Old demons, new tricks


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"The more things change, the more they stay the same." -Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

Stepping out from the shadows of one of the many alleys that lined the streets of Rhy'din. Pulling the blue satin jacket tight against himself, flattening out the back of it, where the emblem read "Rappappa" as he walked. Empty streets, although not uncommon, it was something unusual given recent circumstances. However nothing stood out to him as his brown orbs turn to observe everything as if it was a whole, not the tiny bits and pieces, he had no time to spare, he had a obligation to keep.

There was one particular alley that would stand out to the rest. 'Do Not Enter' signs as well as 'Danger' signs were plastered along the sides of the buildings adjacent. There was a faint smell of smoke and sickening odors. A deep breath as the youngest Chae closed his eyes, a hand going into one of the front pockets of that Jacket, a pink flower pedal was pulled out and left out for the breeze to carry behind him as he stepped into the shadowed Alleyway. Each step carried him deeper into the places where shadows began to move along side of him, and the sun was even afraid to show its face.

The alley widened, no more then 10 yards across as the two buildings seemingly pulled away from each other on each side. Here there was the faintness of light showing through. Pulling up to a stop at the edge of the light he waited as the shadows that had followed him, soon surrounded him on all sides. Each shadow forming into their respective persona. One had a long tattoo that ran from his eye down towards his abdominal region that was nothing but a list of curses and hexes in Japanese. Another had scars of letter carved into his body. And yet another seemed perfectly normal, except how his eyes glared insanely through you.

"Morgan Chae." A Voice began to play ping pong with walls of the buildings ,bouncing back and forth en route towards Morgan, leaving a hissing echo in its wake. "It has been a Very long time since you have stepped down the alley of Urufupakku. What brings you back home." Home, the word stung him worse then any blade could. Morgan snorted "Home? More like hell." Shuddering as a flood of well kept memories flooded the back of his mind, beatings, tortures, starvation; all things that were associated with that one man.

"You enjoyed your stay" The man speaking finally stepped from an obscured position on the right, and circled around the ring of thugs. "And Mr. Ishi" He started to refer to himself in the third person "enjoyed your stay as well." There was a cackle of laughter that rose from the well dressed mans throat "So once again Morgan, why come back here, you were dismissed from service based upon your dishonor to us." The once cackling man fell silent and placed his cold black eyes on Morgan.

Without flinching Morgan placed both hands in his pockets and shrugged for a moment then smirked coldly "Retribution" Darting forward, one foot planted in the ground as the push as the other kicked out to catch one thug off guard he broke through the ring. Two serrated daggers were pulled from the pockets, one in each hand. Taking a second step he spun around and into the air, preparing to land both daggers into the neck and Cranial cavity of Mr Ishi.

But Mr. Ishi knew better, spinning with simple grace to the side, Morgan flew past and soon was in his grasp "You never learned" Thrown with inhuman strength Morgan skidded against the ground and to the right wall. This time the Thugs surrounded him again, but instead of just acting as a meat shield, they began to kick Morgan as he was down.

Morgan did all he could to defend from his position, but soon there was nothing left for him to do, and minutes later he passed out from the pain.


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"I want him dead. I want his head on a stake. His body mutilated for the whole world to see." Mr. Ishi paced back and forth in his office, which was nothing more then a dark room in the corner of an abandoned warehouse with a large oak desk and a black leather chair sitting behind it. He stood 4 paces back, head straight forward towards the masked thug, piercing black eyes in a constant glare, arms behind his back. "Morgan is my slave still, he might think he has his freedom back, but we are going to change that." Ishi sat down behind the desk and flattened out the front of his Suit-coat "he must be dealt with!" He reiterated as he pulled out a cigar and put it to his mouth "You know what to do."

The masked thug nodded and spun on his heels from Ishi and out of the office. Pulling his mask off he glanced around the room where huddled groups of thugs were gambling or telling stories or drinking until there was nothing left to drink. Moving quickly next toward a man with the complexion of a Spaniard "Alej. Lets go" Pulling his mask down the man jogged towards the entrance of the building. The one called Alej following closely in suit, like two men that knew each other well would.


