitant to seek either out. The mystics are a brand of people she can't fully grasp in her understanding.

Rolling his eyes, he puffed out his cheeks as colour appeared on his cheeks, "Oh...S-She looks out for m-most people yes...But we are...Close, s-sort of, as I work under her..." Rubbing his arm softly, he leaned back over to lightly nudge Kuori with his hip now, "N-Not...Jealous are y-you?" Tease.

"Not at all." she replies with a smirk of her own. "You working under a strong woman is a perfect place for

"I'm s-safe anyhow, and s-she is sweet, and I have all t-that I want yes..." Oh great. A joke came to his head. "P-Perfect place is under a s-strong woman no?"

"Maybe for one like you," comes her response. Her meaning a bit vague. There's a long road ahead of them as they leave the Temple grounds, turning north.

Visk eager to follow Kuori, did not too much care for the distance as of now, but perhaps later he would, depends on how well he would refer to the Goliathess' training!"M-Maybe...Some are d-different for others!"

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Their trek takes the majority of the day and carries the pair to the foothills of the Thunderkrag mountains. In the distance, the tall peaks are clouded in fog and dark clouds. Thunder season. Even so many miles away, the heavy rumble echoing off the Kilgor pass can be heard. Behind them the sun is falling out of sight.

"We've got maybe an hour until dusk..." Kuori announces with a look to Jak. They've covered thirty miles on foot with only three stops for privvy use. Passing one bewildered dwarf who watched them stand side by side to relieve themselves into some roadside bushes. Poor dwarf was likely going to have nightmares about that one.

"S-So we... camp yes?" As with nighttime approaching, a little rest would be fine, and they had walked SO much! Leather made the body beneath be coated in a thin sheen of sweat, adding a glossy coat to his skin as he tracks after Kuori. Shoulders rolling as he shifts the weight of his rucksack and shield between them, muscles aching under their strain.

“Yes, in the cave ahead.” Kuori returns the map to it's scroll case and trails after Jak. Even now she's making mental notes on his decisions. "You're faced with five opponents, Jak. What's your first action?" she calls out to him while watching him move ahead of her She listens as Visk rambles about everything he could do. Kuori slowly rubs the bridge of her nose feeling a headache coming on. Not the first time for this trip, but she’s becoming convinced it’s not Jak. The pounding in her skull spreads to just behind her eyes which makes her clamp hands around her head like it wants to explode.

“Y-you okay?”

Kuori hears Visk from someplace distant, miles away...and then the whisper…

I’m going to enjoy breaking this one. Pin him to the ground beneath me...with that delightful backsi-

“You will not touch him!” The words are bellowed from a place within Kuori she didn’t know about. A primal place. Where instinct and survival are the only ways of life.

Visk stares in stunned horror. Watching his teacher draw her giant morningstar and drive it into the side of the cave. Stone cracks then shatters as the entrance caves in. Kuori outside...and Jak inside. Alone.

“Forgive me Jak….” is muffled through the lone two-inch hole letting the last sunlight through. Then all he can hear is heavy retreating footsteps.

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Sun begins to set as Kuori's eyes fall on Thea's new abode. A shiver of anticipation runs through her core at all the wicked things she's longed to do, but was afraid to suggest or offer. No more. With her weaker self out of the picture, Kuori can do all the things she's wanted, with abandon. Advancing across the street, she moves to the door. A solid twist and jerk, the bolt breaks under pressure, letting her swing the door open. She closes it behind her and progresses inside...to the waiting darkness.

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A long day at work brought Thea home later than usual, stifling a yawn as she approached her own door. She'd taken to wearing the collar again while she was working - too many people were antsy about getting shocked, however unlikely it was to happen. One finger scratched at her skin beneath the worked metal as she reached to put the key in the lock ... and paused, frowning at the broken handle. Dropping her bag down to free her hands, she rippled her fingers, igniting sparks, and carefully eased inside, reaching for the light switch.

"Hello?"Silence accompanies her words save for the click of the light switch that fails in its job to bring forth light to her home.

Suspicion bloomed in Thea's expression as she waited for her eyes to adjust, not bothering to test the switch again. She didn't have any weapons, save the baseball bat beside her bed, or a knife from the kitchen, and she was loath to use her natural spark to hurt anyone. With any luck, whoever had broken in was long gone. Still cautious, she edged through the main room, sliding a hand through the door to her bedroom to test the light switch in there.

The light flicks on to a disturbing sight. Her bedroom ransacked. The mattress flipped over along with most of her garments littering the floor. Bras, panties, hosiery and clothes all.
The peripheral glimpse of what had been done to her bedroom was enough to draw her full attention, disturbed by the attention to detail that seemed to have been spent on emptying her closet of everything she owned.

"What the fuck ..." Forgetting to check the darkened room behind her any further, she turned to step into the bedroom, a sick feeling rising in her stomach at the thought of someone doing this to her home.
Three steps in, something squishes between her toes. Crusted at the edges, a look down reveals a blue pair of hosiery, stained in something white.

