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In the Fae Wilds of Rhydin, sweet laughter rings from unseen unearthly voices. Some float from long forgotten underground mounds or rings of stone or rings of mushrooms. The rings and stones were not an unusual sight in the Fae Wilds, but for the month of March by earth calendars (Ches for those from the Forgotten Realms) there appears to be an usual number of them cropping up. Not just in the Wilds themselves but in any forested or well vegetated spot across Rhydin proper. Reports of mischief have begun rolling in to local watch stations, though strange, they appear to be mostly harmless. Pockets of unusual magic have been reported growing outward from the primarily uncharted Fae Wilds. The School for Unusually Gifted Magi report that nothing concerning has been detected so far, but for Rhydin citizens particularly gifted to be careful when practicing their sorcery, witchcraft, summoning, spells and other magical sources. The effects of this surge of wild magic appears entirely random and effects can last for as little as one hour or an entire day.

[[ Wild Magic effects - Roll 1d100 and find your number below. You may choose to have this effect your character for 1 hour, for a whole day, or come back and re-roll for as many random effects as you want. Die roller: ]]
  1. You are unable to tell a deliberate lie.
  2. The hair on your head (or spikes, or your head) spouts and is replaced by leaves.
  3. A random item that you carry on you and that is precious, suddenly gains the ability to speak. In gnomish. And it has a very violent personality.
  4. An illusionary hand puppet appears in an unoccupied space near you. It stays within 30 feet and begins to whisper very strange prophecies at you. No one else can see or hear this.
  5. You can see through doors as if they were not there.
  6. You appear to have grown double in height.
  7. Every time you sneeze, tumbleweeds appear out of thin air and go rolling by. A lot of tumble weeds. Possibly too many tumble weeds.
  8. Any vegetation near you suddenly begins to make very rude bodily noises.
  9. You are tormented by hearing the choral rendition of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, on repeat until the effect fades.
  10. Every time you try and say the word "And," you instead replace the word with very poorly done imitation explosion sound effects.
  11. If you try and say your own name, instead of saying it, you Wilhem Scream.
  12. Anytime you are startled you sprout feathers that last 15 minutes and then shed them at the end of that time as if nothing had happened.
  13. You are cursed with painless, tiny hiccups that end with tiny bouts of flame.
  14. All of your teeth fall out. For the next 10 minutes after, they regrow. Slowly. It is painless but does itch immensely.
  15. You cannot enter a doorway or transition into any room without dramatically (but mostly harmlessly) tripping and falling.
  16. Every time you take a step a snare drum you cannot see, but everyone around you can hear, is struck. If you speed walk, everyone hears a snare drum roll. It is very suspense building.
  17. Random words people say to you have been replaced by sad trombone slide notes. The words replaced are entirely random, never the same. Everywhere, everyone is "waaah-waaaahing."
  18. You have grown a beard made of tiny trees. Within those trees, six tiny birds live and tweet. When the effect ends, the bird family grows up and moves out and your tree beard disappears.
  19. You are able to see into the future for 3 seconds. Unfortunately, this ability only surfaces during the most mundane tasks.
  20. You have shrunk half your size.
  21. Your voice has been raised several octaves. This effect is much like that of breathing helium. Depending on whom you are with, you may be found adorable and very squeaky.
  22. The Grease spell randomly casts itself upon you. For at least 4 minutes, everything you walk on or touch has been well oiled, or greased to the max slipperiness possible.
  23. Your skin turns neon sky blue. If your skin is already blue, it turns hot pink and appears to glow in the dark.
  24. A single eye appears in the middle of your forehead. Anytime the eye opens you are bombarded with wise, but entirely useless facts.
  25. Drinking any liquid for the next hour causes you to emit a cone of stuffed, spring filled party snakes. (Like the kind you can get in a can.)
  26. You randomly teleport (into safe spaces) up to 60 feet around you.
  27. You have aged 10 years older.
  28. You have grown one additional head. It looks exactly like your head, but it is the complete opposite of you and everything you are. Also, it sings "King Henry The 8th, I am, I am," constantly in between chatter.
  29. You can suddenly climb up walls, hang upside down from the ceiling, or stick to any surface you touch. (Spider Climb.)
  30. A disturbingly neon colored, inflatable, unicorn appears beside you and follows you every where. It doesn't speak. It doesn't respond to commands. It's just...there.
  31. Your nails grow into claws that are unnaturally strong.
  32. You are suddenly able to speak to plants. They suspiciously sound like a disappointed mother-in-law.
  33. You appear to be unable to get drunk no matter how much alcohol you consume.
  34. You have been granted the knowledge that you are in fact, nothing but a character created by someone for a game. You are a collection of text on the internet and you know every action is made by some unseen hand that brought you into this existence. This lasts 1 minute and happens intermittently. You immediately forget after the effect fades.
  35. Any flammable object that isn't carried by a person or being worn bursts into flame when you touch it.
  36. You appear to be able to manifest the best, most delicious cinnamon rolls. At random. In random places.
  37. You are unable to speak in a normal voice. Everything you say is shouted.
  38. Your tongue appears to have doubled in size within your mouth.
  39. Your head, and anything on it appears to have grown double in size. You look very much like a bobble head.
  40. You are surrounded by a harmless, yet terribly annoying cloud of fog that occupies your personal space.
  41. You are unable to stop telling puns.
  42. You have uncontrollable giggling spells.
  43. You appear to have been encased in armor like ice. It does no harm to you, nor other creatures who touch it. You appear to be much tougher to harm. However, your speed is reduced to shuffling pace.
  44. You have aged 10 years younger.
  45. Your mere presence can effect people around you; within 30 feet of you, some people feel the urge to, and give in, to break dance uncontrollably.
  46. You begin levitating off the ground by 2 feet.
  47. It appears as if someone has cast mirror image on you. An image of you, exactly, appears beside you and does everything you do, though you and other creatures cannot touch or harm it.
  48. A storm cloud the size of a tea cup appears above your head and sadly drizzles on you. Occasionally, lightening strikes, which is akin to the static electricity built when scuffing socks on a carpet.
  49. You keep phasing in and out of sight. You can be invisible, but you have no control over where or when.
