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Tonight from 8:00 to 10:00 ET, Max Lager from the RhyDin Planetarium will be hosting Stellar Stories at #the-solarium ! Whatever the weather in the rest of the city, a Nexus anomaly guarantees clear skies over the Solarium and the surrounding area.

The planetarium will provide star maps and telescopes, but guests are encouraged to bring stories about the night sky -- favorite constellations and the stories behind them, or comets, eclipses, and other celestial portents of things to come. There is food and drink for sale at the Solarium's café, but the star-shaped cookies in the giant moon-shaped jar are free; and tickets for two to the RhyDin Planetarium will be provided to whoever provides the most stellar tale!

[[This event is brought to you by of Honor and will take place in The Solarium, their Discord RP Chat setting. Please visit Rings of Honor to attend and remember to follow their guidelines for their site and discord.]]
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