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"When you have made it this far, there is no turning back now." - Unknown

Of course Morgan was in the market. Born and raised from the streets that he so proudly walked upon now. Blue satin jacket, with the embroidered name "Rappapppa" on the back was pulled tight onto his small form. Hood pulled over to hide those deep brown eyes and matching hair from the common viewer he moved with a steady, but cautious pace. With recent events and a lingering feeling of remorse over him he was having a hard time focusing, so caution beyond his normal was needed.

Ahead of Morgan the two thugs walked in a unified stride to a beat that would mock something of a soldiers march. The masks being pulled down to conceal their faces , one being that of a pure white mask, the other of a black mask with three diagonal red lines that ran from left ear down to right jaw. One looks at the other and nods.

"There he is" The one in the white nodded towards the other, a gruff voice, his hand reaching to his side, yanking out a common pistol and holding it with his right hand at his side, finger lingering over the trigger "Are you ready to do it brother?"

"Si Hermano" The one in the Black nodded and pulled out a slew of serrated blades, each with a tri-curve not unlike that of a kris blade, however each with their own customization to the hilt that made them more akin to a heavy weighted throwing knife.

Morgan looked up and froze in the seemingly empty market, staring forward at the two in the masks. The still air suddenly shifted into a calm breeze running from the back of Morgan and forward towards the other two, as if it was pushing the two entities closer and closer to the conflict that was sure to ensue. As if instinct Morgan drew a left foot forward, tilting his body angle as he eyed the men more, one with knives, one with a gun. He drew in a breath as he double checked himself, two simple daggers in one pocket, a serrated one not unlike the ones the one in the black mask had placed on his body, and the katana gifted to him by Claire. He still was out matched, out ranged, and out manned but this wasn’t the alley, he wasn’t helpless and enraged. No, he was focused and would be strong and fight, even if it was to the death.

The one in the Black mask made the first move, rolling around to the left two blades of his were sent hissing at a high speed towards their target, Morgan. Being the street kid he was Morgan followed the motion, but the thug was all to ready and had lagged behind to throw a third that lead the movement of Morgan. The first two blades whizzed by as distance was being closed between the two men and Morgan, however that Third blade landed right above his eyebrow, cutting into the flesh and sending blood streaming down into that eye. Trying to clear the blood from his eye he had a split second to react by moving right to avoid the bullet that was coming his way, but with himself preoccupied he moved a moment too late, the round ripping through a chunk of his skin on his left shoulder, just a grazing blow, but a bad on at that.

Not stopping, the one that fired the gun fired once more, this time clearly missing Morgan as the distance between the 3 men closed to just a few feet. Morgan leap stepped and spun, the katana freeing and slicing out towards the one with the gun. Guns were something that Morgan was afraid of, and for good reason, so it only made sense he went for that man first. The one in the white was not expecting such a sudden attack and as such was the first victim to the blade, the first 5 inches sinking into the front of his neck, threatening to decapitate the man, although it only severed the main arteries of the man; instantly killed.

The other man, in the black mask stood unchanged in his expression, well that was because he was behind a masked. Without a second thought he slashed along the back side of Morgan’s body, landing another successful blow onto the young man’s body. Morgan winced and heaved forward, tripping on his own two feet and falling face forwards onto the cobblestone road. Wincing as his body was cut on the jagged rocks in multiple places he rolled onto his back in time to draw out a dagger. Thrusting forward as the Man in the mask thrusted down, the dagger caught deep in the man’s chest; Letting out a sigh for a moment in pain before trying once again to stab at Morgan, both men now on their feet. Morgan once again went in, this time with his remaining two daggers. Both connected. The man staggered and fell down relatively close to his comrade, also dead.

Hunching over Morgan went to investigate who was behind the masks. The blood fell from his numerous cuts into the forming blood pool from the two bodies. Deciding to take both masks off he yanked them both back at the same time.

For a moment everything stood still…

“Ja…Jamar…. Alej….” Morgan was still hunched but the tears were already starting to flow from his eyes and into the pool of blood. “No…no..no.nononononono! NO!” He screamed as loud as he could. His two best friends sat there, dead, by his hands. And worse, Ishi was involved in this whole mess.