  50. One half of your body has turned to stone. Flexible, harmless, but definitely stone.
  51. Sparrow eggs begin tumbling from your mouth every time you speak.
  52. Every where you go, two inch tiny metal statues of you appear.
  53. You are unable to stop clucking like a chicken. When very excited, you crow like a rooster. The sound is very piercing, especially in the early morning.
  54. A stampede of Gazelles appears out of no where and randomly anywhere you are.
  55. A hole approximately human hand sizes appears in the middle of your chest. You and others are able to reach through. It does you no harm and disappears when the effect ends.
  56. All of your clothing worn today has shrunk down to half its size.
  57. You appear to be sprouting seed dandelions that release their fluff at the slightest breeze.
  58. A giant hand appears above your head and slowly, dramatically, reaches down to touch your nose. An invisible voice whispers: "Beep boop." This effect happens entirely at random.
  59. All children you encounter claim to be your offspring and demand a cookie.
  60. If you are touched, birds appear and circle around your head then disappear soon after.
  61. Whenever you speak your name, dramatic, suspenseful music plays.
  62. A cuckoo appears and crows the time randomly from your head.
  63. Any time you have an ideal an actual light bulb will appear above your head, flicker, then fall. It harmlessly disappears before hitting any surface.
  64. You appear to be able to manifest large, cheese sculptures of yourself where ever you go.
  65. You are able to shoot harmless, yet pretty, rainbows from your fingers. But only when you make 'finger guns.'
  66. All the items you carry now seem weightless and will begin to very slowly float away if not grasped or tied down.
  67. Any noise your stomach makes is doubled in sound and now apparently in 'stereo'.
  68. You are able to understand birds and appear to be able to call them to you.
  69. Every rat within 10 feet of you is mesmerized by you and follows you everywhere.
  70. All pieces of rope, string, yarn and other fabric strings and things that you own have apparently turned into edible licorice.
  71. Anytime you say the word, "Wish," a tiny, irritable genie appears in an overly dramatic puff of smoke, scowls at you, exclaims: "No you don't!," and disappears.
  72. You are haunted by a terribly cartoonish ghost. There's rattling chains and long, drawn out "ooOooOoooOO,"s.
  73. A giant, magical, semi-opaque purple hand appears around you, flagging everyone and everything off.
  74. You appear to be able to speak another language you previously have never known, studied, or encountered. It is a completely dead language from a society that no longer exists, that nobody speaks or understands anymore.
  75. You appear to everyone else in black and white.
  76. Every item, possession, and your home is suddenly encased in aluminum foil.
  77. You seem to turn invisible whenever someone or a creature looks at you head on. You have to turn about to be seen by fellow humanoids or creatures.
  78. Whenever you attempt to be quiet or stealthy, you inexplicably burst out into a tap dance routine.
  79. All of your clothing worn today has doubled its size.
  80. It appears that you have turned into an ambulatory oak. You are able to speak, move, eat and do your normal activities. You are also still the same size. You are just now an oak tree.
  81. You can retract your arms entirely into your torso akin to a turtle retracting its head and limbs into your shell. Every time you return your arms back into their normal position, they make cork-popping sound effects.
  82. You appear to not only be able to sing clearly through your nose, but you can now play your nose like a flute. It is hauntingly beautiful even if a bit off putting.
  83. You discover that if you shape your index and middle finger like scissors, you can actually cut through many different materials. But only if you say out loud, "snip, snip, snip," while doing so.
  84. You find that you can only speak in metaphors. These metaphors are as cheesy as you have ever heard.
  85. You suddenly cannot speak at all unless you are holding a piece of ice.
  86. You cannot speak or communicate unless it is done by operatic singing.
  87. You develop the sudden desire to make a spectacle of jumping off things. But only things that are 2-4 feet in height, such as steps, chairs, tables, and sidewalks.
  88. For unknown reasons, you have developed a sudden following of random people who believe you are a deity. For the duration, you may be bombarded with questions, offerings, and small shrines built where ever you are.
  89. You have forgotten how to walk. Instead of walking, in order to move, you must burst into interpretive dance in order to move anywhere.
  90. You fully believe that you have misplaced your feet somewhere. Despite walking around and asking people, who may point out you are wearing or have your feet, you do not believe them and continue searching for the last place you saw them
  91. Whenever you feel threatened or intimidated your throw out your arms as if they were wings and attempt to terrify your opponent or whomever made you feel this way by hissing and honking like a Canadian Goose.
  92. You appear to have a small posse of skeletons. They do no damage, and do not listen to any commands, but they do make horribly sarcastic narrative commentary to everything you do and say.
  93. Any time you express an opinion or give a friendly suggestion, or succeed on an attempt to fix something, a light beam opens up above you and celestial music plays.
  94. For inexplicable reasons whatever clothing you wear appears as if you are dressed in strange armor; a metal hat with giant horns, wielding a giant axe, wearing nothing but a fur shoulder cloak and strappy leather across your chest. You are also wearing a loin cloth over tight leather pants with ridiculous high leather boots sprouting more fur. (AKA: Hollywood Viking)
  95. A herd of ostriches appear around you and follow you wherever you go and whatever you do.
  96. You are convinced that everyone around you needs to be hatched. You may attempt to place them in giant piles of warm things, try to place them under a heat lamp, or attempt to actually sit on them to hatch them.
  97. Every time you attempt to speak, you must begin any sentence as if you are passionately bestowing a prophecy on all within hearing. You find that you begin many sentences with, "BEHOLD!," and, "IT WAS TOLD TO ME IN A DREAM THAT.." and so on.
  98. You have been polymorphed into another creature. You are able to speak, communicate and move as you normally would, but you appear to everyone as the creature you have been polymorphed to. (Example: Frog, sheep, dog, gnome, gaseous cloud, giant bat, mastadon, tree, rock, chicken and so on.)
  99. It appears as if the tear ducts in your eyes have been replaced by liquid, holographic glitter. It does not hurt, but it is very difficult for others to look you in the eye in direct sunlight.
  100. Your sweat has been transformed into harmless, squishy, geometric shapes that are squeezable and make adorable sounds when touched or hit.