Glancing down, Thea's frown deepened. This was growing more disturbing by the minute. Bending, she picked up the soiled item carefully, sniffing at it. "Oh, that's disgusting ..." She dropped the blue cloth quickly, wiping her hand on her yoga pants as she straightened up again.

"Well, I couldn't wait for you to get home..." a voice booms from behind her. Right on it's heels, a hand clamps over her mouth, the cloth reeks of strange chemicals as she's hoisted up into a powerful bear of a hug.

"Wh -" Whatever she might have said or done, they wouldn't ever know. Lifted off her feet, Thea screamed into the closeting muffle of the hand that had covered her mouth and nose, forced to breathe in whatever the cloth was soaked in as she thrashed in the grip that wrapped about her. Her last thought as the chemicals overwhelmed her senses was this ... that there was only one person she knew who could move so silently and yet be so strong. But why? As consciousness faded, her flailing limbs grew heavy, and she fell limp in the grip of her captor, entirely at their mercy. Cradling Thea in her arms, she looks upon her dear, dear friend. Even now she feels a powerful stirring betwixt her legs. However, good things come to those who wait, right? She kisses Thea's lips softly, hauling her sleeping frame from the room and out into the night

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When Thea awakens, she finds herself chained to a table with something is wedged into her mouth, holding it in a wide oval. Her surroundings are of stone and and conveyors, an old factory of some sort. A cooing purr of a laugh comes from somewhere off to her right. "You're awake. Good." The words are dark, husky, and full of promise. Thea's abductor advances into the light with a full lipped smile. The powerfully built Kuori is stroking her stony organ from base to tip. With clothing on, the indomitable goliath came off as intimidating. Bereft of all garments, she’s absolutely sinister.

Every steady breath causes an undulation of flesh down her powerful torso. The interplay of muscles display a choreography in the pursuit of physical perfection. Her thick fingers release their hold upon her shaft. The web of veins along the sides keep it elevated and rigid in an upward arch. Thea’s eyes widen in disbelief. Its never looked that thick before. Kuori cups her own breasts in each hand as she advances on Thea, fingertips pushing and rubbing over the light nipples riding center part to her dark areola.

"It's been so long, I just had to have you..." she whispers beside Thea's ear. Her eyes are wide, manic, as she bends down to lay her head on the woman's chest.
"Please don't be mad at me, Thea. I don't like it when you're mad." The words contrast with her every action as Kuori's hands grip Thea's shirt, ripping it open in a single tug.

The sudden savagery that tore her shirt open makes Thea shriek. She flinches back as far as the chains would allow her, unable to cover herself. "Ples ... plese, Kori, don't do dis," she heard herself beg, frightened for the first time of the goliathess. The same endearing woman who had become such a treasured friend over the past months. "You don't want do dis. Nod lie dis." The object in her mouth making it impossible to enunciate. Thea keeps slurping down her own drool, feeling it pool around her gums.

"You don't understand. I need this." Despite her size, the words are soft with yearning. Her mouth closes over Thea's breast, tongue swirls around the nipple to flick at it. Her teeth tug and nip gently where she slowly circles the pert nipple. The heavy flesh between her legs pulls at the muscles of her lower stomach painfully. Needful.

"Kori, don't ..." But untouched for a long time, there wasn't much Thea could do to prevent her body's reaction to the gentle tease of lips, teeth, and tongue, turning her face away as she squeezed her eyes shut. "Don ma’ me hur’ you."
Kuori’s mouth moving from one breast to the other as she climbs onto the table above Thea. She moans lewdly when the underside of her shaft drags along part of Thea's leg. The engorged flesh throbs with a life all it's own. "You don't want to hurt me, Thea.."

Her whisper is a lover's kiss as she grips Thea's breasts, fondling them between her fingers. Lavender eyes look to her prey’s face as she moans deeply. Kuori grinds her hips slowly, leaving streaks of girlcum along Thea's body. "I'll make it feel good, I promise..."

Reaching between Thea's legs, Kuori plunges two fingers inside. A grin spreads her lips at the way Thea arches into her strong hand. "Just hold still...I don't want this to hurt..."

"No ..." Shaking her head violently, Thea tried to cringe away from the touch that knew her body entirely too well. Restrained, she couldn't do anything to prevent that touch, nor the way her body reacted to it, whimpering as she fought the urge to do the one thing that might make it stop. "Pease ..."

“Silly of me, I know what you love…” Kuori’s crazed mumbling makes Thea’s mind swim. This isn’t her friend. It can’t be. She stares in frozen horror as the massive woman climbs further up her tethered body. The carven erection hovering before her face. Holding it up to Thea's mouth, Kuori starts to push it into what’s wedged between her lips.

Horrified by her own reaction and the strange ruthlessness of this friend's betrayal, she stared up at the goliathess, helpless to resist the pressure of that phallic invasion between her lips. Her tongue rolled back, trying to push it out, almost choking herself, and for the first time, instinct made an appearance. Lightning crackled in the eyes that looked up at Kuori, fair warning that anger was quickly replacing grief and fear.