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"Warm smiles don't make you welcome here" -Enter shikari

Standing in front of a dark alley Morgan took in a heavy and deep breath that weighed down his chest for a moment before being released into air. He knew not what lay in the hidden shadows of the alley, whether stepping in there would be the last time anyone saw him, or it would be another bland and empty alley. Another deep breath as he murmured something quietly into the soft breeze "I can't be afraid forever". Taking the first step in and allowing his form to be swallowed up by the shadows.

For a moment everything seemed alright. But that momentary peacefulness was soon broken when a single shadow moved sharply to the left and rattled a tin trash can's lid. His mind sharpened as he did his best to analyze the situation. None of Ishi's men would be dumb enough to give away their position that quickly. Creeping forward, acting as if he hadn't heard the noise, he prepped himself for some sort attack that would come.

Not even a moment later a Thug hiding under a ski mask placed a blade at his side. However, before the words could even escape the mans mouth Morgan had turned around and gripped the mans wrist with a grip that could only spawn from the feral rage in someones heart. With speed he whipped the mans arm behind him and snapped the bone in half. Unrelenting he pulled the man around and threw him towards the tin trash can that he foolishly allowed to give away his position. The man stumbled and yelled out in pain as he landed on that broken arm. Morgan wasn't satisfied as he grabbed the man around his neck and hoisted him towards the wall and yanked the mask off. The man was really a kid, probably a few years older then Morgan and around the same size. "Who sent you!" He questioned as the kid was in tears. "WHO!" Morgan pressed his hand around the kids neck for a moment before releasing him, trembling.

The kid laid there for a moment, still alive but afraid. Morgan looked at him then at his hands. Murmuring as he knelt down "so....sorry" He yanked out his total amount of allowance, and held it out to the kid as if some way to make up for it. If it had been a few years ago, Morgan would be the kid in rags doing his best to mug for money, he knew the feeling, he knew what it was like "take it.... please." He left it there, the kid not responding out of pure terror of Morgan.

Morgan moved swiftly out of alley way and stopped in front of a furniture store. Out front of the display was a mirror. He stood and stared into it, studying his features. Unwashed and shaggy hair that was way to long for him. Rage filled eyes that are encased in sleepless black circles. A constant scowl upon his face. He shook his head quietly and murmured "no". Soon the gentle shaking became violent shaking as he swung out and shattered the mirror "No... I .... I am not a monster...! " He was trying to convince himself to no avail. Turning and running, he sprinted away to avoid everything that was closing in.

He had turned into something he never wanted to be...

an animal...

a monster.


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(Thanks to JC Mun for playing this out late at night with me!)

Morgan hadn't wanted her to, but all the same, he was her little brother and she had a responsibility to look out for him. If that meant going after Ishi herself, she would. The shadow realm was utilized for most of her travel these days, despite the risks it posed, and as she traveled through the parallel Rhydin, she found herself coming closer and closer to where she'd been told Ishi might be."

The alley in which she closed in one seemed dormant for the most part, not a soul appearing in it nor did anything move. There was a calm breeze that swept from its inner depths and went out like a breath from the deep bellows of its reaches. Deep inside, in one of the less known shadows there was a man, clad in an all-black suit waiting.

It was hard to see through the veil between the realms and once she got close, she silently stepped from the shadow realm and peered into the darkness. Running her tongue over her teeth behind her lips, she swallows the taste of blood that inevitably came during her travels. Breathing in deeply, she re-centers herself and steps into the dark of the alley.

the second she would step in the ring the breeze would stop almost as instantaneously. There were slight movements that, although many cannot, she might be able to see. Ishi just waited towards the end of the alley, waited and counted the moments until he knew he would have his prize.

It had been some time since the last time she had seen Ishi. But this time? This time was different. She held a collected rage and anyone or anything in the alley might have been able to detect a faint glimmering glow in her eyes. She tilts her head to one side as if listening, though what she was listening to wasn't of this world. Pausing just within the dark, she inhales then exhales, and then plunges into the darkness. No longer on reconnaissance, she knew confrontation was imminent and she decided to cut to the chase. "ISHI!"