What is this event about?
March Madness is an event featuring the Aos Si, Aes Sidhe or Pixies, depending on your choice and character background. It appears that they have come out to frolic during this month either with a vengeance or perhaps more out of boredom. Generally they stay within their hills, mounds, or within the Wilds themselves, but perhaps something about March has brought them out in full force. Mischief abounds in all sorts of ways.

Who/what kind of character can participate?
Everyone on GreaterRealms and Rings of Honor. Any character from any genre.

How do I know what random effect happens to my character:
You have several choices for ways of how your character may be affected by march madness. Above, hidden by a spoiler tag (click to open) is a list, 1-100 of random effects your character may experience. You are a) free to roll 1 d 100 and go with the number corresponding, b) you are free to contact the administrator, @Pinkatron2000 via private message, who will roll a 1 d 100 for you and send you the random effect. Or, c) you may choose your own random effect. You are not obligated to stick to the suggested 100.

How can I participate in this event?
You may post a thread in any forum as your character here on GR detailing how March Madness is effecting them. You may use the Prefix [March Madness] to tag your in character posts. You may role play the effects of this events within GreaterRealms chat room, live, with other characters, and you may post about the effects of this event on our sister sites: Rings of Honor / (Please remember to follow of Honor guidelines on their forum or in their Discord if role playing there. Due to restrictions on events, you cannot cross post events on The Red Dragon Inn.) Tagging your post with the [March Madness] prefix can make it easier for others to find in character posts marked the same and help with players finding other players who may wish to role play together.

Additionally, there is a March Merry Madness thread ( click here: ) in the City forums for players to reply or link to their individual posts on March Madness, regardless if written on GR or ROH. If you are considering playing or reacting on ROH, please consider a tiny link back to the event or in your text somewhere (so as not to confuse ROH players as to why/what is happening.)

How long does this event last?
This event will run the entirely of March, 2019, to give all players a chance to write for it.

Do I have to participate?
Of course not :) As with anything free form role playing related, you are free to participate, or not, as you see fit.

I have more questions/I would like to add something to this event/suggest something?
Please feel free to contact @Pinkatron2000 anytime to get your ideas or suggestions connected with the March Madness event. Thank you and happy gaming!
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[[ Update: Every member who participates, be it on GR or on ROH will be granted an event medal to display in their profile on GreaterRealms. So please make sure to link your threads so medals can be handed out appropriately.

March Merry Madness Medal: 16]]
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