Old Adventures of the SS. The Swordsman and Crew

Dante Keltar

The Pirate
Chapter 1
The Great Captain Sebastian Immanuel Thorne stood on the quarterdeck, watching the Crew manned the ship, with the crew stood his daughter, Aurora Lightwood. and his first mate, Dante Keltar. He felt pride.
Dante had started on the ship as a cabin boy. Young and Prideful. He gave the lad the guidance to become the man he is. and taught himself with a long sword. A playboy, Yes. But deep in Dante’s heart. a great man who will know many things.
Dante had his own rules to play and his honor code to followed. The old captain smirked when he saw the lad flirting with his daughter.
A laugh he heard the tell time sign of a slap. “When would you know not everyone will fall for your tricks, lad.” When Dante moves to stand next to him. “You two grew up together.”
Dante smirk when the Captain spoke to him. “Sir, not everything is about sex.” A hand raise and looked at the compress in his hand. “If the wind holds out, we will make port before the nightfall.”
“Lets hope the wind last as we need her.” The older man moved to the captain’s cabin. with a look at Dante. “Soon you will be behind wheel of the ship, how do you feel?”
Dante smiled. “Its going to be the best feeling.” He looked around the Swordsman.”
Captain spoked with pride. “I raised you right, Dante. I know you made your parents proud. Just follow the code. it’s not just a pirate code. Take it your heart.” He laid his hand on Dante’s shoulder. “I think this old man needs to go to bed. Keep with the stars, lad.”
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