There was a slight Chuckling as the man known as Ishi stepped out into the light, all black suit with matching black sunglasses "Ah my dearest Jenny Chae, oh how long has it been" A devilish smirk on his lips as he watched her. His stance nothing more than relaxed. Behind Jenny a wall of men of all sizes, races, colors, and ages formed behind her.

She rolled her eyes as he revealed himself. "Hey, asshat, anyone ever told you it stopped being cool to wear your sunglasses at night like...twenty years ago?" She growled at him, her senses on high alert. She knew there were others in the dark, but she couldn't help but be surprised about the sheer number of them. Not turning around to look at them, she simply continued to move forward toward Ishi. After all, this wasn't about the men behind her. "Not long enough, clearly."

He held a smirk as he ignored her first comment "Or was it." He walked forward towards her, keeping at a distance although close enough to push her comfort zones. "I had forgotten how pretty you were, but now that you are here I am reminded, and envious of the one that has the chance to be with you." There was a pause as he admired her "How is my favorite slave doing since he got caught up with some of his old friends hmm?"

Of course he would ignore her comment; the man couldn't handle any form of criticism, in her experience. Keep her arms and legs loose and at the ready, the adrenaline began pumping through her veins and a slow breath was taken. "Lucky for you, you need only talk to my employer about that." She said sarcastically, rolling her eyes again. "Don't you dare refer to him as your slave. My brother is doing far better without you."

And that’s where the simple and calm Ishi left and a serious business man stepped in. Taking off his sunglasses to reveal, not the brown eyes she might remember, but ones of pure darkness "Well it seems there is a dilemma then. Your brother is my Slave and has simply been away from his home for quite some time thanks to your immature attempts to raise him like you have. He might be what you consider free but is he? Is he free from the social class he is in? Is he happy where he is? I doubt not. He would be happy with me and as his master; I want to make him happy"

It seemed they had both changed in their time away from each other. Her own eyes still gleamed in the darkness and she took another step toward him. "No slave can be happy." She growled at him. "And I did far better than you ever could!" Faltering though, she knew Morgan was unhappy. Her baby brother struggled to fit in in this world and though she had done her damnedest, she had still failed him. But! But, it was better than a life serving Ishi. "No...NO! He is not YOURS!" She screamed at him, her voice taking on a tone that wasn't her own as it bounced off the narrow walls of that alleyway and it was at that point that she lunged for the man who tried to imprison her brother.

And there is the result he wanted. Almost instantly he disappeared in a small plume of smoke before appearing to her side and attempting to trip her up. The wall of men around them forming a circle calmly and quietly "Oh but my dearest Jenny, he is." A clam smirk "My slaves are always happy, and it would be easy for him to also be happy."

She should have known. But no, she let her temper get the best of her. He easily tripped her up and she went sprawling but she lithely rolled and popped back up to her feet, whirling on her heels to face him. An ethereal glow shone from her eyes and she wiggled the fingers of her right hand as the pins and needles radiated outward from the wristband she wore. "Dearest...don't you call me that. I'm not your anything, nor is Morgan. And it is over my dead body that you'll have him back." She smirked, the maniacal grin holding all of her secrets.

He rolled his neck as something neither magical nor technological stopped in incoming projectiles. "Are you done with this game so I can claim my Prize? “He smirked and blinked forward in a similar plume of smoke attempting to swing out with his right hand. Around them the men began to chant something in a strange language.

She narrowed her eyes at him, and twisted to crack her back. "He is not your Prize. He wants nothing to do with you, let him live his life. Let him be happy. Without you. What will it take?" She snarled at him. The smoke didn't catch her off guard this time and she dropped low, ducking that swing as she kicked the heel of her foot out for the side of his knee. The chanting was unnerving and it took everything she had not to lash out at the closest man.