Unphased by the gentle crackle of lightning. Kuori strokes Thea's hair in a loving manner. The slick pressure at feeling the entrance of Thea’s throat makes Kuori hover on the precipice before sliding down her body. The length of her receding from her captive’s mouth. Her feet touch the floor as she bends over the odd table, burying her face between Thea's legs, Kuori rips a hole in the crotch of her yoga pants, exposing the flesh beneath. The goliath's nose presses against the folds as she inhales the scent there. Her bright eyes slowly roll back into her head as if the smell is a sweet ambrosia.

Thea's legs tensed, fighting to close, to deny Kuori the scent she so clearly wanted to enjoy. Sparks crackled along the chains that held her, but still she kept herself in check. She truly didn't want to hurt her friend. It was one thing to be fondled, teased, to have her body turned against her mind. It was another to be made so vulnerable, unable to use her mouth, to articulate her growing anger, the throbbing fear, to have her clothing shredded open just as her captor wants without any recourse to protect herself, but one.

"That smell...I've missed it. Like a favorite perfume." She whispers and uses her hands to hold Thea's legs apart before her mouth envelopes Thea's sex entirely. Kuori's tongue plunges between her wet folds powerfully. The rounded edges widening out to lap and scrape along every contour she can reach with it.
A strangled cry left Thea's throat, muffled by the gag protruding from her lips. Unable to make any sound from possibly alerting anyone - if there was anyone nearby to hear her. It was humiliating to know that she couldn't stop her body from reacting; that she couldn't prevent the flutter of the flesh Kuori feasted on, nor the flow that proved the large woman’s tongue knew exactly what it was doing. That saying no meant absolutely nothing. Her leg flexed, aiming her heel squarely at the back of the goliathess' neck - the only weak point she could think of and reach, and even then, she wasn't sure Kuori shared that weakness. Hoping against hope the chains held enough slack. Just shy of making contact, she feels something heavy jerk her foot back into place. Where her arms are chained in place, her angles appear to be on counterweights. An odd pulley system.

Kuori watches her Thea's face as the woman's juices slather across her lips. "How selfish of me..." she says in a distant way, nearly distracted.

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Kuori's body dwarfs Thea's own as she moves back atop her friend. Something feral dances across the goliaths' features as she leans down, pushing her massive tip against Thea's pussy. Licking Thea’s juices from her dark lips, Kuori looks down to Thea. "Should make sure I'm more attentive to you..."

She looks at Thea, yet not quite seeing her. Kuori presses her weight down, easing her carven flesh inside Thea. Feeling the familiar resistance..then heat. She shivers feeling Thea’s body slowly open to her. Slick, clenched, walls glide over her sensitive shaft as they’re spread incredibly wide.

All Thea can do was shake her head, and even that is denied to her as Kuori devoured the gag silencing her cries. Kuori’s mouth holding her still as the familiar prod of flesh she once welcomed presses into her taut, tense form. She bit down on the gag in her mouth, refusing to scream, refusing to look away, forcing the goliathess to witness every ounce of pain as it rippled through her. Hands clenched on the chains that held her, she finally lashes out, fear and anger adding power to the electrical force that erupts from every inch of her skin, focused entirely on the woman who loomed over her.

The lightning sparks against her skin, tingling and shocking as Kuori throws her head back in a muted cry. Jolting currents make her muscles tense and spasm, her body sucked down onto Thea. Her prodigious shaft plunges to the base in a violent twitch of muscle. Locked into place, she writhes there until the electric current is engulfed by the lightning rods anchoring Thea's bonds. Kuori shakes under the attack, the scent of singed hair and ozone engulfing the area. Her shaft flutters inside of Thea, milking itself.

Then the jolting sensation is gone...

There it was, her only weapon, the only thing she could call upon to end this, rendered utterly useless by the means she is chained. Thea groaned in defeat, letting her head fall back. There was nothing she could do, but endure. Determined now, even if Kuori did draw that ultimate release from her, she would not give her the satisfaction of another shock, nor even a squeak from her throat. This humiliation, this pain ... it was unforgivable.

Silence drags on as Kuori slowly regains control of her body. Her shaft spasms and twitches, withdrawing from that hot vice. Yet she has not released. A rough moan comes from her lips. "Mmm, almost came. I think…”

Shuddering in pleasure, Kuori moves up the woman's body in a predatory crawl. Her heavy breasts graze either side of Thea's face where the gag drags its tip down the hard lines of her taut abs. Then that monstrous shaft dangles above her like a pendulum, worming its way between her breasts like a great snake. A trail of lust left behind in its wake.

Kuori strokes herself above Thea's face while turning around. Squatting above her, Kuori reaches down to move her sac aside, putting her feminine folds on full display for Thea's eyes. Carefully, she lowers herself down.

Thea lay limp in her bonds, refusing to do anything to aid the goliathess' release at all, glaring impotently, achingly aware of the painful throb between her legs. The musky scent of Kuori's slick folds enveloped her senses, the suffocating press of the large body above her almost overwhelming as she found herself used as some bizarre sex toy. Closing her eyes, she tries to distance her mind from what was happening

Kuori moans lewdly and fondles her breasts. Something in the back of her mind screams out in frustrated rage. That voice is squashed the moment Kuori begins grinding her hips down against Thea's face. Her swollen balls slap against the smaller woman’s chin rhythmically.

