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Noah Bird

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In a back warehouse at Arcadia shipyard, Noah Bird was working on parts for a vessel. It was busy work for Noah. He had a lot on his mind. Over the past year, he had learned to channel his emotions through work. Working with the wood gave him time to think, while creating something of value. It had taken time for him to learn. He had seen examples of this same form of “therapy” around the yards. If it worked for the crew, then it could work for him and that gave him some hope.

Lately, Dante had noticed a slight change in his long time friend. Noah seemed to be distracted. Dante saw his friend bend over, measuring a piece of board. Dante moved closer, brushing a piece of his ever stray black hair from his forehead. “Hey, Man. You okay?” Dante asked as he grew closer to where Noah was working. He regarded his younger friend with calm sky blue eyes. He leans against pole in the shipyard not that far from Noah was working.

“I am fine, Dante…” Noah responded without looking up. He had registered his friends presence just a moment before he had spoken. “Just busy working.” Dante just nodded a little, he took a look around the warehouse for telltale signs of the baby. Seeing none, he decided to ask.

“Where’s Christian?” Dante moved closer, picking up the end of the tape to keep it still when Noah measured, marking where to cut it. “He is at Miss Polly’s day care, some of the old ladies in the beauty shop had told me about it when they stopped me.” Noah smiled just a little when he thought about the “Beauty Shop Biddies”, as they were often called. They were well meaning old women, but they were very nosy. Their advice had been very helpful though.

Noah hadn’t been sure what he could do with Christian when he worked. They had pointed him in the right direction when they learned of Christia leaving him to care for their infant son alone. “They were asking where she had gotten off to.” That time he looked at Dante, he knew his friend didn’t need him to supply him the name of the “she” in question. --. Emotions seem to surface when he spoke about her. “ Why?” Dante recognize each one that had surface. "Have you heard anything from Christa?” Dante moves to grab two ice cold bottles of water. Noah let out a sign, and back of his hand brushed his sandy brown hair that seem to stick on his forehead with the sweat.

“No, Dante. I have not. I wonder why she have left….. Is it because I am always working? That I barely had any time for her or Christian?” Noah‘s eyes had closed as he took a sip, he didn't realize how thirsty he was till the water touched his lips. “I know my name is on everyone’s lips, “ He looked lost. Dante wonder the right words to told his friend. “I don't know, Noah. Maybe one of theses days you can have your answers. to your questions. Does your mom know?”

Noah shook his head. “I think she has her hands full with Mara. you know she’s guy crazy.” That caused Dante to chuckle. “That is something I know something about.” A hand reached out squeezed Noah’s shoulder lightly, making Noah look up at him. “Just because your mom is busy. I am sure she knows these things.”

“Yeah.” Noah sighed a little. He had landed himself into a family of hard working over achievers. At first, he had thought they suffered short attention spans, but as time went on, he learned that there were several projects going all at once and Aja was keeping her eye on all of them. Trevor, ran his tavern, Mara had school and Hochi always seemed to be off on some adventure somewhere.

Noah Bird

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As if the mere mention of her alerted her to the fact they were talking about her, Aja appeared in the warehouse. “Damn it, Jarim.. why are ya storing those way the hell out here?” “Space issue, Captain.” Jarim’s voice was heard, the man himself was likely out of Aja’s range. Just in case she decided to swat him. “I’ll give ya space. Right upside yer melon!” she called back as she tugged a box of parts off the shelf. She glanced over at Noah and Dante.

“Hey.” Dante looked to his boss and gave her big cheeky grin. “Hey Boss.” He turned his eyes back on Noah. “I told you so. Man.” He tooked a sip of his water. “How do you do that? Do you have Mom powers, Aja?” Noah shooked his head at Dante.

“Yeah Yeah.” He smiled “Keep that up, Dante. She is going to deck you.” He turned his gaze on the woman who had taken him under his wing. “Hi, Mom.” Aja looked at the pair a little confused but then just shrugged it off.

She held up a finger then turned to toss the box at who they assumed was Jarim. “Take ‘em over ta Nolan. He needed ‘em an hour ago.” She kept her eyes on him for a moment more than grinned a little. “Mush, Oatmeal! Mush!” she laughed then. “Hey! No obscene finger gestures at the Captain, ‘less ya wanna lose dat finger!” was called out mid-chuckle and she then turned her attention to the boys. “I tell ya.. dat Jarim is a cheeky devil.”

“Do we need to go and help him unload?” Noah tilts his head, watching his mom deal with business. Noah set his bottle down, half empty. Dante glanced to Noah watching his eyes and his emotions.

“Nah.” she left the doorway then. “Jarim can carry one box ta Nolan.” she grinned. “He’s not an invalid.” she gave the boys an easy smile. “Whatcha doin?” she eyed up what Noah was working on and nodded. “Don’t ferget ta stain dat ‘fore ya go puttin the bracers across it.” she nodded to the mast piece on Noah’s bench. “Makes it easier later on.”

“Yes ma’am.” Noah nods. a glance over his supplies. He didn't see stain gel. He shook his head, hating himself from forgetting the most important. “I need to go down to supplies and pick it up. I can't forget the brushes also.”