The chanting simply continued as Ishi, although faulting like any man would who took a shot to the knee would, moved quickly and through any of the pain to reach out with his hands quickly and silently for once. Hopefully, upon grabbing her he would laugh "It isn't Morgan that is my prize, he is a worthless slave, however you are a prize befitting of kings"

He caught her just as she bounced back up and she twisted in his grip, snarling like a caged animal. She kicked out another foot, anything to try to break the hold he had on her. "You bastard..." Growled words came through gritted teeth. "You don't know who you're messing with, Ishi. You don't know the wrath that will befall you should you harm me."

He just simply smirked as he took the kick to the stomach but threw her hard against the ground. There was something inhuman about that strength as he watched her "Are we going to try and continue this fight. Or are you going to give up? "

As he threw her down, her thin form went skidding across the rough pavement of the alleyway. Ignoring the inevitable scrapes and scratches she had ended up with, she comes to a stop when she slides into the shins of one of the chanting men. Shoving off from him, she gets back up to her feet and narrows her eyes at him. "Why the hell would I give up?"

"Because if you don't I will let them handle you" The circle closed tighter and tighter now as Ishi moved in once again. At the last moment disappearing to reappear on the other side to aim a knife hand right at the back of her neck and along the spine.

Really, the circle didn't worry her. She had a decent track record against large groups. It was the one on one she struggled with, as evidenced by her encounter with Ishi here. As he disappeared again, her gaze swept the ring to seek him out until the crash of his hand meeting the top of her spinal cord had the alleyway going pitch black for her, the glow dying out in her eyes as she lost consciousness.

He smirked as he towered over her. The chanting stopped as Ishi turned to a small boy in the crowd "Take the message to the boy, he will come surely now." A smirk "and warn him to why I said he should never rely on others" Grasping at Jenny and producing two Rope bindings he tied her up tightly "The pieces are in place, now let it all begin"

She groaned as she was tied up, her head spinning as she slowly came back to reality. Lashes fluttering over unfocused eyes, she growled something out in Korean, a string of curses and damnations. She struggled not, though. All she could do was hope and pray to all of the gods that Morgan wouldn't make the same mistake she did.


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Morgan had left the SEB and was straight out towards the Fountain. Feral he waited for as long as he could, eyes scanning the area around him. Katana was at his side tonight and not hidden. He wanted the fight. He wanted to get Jenny and he was bound to do anything he possibly could to do it, even putting himself out there like this.

"Keep the eye from the sky for me, holler if anything is off. Hoping to make this a quick extraction and elimination." She murmured into the headset in her ear, trailing Morgan far enough back so as not to be suspicious. Her arm hooked through Noct's, they seemed nothing more than a couple on a late night strolls.

Remaining silent as a thin and fleeting smirk crossed his lips for a moment, as he walked along side of her with his arm linked with her's. Casually looking around on that late night stroll.

"Well.... Well...” A cold voice resonated through the openness of the air. Soon the man stepped out from one of the numerous alley ways around the center of the market. Behind him, gagged, bound, beaten and being dragged was Jenny. Stopping just out in the open "Are you finally here to play boy?" A glance to Jenny "Or are you going to try and be dumb like before"

Morgan stepped forward. The calm autumn breeze caught his uncut hair and sent it wildly along his face "I am surprised your minions haven't showed up?" He was watching Ishi carefully, but was avoiding Jenny. Finally getting around to answering "I’m here to fight Ishi. I’m here to get my sister back" He stood firmly where he was

Even thinner than she was before, Jen barely clung to consciousness. Her lips, cracked and dry, parted as she heard Ishi address her brother. A rasping breath taken murmured words inaudible once they made it past her lips. "Hanure kyesin uri abôjiyô. Irumi kôruki yôgimul padusiomyô. Narai imhaopssimyô..." A prayer of sorts. A blessing for her brother.

Ishi and Jenny came into view and it took Claire everything she had not to rush in and gut the man like a fish. Her grip on Noct's arm tightened, jaw tensing as their careful steps took them closer to the scene that was unfolding. Her free hand slipped in her jacket almost casually and despite the clenching of her jaw, she gave Noct a confident smile.

Light squeeze to Claire's arm when Ishi and Jenny came into view as he knew full well what she wanted to do at the moment. Continuing that slow casual stroll along side of her, as they moved closer and closer to the scene before them. With a smile back down to her, as he could feel the tension from her.