"So good...so good..." the heated words tumble from Kuori's lips as she alternates between fondling Thea’s tits where they press around her cock, and reaching down to rub fingertips over Thea's exposed flesh, rolling the pad of a finger on her clit.

Beneath her, Thea stiffened, every muscle growing tense with the effort of not responding, not giving her what she seemed to want. Her breathing stifled by the grinding pressure over her nose, she ground her teeth over the gag in her mouth, trying to pull her legs together, to protect at least some part of herself in some way. To prove that she wasn't compliant in this humiliation. At least to herself...

Another shiver runs through Kuori's core as she arches her back. One hand remains upon Thea's sex, brushing and teasing it with her fingertips while the larger woman continues to rock herself against the woman's mouth. Thea’s view dominated by Kuori's shapely backside. The purpose of the holes in the gag come into play when Kuori's fluids slowly drip upon Thea's tongue like honey.

A fresh challenge to gall the mind of the helpless woman. Without thinking, Thea forced herself not to swallow, to allow those fluids to collect and pool on her tongue, angry with herself for ever entering her apartment when it had become clear it was no longer safe. Her hips jerked as Kuori's fingertips played with her own sensitive flesh, her eyes closing, trying to deny any of this was happening at all.

I will not cry. I will not give in … Concentration shatters as Kuori’s fingers plunge and curl inside of her. A whimper vibrates from her mouth, into the toy gagging her. She shakes violently feeling hot liquid trickle from between her legs.

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"Get off her!" The voice that comes from Kuori isn't the same that's been torturing her. Filled with a white anger, there comes a deafening crash. A fist sends the massive woman flying off of Thea with jarring force.

The shock that strike handed out to the woman who was thrown from her rippled through Thea's bound form as well. She gasped, choking on the fluid collected on her tongue, coughing violently as she renewed her struggles to get loose. That voice ... it had sounded like Kuori, but ... Confusion didn't have room to be felt in the maelstrom of pain, anger, and fear, panic giving her the strength to hurt herself with the bite of the chains into ankles and wrists.

A powerful hand shatters the chains binding Thea in place followed by thick, black fingers undoing the rig about her face. All in a flash of dark skin and heaving breasts. "Run Thea! Before..." then she's gone, appearing to be thrown backwards where a section of wall collapses. It all takes place just beyond the light around her.

Breathless, coughing, she rolled away from the chains that had held her, not needing to be told twice to run. Who had saved her, she wondered. What the hell was going on? It couldn't be Kuori, could it? And if her rescuer, suddenly thrown away, was Kuori, then who had been wearing her face? Spitting a mouthful of bile and vomit, Thea scrambled to get away, ignoring the scrape of stone against her hands and knees, stumbling onto her feet as she ran in the first direction that came to her.

Thunder rattles the rafters behind her fleeing form. The sound of two titans waging war.

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A restless sleep finds the normally indomitable woman from the mountains feeling haggard and drained. Hours spent riding the border realm between wakeful and true sleep. She could feel her other self prowling the edges of her consciousness. It's primal urges dripping into her thoughts like a faucet that refuses to seal properly. And the worst part, she started to like what it had in mind. The havoc it wanted to wreak. Abandon all senses in pursuit of physical perfection and a swath of domination.

A heavy shudder courses through her powerful back as she approaches the Brambles. Kuori knows of Thorn and Roan's villa, but not where. This would have to do. She looks up and down the crosswalk from under the tattered cloak covering her. It doesn't do much to hide her, however the patchwork repairs and her own size cause more than a few to cross the street rather than walk past her.

Kuori's legs clear the street in next to an instant as she ducks within the Brambles.

The redneck's wandering, taking sometime after scouting potential lots to tear down and rebuild as parks to just, breathe and consider. A few moments stolen to ease up and relax.

Around her the courtyard of the Brambles was alive with the sound of water burbling into a small pond, trickling down a copper rainchain from a stone backed waterwall, the murmur of voices in quiet conversation. And still, even with people about there was privacy afforded.

Such was the design of the place, and the courtyard, that if you so wished, you could be utterly alone and less than three feet from another person.

At the moment the redneck was feeding the colorful koi that swam lazily through the green depths of the pond and threaded around and through the water plants. Laughing quietly, gaily, as a particularly bold fellow in silver and grey nudged its back against her hand for a stroke as well as a treat.

Kuori's arrival was not one to have been missed, and the tail end of Thorn's laugh caught the other woman even as her smile reached out across the distance in warm welcome.

The laughter is heard, but not returned as Kuori stands in place. A still point in the distance. She hesitates before advancing in forced steps. By the strain on her face, she's fighting for every determined step. Her face is smeared with grime the closer she gets to Thorn. The ends of her normallly lustrious red hair are split and frayed from several days without care.