“Box.” she pointed. “Under the bench.” she took up a lean. “So. Dante, ya doin some work or are ya jist yappin?” the smirk was a give away that neither man was in any great trouble. She was just giving them a hard time.

Dante just grinned at her. like cat who just ate the canary. “Just shooting the breeze. Boss. I notice Noah has been a little sidetrack lately.” Noah glanced under his bench, pulling out the box. Noah frowned at Dante, and shot him a dangerous look as to say watch it. Dante raised an eyebrow at Noah as to say what you going to do about it.“I don’t want The Kid getting hurt.” He spoke, using Noah’s nickname that was around the yards and in rhydin also.

“Ah.” She just nodded. “Well, long as yer bein helpful. Go grab dat stain off da shelf.” she pointed for Dante. Dante nods. “Yes ma’am.” Dante moves to the supply area. He was taking his time, Giving Noah and his mother a chance to talk. Setting his hands inside of his work pants. “Ya fussin about Christa again?” She perked a brow at Noah curious, glancing over to where Dante was getting the stain off the shelf then back.

Noah crossed his arms not wanting to talk about this subject, but he knew better. Dropping his arms to his side. “I just wonder what I did wrong, that made her wanting to disappear on me. Is it because I was always working?” He leaned against his work station.

“Can I suggest that she left cause she was immature and selfish?” Aja grinned just a little. “Doesn’t matter the why. She left. Yer here. Dat’s what yer life is now.”

Noah bit his bottom lip. “Now I am a single father raising a son on my own. She is my world, I told her that.” He lowers his chin just a bit. “Mom….. I wish I wore protection. I am not say Baby Chris is a mistake. He is here . But everyone is right. You, Zack, Aunt Rena. are right.”

“Spend yer time lookin back, kiddo and yer gonna hit a pole in the present.” Aja shifted her lean a little. “Things happen. Yer deal the cards yer dealt. You do whut ya gotta do and get on with it.”

“Christian is now my world. My life centers around him.” He sighs, She looked over at Dante standing with the stain can.

“Well, crack dat open, get ta work.” she motioned with her hand and smiled. “Jeez. Kids these days.” before she looked back to Noah, she added. “Don’t ferget ta shake it first.” then she sighed. “Look. There’s no magical answers here, Kid.” she checked the phone that buzzed as she spoke. “People. They do what they do. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense. You’ll make yerself crazy trying ta figure it out.” she pushed a button and put the phone back. “Ya don’t control dat. You control yer actions. That is all.”

Dante shook his head and He started giving the can a good shake. He watching Mother and Son duo talk back before. “Aja…. My da said your horses are about ready to come and get pick up. He said the payment has been met or so.” He opened the can and dip the paintbrush, began to lay the stain on the wood.

“Horses. Check.” Aja tugged out the phone. She pushed buttons as she kept talking. “And don’t go globbin dat stain on dere, Dante...easy strokes. Or it looks funny.” Noah gave a soft smile and moves to take over Dante’s thick strokes.

“Don’t you have to go back to your side of yard, You know Harlan will get on you if you don’t finish on your work, instead of chatting with me.” Aja just smiled at Noah reminding Dante of where he was supposed to be.

“Dante can stay, help ya out. Ya jist don’t go gossipin and fergetting yer work is all.” “Just to let you know, Noah. I am caught up with my work. I notice you was behind, wasnt you suppose be testing this boat by tonight.” He teased Noah, knowing he like to be in small one man crafts then the big ones.

“I really wish Noah could go on the Swordsman this weekend. We’re suppose to be dropping some supplies in Shipwreck Haven .” Noah shook his head. “You know I can’t. I got Christian now.” He paused and looked to his friend.

“You know its two day trip. You can bring him with you. Start him off early.” “Ya could always look inta hiring a nanny.” Aja suggested as she put away her phone. “Some sort of nanny housekeeper combo. Like Maria.” she paused. “Ya can’t have Maria. It’s taken me years ta train her. But someone like her.”

“I will put in the notice for the paper.” He eyed Dante. “I am not going to take my almost 2 year old on the ship. Total forget about that. Dante.” Dante shrugged. “He is the grandson of one of best pirates, Noah. He will have salt water in his blood.”

“I raised Mara on a ship.” Aja leaned again. “I don’t recommend anyone doin it dat way really. It’s a lot of work.” “Okay.” Dante smiled. “I get both of your points. I was suggesting. I can ask Ma if she know someone. What about Mara, being a babysitter.’

He grinned. “Bigger paychecks being out on the ship."

“A babysitting yes…. but not a live in nanny. I know someone will work.” Noah paused to grab his water bottle, taking another sip of the water. a little warm due the sunlight shining on it.

“Mara, has school work.” Aja reminded Noah. “You’ll find someone. Ask Polly for a recommendation or something.”

“Yes Mom.” He pulled out his phone and write himself a note. “I might have to get you next time, Dante. Just give me time to find someone to watch my son.” Dante hits his shoulder. “You got some good sea legs. about time you get them.”

“Boys.. fight nice.” She grinned. “I got work ta do. I’ll see ya both later on.” Noah swap at Dante, being himself for a change.

“Yes ma’am.” He gave her nod. “we better get this boat done.” Aja nodded and left the boys to their man talk.
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