Ishi smirked and looked around and just motioned around him. Not the small army that was accustom to following, but something more of a small elite group formed a loose circle around them "Im never alone Morgan. I thought you would know this." Like passing a dog over to someone he handed Jenny over to the man standing next to him.

She rolled her eyes at Noct as she heard Ishi, but somehow managed to maintain the guise of completely innocent bystander. Pointedly not paying attention to the pack of men. Or the girl being dragged like an injured animal. In her ear, voices buzzed and information flowed quickly, reports of men shifting positioning and vantage points, assessing the need for additional backup. Twas a shame Ishi had no idea that for once, Morgan was nowhere near being alone.

Sticking his tongue out at her as he continued to ignore the growing scene of men, and the injured woman getting passed around. Just a couple out for a casual stroll they were.

Morgan was calm as he took a deep breath in "Then it’s me and you Ishi.” A hand went down to his katana as he looked at the men first "Or are you going to test me again" Back to ishi.

A quiet whimper left her lips and she shook her head, making an attempt to raise herself up. Her arms shook and as soon as her "handler" noticed the movement, he placed a firm kick to her ribs. The sickening crunch was loud enough to echo and she crumpled into a heap. Not a single sound left her.

The audible crunch had her going tense and she stopped dead in her tracks. The look on her face clearly said 'Oh hell no' and a tap of her finger against the ear piece immediately followed. "End them." She said, her voice dead serious. Not so much as an affirmative came over the radio waves when exactly ten shots rang out. Silencers on silence so much and the air lit up with the crack of high velocity rounds as they left the barrels of multiple rifles. The men around Ishi dropped nearly simultaneously save for one. The coward took off running, conveniently in Noctis and Claire's direction. Of course it was the only way no shots had come from, so the man couldn't be faulted really. Blood pooled around Ishi's feet but somehow not a single round had been aimed at him. He was clearly left for Morgan to deal with. As the man approached Claire and Noct at a dead run, she gave Noct a wicked grin. "Care to do the honors? Teach him a lesson?"

Easily to guess what Claire had been up to this whole time as he came to a stop alongside if her, with just the slightest glances in her direction, as a sly smirk crossed his lips to her dead serious tone. Before looking back to the scene as the shots started to ring out throughout the night. Just watching as the men that had come with Ishi dropped quickly, causing his eyes to turn to the one that was now running towards them. "Just so you know. I find it hot when you are like this." Winking at her before waiting for the poor coward to get closer. Moving in a rather slow and casual movement as he drew one of those guns he carried, and leveled the following shot at the male's knee. With a loud bang followed, and it wasn't a pretty sight either. The man screamed as he dropped to the ground, now missing the lower part of that leg.

Ishi nearly said something before he stopped and stared at the scene. His elite men had just dropped like that, all but one coward. Quietly he glanced around before sighing "I knew you would come to some trick like this." He glanced right at Claire and noct, but knew there was no chance with them "Me and you... till the death."

Tilting her head, she leveled a calm and collected look and the hastily amputated leg and then to the former owner. "Think he'll run now?" She murmured aside to Noct, slow steps carrying toward the man as he bled out on the ground, howling and moaning in pain. "Should I put him out of his misery?"

Morgan grinned for a moment before looking at Jenny. Murmuring lightly as he bowed his head, the words barely left his lips "I apologize for this" Moments later a glue grenade was flung and exploded at the feet of Ishi. Morgan charged in without much of a thought. His goal wasn't a swift one. He wanted true revenge.

Smirking faintly as he looked towards Ishi for a moment, then to Claire. "He can still crawl. We should fix that." Smirking at her now as he motioned for her to have her own fun now, as he moved towards the scene in front of them. More so right towards the injured Jenny as he left Ishi to Morgan to deal with.

Bodies fell around her, dull thuds of lifeless forms landing in the squish of their own blood. It was everywhere. Blood, chunks of grey matter, splinters of skull and still she didn't stir. The man who had been designated her handler still clutched at the rope in his hand, a death grip--no pun intended--holding it tightly. No movement from the girl on the ground, though she had heard his words she made no motion to affirm them.