The Brambles was, is, a welcoming place with all the hearth fire warmth that the redneck herself exudes. A place of comfort and soothing. At least for those who can, or will accept it.
Something told the redneck that, currently, Kuori wasn't in a place to accept it. The sound in Thorn's throat was distress and concern tangled with worry. As Kuori neared the redneck, the blonde's nature reached out to her surroundings.

The distance Kuori had to cross shortened, while that between their little pocketand the others widened. A bubble created just like that; they'd might as well be the only ones there currently.
And yet. And yet, even with that assurance of privacy and discretion, she waited to speak. Just offered a place for the giant to settle if she could, a safe place.

Though her stance is stoic, spine straight with her head high, Kuori's eyes are wide. Even a little fearful, manic. "Thorn..." the woman's name a plea.

Whatever the redneck did around them is beyond her ability to comprehend. Magics and spacial manipulation a thing she'd never understand in a hundred lifetimes. "I..." her tongue flounders for what has to be said next. Her desire to find answers ripping them from her lips even as every fiber is screaming to not be so weak. "Need help..."

I need help. Words only said by the strongest of people. Able to admit they've reached the end of their tether.

That unspoken plea took hold, tangled its way around the redneck's heart and squeezed. The warmth, the friendly welcome and constantly there offer of comfort throbbed in response. Pulsed outward to encompass the other woman even as Thorn herself rose and, in a pose that might seem ludicrous to some, opened her arms for the giant-woman.

"Aww baby. Tell me." Simple words without a lick of command behind them. Plainly an offer, a suggestion, an invitation. Something was drastically wrong and she'd do her level best to help the other woman in anyway she could.

The Abyss would open and all of its inhabitants go on a earthly vacation before Kuori ever actually shed a tear. However, the connection of her knees hitting the ground is a deafening knell in itself. Even felled as she is, Kuori remains taller than Thorn.

No longer holding the cloak tight to herself, it falls around Kuori's legs. Her clothing is shredded and torn as through she'd barely escaped with her life. Modesty be damned as she moves forward and places her head on Thorn's shoulder. "I'm losing my mind..." she whispers gently.

Taller or not, the redneck wrapped her arms around Kuori as far as they'd reach and held on. One hand came up to stroke and pet that strained and splilt mane of red. Cheek pressed to temple, the woman quietly offered comfort and connection, a grounded and centered place to hold to and be held by.

Kuori's whisper, the gentle confession of the something that had been off about her friend for some time now had Thorn nodding, a slow, near tender drag of skin over skin before she kissed the woman'sbrow. "What's been happening love?"

As of yet, she'd make no comment upon the state Kuori's clothes, skin, hair, appearances were in. They were signs, symptoms to be dealt with later.

"I've hurt people..." she murmurs against Thorn's neck. Kuori's breath comes in hot blasts.

"Friends...my best friend." she continues. Her arms slowly wrap around Thorn, not nearly clinging to the other woman while being drawn in.

The petting, the soothing stroke of her hands flowed down Kuori's hair and across her shoulders in a continuous, smooth loop that seemed tireless.

"Why did you hurt them?" In some cases, possibly this as well, the how and the why were tangled together in a way that asking after the right one first, would kick loose both at once.

She'd hold on as long as Kuori needed her to. As long as the other woman could and would accept it. Reaching out, trusting enough to reach out was hard enough without feeling futher out in the cold while doing it.

Because it was fun... The malevolent words threaten to spill from her lips before they're choked back in a gasp. "I don't know why..." Once more that intimate whisper into Thorn's neck.

"I saw what I did to them, like in a dream...." Kuori trails off in a steadying shudder.

Someone, something knows why. Words unspoken, not a hint at their potential given. The choked gasp, so reminiscent of days long gone had her humming briefly, a hushing, soothing sound as one would for a distraught friend. A loved one.

"Like in a dream." A murmured echo in thoughtful tones. "You, but not you?"

Retribution, repayment, penance for those as-of-yet unowned acts would come eventually. For the now the redneck's intent was to steady her friend, help her find her own footing amid the morass of guilt and fear and terror and a thousand other bitter-bile salted emotions.

"Left Jak for dead in a cave..." she begins feeling her throat constrict. Like a hand is closing around her windpipe, threatening to crush it if she confesses any more. "Raped....Thea, took her from her home...."

Head to knees, Kuori is shaking in Thorn's arms. Disgusted and angry all at once by deluge of admission coming from her lips. "Humiliated men at work, emasculated them in front of others because they deserved it..." The words become harder to force out from between her teeth.

"I saw myself do all these things, but I wasn't in control. I lost control...."

For the span of a blink her hand stills, pauses in its soothing petting when Kuori's confessions begin before picking right up again.

"Lost control of yourself, or someone, something else Kuori?" She didn't offer absolution, because that wasn't her place. Wasn't her charge. Instead she offered help to change what could be changed. Support in facing what, eventually, would have to be faced.

A hand up while walking a path.

Her rats nest of sullied red shifts as she shakes her head. She doesn't know. "I heard myself, saw everything...felt...everything."

"and I liked it...enjoyed overpowering...knowing they couldn't..." she chokes on every word feeling her tongue start to swell i her own throat. A mind of it's own, she feels a powerful surge course through her muscles.