Ishi had tried to react, a plume of smoke had appeared but he wasn't moving. Trying to move forward the mass of even the youngest Chae had him hitting the ground before he could realize it. But he knew Morgan better, He knew his fears. Into the inside of his suit coat he drew a quick .45 magnum and leveled it at Morgan before firing.

The man that had run looked up at her wide eyed, tears streaming down his face. Her own expression as she gazed down at him was rather blank, bored almost. Bending down, she gave him a faint smile, one hand reaching to pat him on the head. "It's okay, it'll be over soon." Her hand closed on the man’s hair, yanking him upwards until she had a good grip. Then she was headed back toward the clash between Ishi and Morgan, dragging the man behind her.

He felt the skin tear open Right about his heart, in that area between it and the shoulder. The force caused him to stumble and brought him to his knee. In pain he gritted his teeth as he stared at Ishi. Blood was pooling from the dead and from Morgan. His good arm was inside his pocket, where normally his daggers would be, but now he pulled out a 9mm, thanks to andu, and aimed, not at ishi, but at the gun in his hand.

Upon reaching Jenny, with him holstering that gun of his in favor of a knife, and was just about to start to cut her free. Only to look towards the two men nearby at the gun shots, before working to cut the injured woman free. For now he would stay out of that personal fight, and focus on freeing Jenny.

The gun was flung from his hand as he didn't have time to react, glue still holding him back from bouncing around in the shadows "So you finally conquered your fear. Well look at you." A blade, curved in design, was drawn as he waited for morgan to come in.

"Jug-eum-ui cheonsa..." The man murmured up at her, his face becoming less pale and more almost grey as he bled out, a crimson trail following behind Claire. Like a reverse red carpet really. She twisted her grip of the man's hair and turned him to make him watch. "Watch your fearless leader. He is why you're here. Look at that girl." She jerked his head toward Jenny. "Look at what you've done. Tell me why I should show you any mercy." Pulling his head back uncomfortably.

Morgan of course went in, that was within his nature to do so. Bound in quickly he met the blade of ishi in a clash of sparks. However unlike what morgan would normally do, his sword travelled up Ishis until the point that he drew it up sharply. Ishi's hand fell down to the ground with the sword in its grip.

As the ropes began to slacken, she finally stirred. Slowly, ever so slowly, her eyes reopened and she blearily blinked at her liberator. "Namdongsaeng." She murmured, gaze flitting toward her brother's conflict. Another attempt was made at pressing herself up onto her hands and knees. She had to help. Even if it killed her. She had to save him.

: Ishi cried out in pain as his hand hit the ground. The glue had dissipated for the time and soon he was behind Morgan, a dagger of shadows in his hand and sent it jabbing towards Morgans back.

"Welcome." Murmured back to her as he got the idea on what she was saying, even if he didn't understand her. Ropes cut and the knife sheathed again, before trying to catch Jenny by that shoulder. "I know to wish to help, but you are in no condition to do so." Rising to his feet now as he looked towards the fight.

"Jabi! Jabi! Jabi!" The man cried and whimpered, growing weaker by the moment. "Cheonsa..." His lids fluttered over his eyes and he verged on unconsciousness. Claire growled down at him and pulled his head back further. "I hope you've made your peace." She whispered and with a swift twist, the man's neck was broken and as she let him go he fell into a lifeless heap, his final breath rasping past his lips.

Morgan collapsed downward before shoot out a foot behind him, catching Ishi off guard in the stomach and sending him back a few feet. Morgan struggled to stay on his feet but the second he found something of a footing, he charged in again, this time the Katana simple went through Ishi's feeble body.

Ishi collapsed into Morgan but was still moving. Cutting down the length of the youngest chaes body he mumbled something "You will never best me boy. You might kill this body but my soul, my essence will come back and torment you till the day you die. “He kicked morgan back and threw the dagger at him, hitting him right in the shoulder. Morgan simply collapsed to the ground and wasn't getting up quick enough.