In an instant, her arms are crushing around Thorn as she surges to her feet. "And they deserved it for being weak and vulnerable!"

The broken, ragged speech pattern ends. Like a switch being thrown, her words become deep, silken, domineering. A whole different personality in the words, but all the same voice.

Whatever she might've said to Kuori, whatever she might've said to soothe and reassure the giant-woman was lost in that change. The suddenness of it was surprising.

It was likely the surprise that had her still for a heartbeat's span. Amethyst eyes narrowed, all the warmth and welcome smothered in brittle cold. And the hearth fire's warmth within her went from tender and kind, to raging.

Hot enough to melt and warp stone before the other woman's last word died in the air. Here was a Power wrapped in giant's arms. This was no easy meat.

"Let me go, or die here." Coldly, calmly, utterly truth. Much as she loved Kuori, she'd sear the woman to ash and cinder to stop the other.

Undeterred by the words, the shift within Thorn, her arms squeeze powerfully as she says. "There's the real you...thought you'd never come out." Not taunting, not mocking. An admission followed by velvety insane laughter.

"I'm always the real me." Power touched or not, the redneck was always herself.

Wrists snapped up, her hands tipped down. Handflowers flowed and shifted as the metal receded, ran down her wrists and hands to pool at the base of her fingers before coalescing, stretching into blades. Long enough, sharp enough, strong enough, to pierce the scaled hide of a Wyrm, four per hand curving forward. Curling to press against Kuori's skin at the nape of her neck and throat. The heat surged, stealing the oxygen from the air and sending the fish to deeper waters in the now steaming pond. Stone cracked and softened under the giant's feet.

"Last chance."

A darkness floats behind Kuori's eyes, looking out behind their lovely shade. "Yes, yes it is...." Legs bend slightly and then hurl them skyward.

"No." Blades bit and dug where they'd tickled moments before. And whether or not they did damage, the redneck was gone. Shadows and shade pooled between them, and through those the redneck stepped.

Once more on the ground. This time outside the Brambles.

"This place is closed to you." Power sang in the Sealing. The giantess would no longer be allowed to enter the Brambles.

The landing is heavy when Kuori comes down. Cobble and asphalt crack and splinter in a webwork around her frame. Blood flows in a river from the wounds about her neck. Her smile remains as she looks down at her own reflection. Kuori's facial features twist and contort. Two minds fighting for control of a single face as she collapses in a growing pool of her own blood. "You've no friends left...I win..."

Closed as the Brambles were, the redneck was not. Right hand snapped again, reversing the motion that had enacted the spell that brought about the blades. Bare handed there now, and cautious, she approached. Her left hand poised in what would be a mortally damaging strike should it be needed, she wasn't dropping her guard.

Mindless of the blood she walked through the redneck checked the giant's pulse, and cast a spell to seal the wounds. To close the flesh to prevent further blood loss.

"Now, what the fuck am I going to do with you?" A rhetorical question really, as for the moment, the only thing she could do was bind the other woman and pen her. And hope that would hold her.

Time moves slowly when it feels like you’re dying. Floating in the space between wakefulness and a deep sleep, Kuori’s mind wanders. A steady chill builds.


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Kuori’s large hand rested on the door of Chryrie’s temple, hesitant, fearful. Were they still looking for her? She couldn’t be sure. She had ideas about how this could go, all of them painful. For everyone, not just herself. Her tongue slipped out to wet anxiety dry lips. She felt her heart pounding within her considerable chest. The powerful goliath took a steadying breath and walked inside the temple, going for the main hall of worship. She’s avoided this for too long. It’s time to stop running and face her fate here...even if what transpired was beyond her abilities to prevent.

As she walks by, she felt the eyes of acolytes upon her. Heard the hushed whispers of shock. They know her sins. Things she needs to answer for. One of those acolytes turned and fled from the hall, bare feet pelting the smooth wooden floors in a mad dash to find the High Priest. Within moments, heavy footfalls came at a run toward the hall. Vyska, Chryrie’s Champion, rounded the corner in full regalia. His lip curled in a feral snarl as he slowed, sheathing his weapon. “Kuori. You will put your weapons on the floor and surrender. Now.”

This. This, Kuori expected and had knowingly come unarmed. She held her hand out, palms up, and unfastened the clasp to her cloak. Beneath it she wore armor of tattered rags. Her gray skin showing through several rips and tears as the single garment, like a tunic hung down to her knees with a simple leather belt tied about her shapely hips. She kept her hands held high as she walked towards Vyska, her face a stoic mask.

“I am here to seek penance…” Her own bare feet grazed across the wooden floors in calm, even, strides as she advanced on the Kirn-Ular

Vyska clamped his mouth tightly closed, fingers curling tightly. “It is not my place to assign penance to you. That is for Khoom to decide.” Mercilessly, the paladin conducted a thorough search for anything hidden, because it was his duty to do so, then reached for a compartment on his belt and pulled out an elaborate set of oversized bindings for her wrists. As he opened the bindings, his expression softened, if only a trifle. “I … appreciate your cooperation.”

The sound of the bindings latching echoed loudly in the silence of the hall, as the acolytes looked on, some trembling with naked fear. They’d heard of the goliathess, heard of her transgressions. Some had even seen the ones she’d hurt. They’d cared for her, during her recovery. One and all were united in their desire to see justice. They’d all come from pained pasts, had known torments.

While she didn’t look at any of the onlooking acolytes, she could smell their fear. It was a stench she’d come to loathe. But she knew their fears were well founded. “I burned every bridge I’ve ever built, Vyska. Doesn’t matter whether what I did was at my own hands or the creature which controlled me. I must answer for every sin.”

Even during the Kirn-Ular’s search of her person, Kuori’s eyes remained straight ahead. She’d forgotten how large Vyska’s fingers were compared to her own. A reminder that she’s not always the biggest being in the room. Eyes forward, Kuori worked to keep her breathing steady and even despite the iceberg in the pit of her stomach. The goliath’s surface thoughts were a maelstrom of what ifs that sought to feed her doubts and unease about what lay ahead of her.

Vyska remembered a quote someone once told him. If you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite. A very wise opinion … but not quite applicable here. Killing was the last thing on his mind. Still … “If you will walk with me.” The bindings had no chains between them, simply holding her wrists bound crossed before her. Thick, and well-constructed, they seemed formidable indeed. Turning a half-turn, the paladin lifted an arm to indicate the way, and inclined his head. “Please.”
No acolytes followed them from the hall … none wished to be anywhere nearby when Chryrie’s wrath descended. Thus, the noise of their steps echoed softly off of sun-warmed stone and wood, as Vyska walked beside her. Soon, they came to a moderately unassuming door, where Vyska crooked a knuckle and knocked, once. From inside, came a painfully neutral voice, and a single word. “Enter.”

Ushered through the door, Kuori’s determination stayed true to her resolve that this must be done. She fought to keep her inner turmoil from breaching the defenses of facial features. She didn’t look around the room about her, instead she focused on the blue Kirn across from her. He looked good, if stern. She knew this would not be a pleasant meeting for any involved. However, she didn’t speak; instead, she waited for Khoom’s next action.

Khoom, for his part, looked nothing at all like his usual hedonistic, smiling self. Grim-faced, fingers steepled under his chin, elbows resting on his desk, dressed in all his formal attire. The golden medallion bearing Chryrie’s sigil gleamed against the dark fur of his chest, visible down the part of the vest. Across from him, a single oversized chair sat empty, waiting. “Kuori.” He nodded, once, indicating the chair, then turned his eyes back to the paladin. “You may go. Stand watch outside.”

As Vyska closed the door behind him, Khoom locked eyes with the goliathess, hiding none of his formidable will. Shrewdly, he gauged her appearance, her demeanor, all the telltale quirks her body language gave away that her face kept hidden. Even his empathy, usually kept under tight guard, came into play, reading the churning sea of emotion behind her eyes.

She moved to take her seat and did her best to smooth down the lines of her tunic, bending to sit as close to proper as she could. Her hands rested nervously upon her lap while watching Khoom. It was a struggle to keep silent when all she wanted was to scream her apologies. However she knew that will come eventually. A distant hope that despite the severity of the punishments awaiting her, they’d be swift.

“You look like hell, Kuori.” A statement of fact, really. Beggars wore less tattered attire than this. Rising slowly, Khoom turned to a cupboard behind his desk, and drew out a tray, with two mugs and a pitcher of tea, with cubes of ice floating freely within. With an expression that brooked no argument, he set one before her and poured, before filling his own and sitting again. “And, you’ve quite vexed my paladin. He’s been searching everywhere he could reach for you.”

“After...Thea,” Kuori paused here, hanging her head in shame. “I went to Thorn seeking a place to hide because I was scared of what was happening to me. The urges that were consuming my thoughts. Well….that same darkness, which I now know was a demon, tried to use my body to attack her. As it did Thea, and Jak, and others. I lost. Soundly.”

“I see.” Khoom picked up his tea, took a thoughtful sip, and regarded Kuori once more. He could see the regret, the trepidation, the desolation of knowing that people she’d come to care for were hurt, and by her hand. “So Thorn gave you refuge?” The fact that Thorn hadn’t come to him with this information stung, but didn’t surprise. Thorn was a law unto herself, as was Roan, and he held no power there other than the bonds of friendship.

“I don’t know if refuge would be the right word. She nearly killed me. But rather than let me die, she put me in a sleep of sorts. Helped me, heal. Not just physically. Rather than fighting what was controlling me over my own body...we were both locked inside, unable to hide from one another.” She was divulging many things that weren’t being asked, she knew it, but there’s no point in hiding anything. These were all words that need to be said. Slowly, she reached forward to take the mug of tea in her hands. Her large fingers cradling it delicately.

Solemnly, Khoom nodded, taking another sip and keeping a careful watch. Wordlessly, he urged the goliathess to continue her tale, mentally passing along every scrap of information to his patron. He wasn’t afraid, not even with these revelations of possession. If Kuori, or whatever had claimed a hold upon her, wished to harm him, he had his defenses.