"Kamsahamnida." She bowed her head to Noctis, vaguely recognizing him from some point in the past that might as well have been a different lifetime. Her fingers closed around Noctis's arm, using it to pull herself to her feet. Bolts of pain shot through her ribs and she shifted her gaze toward Morgan and Ishi. A step taken toward them, it was something she had to do. Ishi mentioned his soul? Oh that was practically an open invitation and with a renewed vigor, she pulled every last ounce of

Helping Jenny to her feet when she gripped his arm and started to pull herself up, and just about to keep her from moving forwards, before stopping himself. Side glancing to Claire with a simple look as he looked back to the two men and now Jenny.

"Kamsahamnida." She bowed her head to Noctis, vaguely recognizing him from some point in the past that might as well have been a different lifetime. Her fingers closed around Noctis's arm, using it to pull herself to her feet. Bolts of pain shot through her ribs and she shifted her gaze toward Morgan and Ishi. A step taken toward them, it was something she had to do. Ishi mentioned his soul? Oh that was practically an open invitation and with a renewed vigor, she pulled every last ounce of strength she had and went for him. No longer bound by the ropes with their hasty enchantments, she stepped through the spirit realm and reappeared between Ishi and Morgan. An ethereal glow filled her irises as she looked up at him and hand snapped out with lightning speed and deadly accuracy for his throat. Her fingers curled and pressed into soft flesh as she pulled him near and the glow grew brighter until a bitter cold radiated outwards from her. With her lips a fraction of an inch from his, she whispered softly. "Hwasang." A dual tone, Jenny's own voice overlaid with the innocence of a young child. Pressing her lips to his, she proceeded to draw his very life essence from his body.

Morgan was just about to get up. His version blurry and fading but all he saw was the sheer speed and power of his sister. "What. the...." He coughed, blood came up and his head hit the cobblestone.

Moving to Morgan as he watched Jenny with a rather sadistic smirk crossing his lips before motioning his men over. "Get him to one of our doctors. Now."

Ishi flinched the second she ended up kissing him. however moments later his body soon became something of a ragdoll, a play thing for Jenny. He had no time to react or even fight her, and to think that the same girl was the one that he was using as a toy not but a few hours before fighting.

Her head tilted slightly as she moved toward Noctis. Her index finger pressed against the ear piece, murmuring softly. "Clean up on aisle ten. Make that...eleven." Gaze locked on Jenny as she seemed to handle the issue of Ishi, her own motions taking her toward Morgan. "Keep a man on him until he recovers. No questions, no paperwork, no reports." Seconding Noct's orders.

It would be a race to see what finished him off first, the sucking of his soul from his very being or the fingernails that were embedded in his throat, flesh splitting beneath the pressure of her grip while blood poured from the wounds down Ishi's neck and down Jenny's hand and arm. It seemed the removal of his soul was a swifter death and pulling her lips from his she shoved his lifeless body back and sighed as he hit the ground.

Morgan stirred lightly, although not much. Looking up to see who knows what he jumped and reactionly jerked forward, shooting pain through all parts of his body. Wincing he fell back down, not having the energy to try and fight. Glancing to see ishi lying motionless of the ground brought something of a wicked smile to his face.

"C'mon, let's get them outta here." She murmured to Noct, motioning men forward to assist Jenny if she would accept it. They were already seeing about taking Morgan away and Claire knew better than to part the siblings after their ordeal. "Thank you boys." She nodded gratefully and sighed as they worked on getting Morgan and Jen out of here. A look over her shoulder to confirm the cleanup crew had arrived, then she looked back to Noct. "I need a shower. Shall we?"

Nodding to the men as they set about taking care of the two siblings. "Keep me informed of their progress, and when they recover. Bring them both to the house if they will allow it." He then looked to Claire. "Interesting night." Smirking at her as he offered his arm to her. "We shall."

Jenny swayed on her feet and without warning her legs gave out. Luckily for her, Claire had acted in time, sending men to her aid and one particularly brutish looking fellow gently scooped her up and cradled her against him before nodding to his bosses. "Your Highness...M'lady." Then he moved off, to take Jen away not far behind the men who handled Morgan.
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