“The Other, was me. At least a part of me. It mocked and taunted me for refusing to give in to things. For holding back. For not subjugating a weaker person to my wants. It fed on my secret enjoyment of….” Kuori shook her head, not wanting to voice that darker part of herself, not even in this confessional. “Like something took the darkest parts of who I am, and gave it a will of its own.”

“Ah. A … personal demon, then. And now?” Khoom leaned forward, setting his mug down and fixing her with an unblinking . that seemed to penetrate deep. “Do you feel … healed? Whole?” Careful questions, all of these.

“I…” she struggled to formulate her thoughts. “No. What I feel is ashamed and sick. I don't know if I'll ever feel whole again.”

“I do not know either. But all of those feelings … those are promising. Those tell me that you are … truly repentant.” Sitting back in his chair, elbows on the chair’s arms, fingers steepled, he focused even tighter on her eyes, under half-closed lids. “And, this Other. She is … once again dormant? Purged, somehow? What did you do, Kuori? How did you manage to regain enough control to come and seek help?”

“It told me that I created it. Months ago, a hand mirror was delivered to my house by parcel. There was an inscription on the back of it. That there are two wolves in all of us, the stronger one...is the one you feed. When I looked into the mirror, this Other or evil wolf woke up. After looking in the mirror, I started having spells. Hours out of the day where I couldn’t remember what I did or where I went. Not until I started getting messages from coworkers saying ‘You were great last night, I look forward to it again’ or...it broke the arm of one of my subordinates at work for posturing about being strong.” Her voice steadily cracked with each word. “Then it started attacking my friends, right after I’d made a decision to go to them and seek help. First Jak, then Thea, Thorn. Every bridge I built...it wanted to burn and it did.”

Again, Khoom nodded slowly. All of this was important information, but it didn’t answer what he’d asked. Patience, he told himself. Patience would win the day here. In the meantime, an idea was blossoming in his mind. Inspired by Chryrie, or a seed growing in the fertile soil of memory, he couldn’t say. Either way, it seemed fitting.

“After its failed attack on Thorn, I started hearing whispers. I don’t know if they were her, or something else. But the struggle was that I didn’t accept parts of myself. The things the Other fed on. “ She couldn’t look anywhere except at her hands as she spoke. “I didn’t accept that everything it represented, could be balanced to what I still wanted to be. That I could be feminine and strong. Warrior and Lady. There did not need to be an either or. Could enjoy dominating men and being emotionally open with women…”

“And you believe you have found this balance? And that this will keep the … Other … at bay?” He had to keep that point at the forefront, because it was the most crucial part of his blossoming plan. “It is what brought you here?”

She made a face at that question. “I don’t know!” The words actually shouted. “Give me a weapon and point me at an enemy...that I know. A door that’s stuck, I can kick it open. This?” Her hands gestured between them, “The thing that took me over? This is mage games. The abstract, there isn’t a physical enemy for me to slay and put down. I don’t know how to fight this. I’m fighting my own mind….”

“You have always been fighting your own mind, Kuori. As do we all. That is morality. That is knowing what is right, and what is wrong. Knowing what is the proper thing to do, what the honorable thing to do might be.” Khoom rose then, the medallion swinging like a heavy pendulum as he rested his fists on the desk. “The acolyte told me that you seek penance. Why?”

She leaned forward with her hands opening and closing, practically clenching at the air. Kuori didn’t look at Khoom, merely her hands while taking several breaths to put her words straight. “I…” it was a rough start as she took a deep, steadying, breath.

“It. Hurt people. Several that I care about. It was my body used as the weapon...so, I seek forgiveness for my own ease. Maybe getting those I hurt to forgive me, I’ll be able to forgive myself. Eventually.” There it was. The simple truth of the matter as Kuori saw it. If those she hurt can forgive her, there might be a chance to move beyond what happened.

“ … “ Khoom fell quiet for a long moment, still appraising her, before he spoke. “Do you think that you have this Other subdued? If I allow you to remain here, to serve this penance, is this Other going to be a danger to those already here?” While he spoke, he silently beseeched Chryrie for the knowledge and power to make his idea reality. But first, he needed to know.

“I don’t have an answer, Khoom. Struggling with it for as long as I did, being told that I had to embrace it as part of me. Part of who I really am? It just disappeared when I did that...I’m not sure if it’s gone, or if we’re one and the same now…” She looked upon Khoom with wide, helpless eyes.

“Then … I suppose we have no choice but to find out. You wish for penance? You wish to somehow, some way, find a slim chance of atoning for your sins?” The mug of tea in Khoom’s hand clicked ominously on the desk as he rose, fur fluffing as he drew in the power. “So be it. But, I will not risk you being a danger to this temple and the people we help here. People like the ones you … and this Other … hurt.” Lifting a hand, he extended his arm out, palm facing her, and a bright sigil began tracing over the surface of his palm. “To understand someone, you must live as they do.”

“Yes.” The answer was immediate and firm.

“Then so be it.” Khoom’s eyes flashed in a stony mask of concentration, and the sigil flared brightly.
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