Out Of One Hole.....

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The Zirconium Rabbit exploded out of the slipstream awash in a halo of chronoton disturbance and gravimetric friction. Once again in so-called Real Space the vessel began listing to starboard as the last vestiges of subspace lost hold on its material pattern and its own stabilizers failed in their enormously important duty of keeping the vessel space worth.
On the bridge the navigator's pod opened and disgorged the ship's captain who immediately fell to the transcarbon deck and disgorged the contents of his belly rather violently.
"Auf!" he spat, clearing his mouth of bile and vomit. "How in the name of Hells do they do it?"
He didnt quiet say it aloud, but rather muttered it as his arm muscles failed him and he barely managed to throw himself clear of the mess he'd made.

He lay for a moment watching the pool of vomit slide slowly back toward the open navipod. The jump had been such an easy one. The Rabbit had an empty cargo hold, his own bank account was several thousand gold credits richer and he wanted nothing more than to jump out of Ther Ando and take a nice week long vacation on a blue, laid back world. He'd set course for Rhydin and let the Rabbit have its lead. The ship dove into the slipstream and one subjective heartbeat later all hell broke loose.

"Event logs." he muttered again, pushing himself up into a sitting position. "Puter!" he barked and regretted it immediately as his stomach recoiled and threatened to find something else unwholesome to send rocketing up his gullet.
The ship's system manager, a dog-brain artificial logic unit, however had only a clinical idea of human weaknesses and the effects of slipstream on a non-esper were well documented so while it couldnt exactly feel sorry for its captain and commander it did experience something akin to happiness that his internal organs were still internal and he was able to speak a semi-coherent version of Stellar Basic. "Working," it responded helpfully.

"What the hell happened?" he asked.


The captain looked up and glared at the ship's bridge. "During that jump we just got shat out of...what...happened...."

"Working." There was a moment of silence during which time the captain managed to regain his feet and then, "Ship's event logs record sensor contact with an anomalous quantum stream of 4.87 Giegers 2.765 seconds after slipstream merger. Impact followed less than 5 nano-seconds later. Damage report is complete, would you like a full report or summary?"

The captain shook his head and waved at the bridge weakly "Please, a summary. And where the hell are we?"

"Working. Point of realization is as plotted, Zirconium Rabbit is 4.3 AUs stellar south of Rhydin. Damage summary: Ships internal systems are fully functional with no danger to life support or structural integrity. Main engine suffered moderate damage but is still capable of .56c. Slipstream drive and 40% of external sensor relays are offline."

The captain paused and chewed his lower lip. It wasnt pretty but he could still limp into atmo. "Can we handle hitting dirt, at non lethal velocity?"

"Working. Confirmed. Zirconium Rabbit has a better than 79% chance of successfully making planetfall."

"Any landing you can crawl away from...." he groused to himself.

"Set course for Rhydin, sit us down outside a decently sized city. I wont wanna risk anything else breaking during re-entry and us taking out some sort of Royal Palace. Best speed, mister...err...puter..."

"Working. Course plotted. Engines engaged."

His stomach failed him once again during re-entry and touch down and he'd staggered into the small spartan sickbay of the ship, rummaged through the storage bins until he found an anti-nausea patch and slapped it to his neck.

Once the waves of gut mutiny passed he steeled himself, changed into a more dignified attire and made his way back to the bridge.

"Any reaction to our arrival from the locals?"

"Working," the ship's system manager replied again. "Barring several avians which defecated on the ship's hull and an inquisitive monotreme, negative terrestrial contact."

"Lets find a crew then."


Welcome to the world of the Zirconium Rabbit.

The Rabbit is an interstellar tugboat, small yet powerful enough to tow heavy cargo units through slipstream to whatever destination they are bound.
The ship's captain is a male human with dark hair and bright, some have said touched by the crazies, green eyes. Known among other tug captains as "The Mad Hare", Rab Harris is of average human height and weight and his only real distinguishing characteristics are the obvious lines and colors of tattoos which occasionally poke free of his collar.

The rating for the storyline, should it matter to you and wish to participate is a rather whimsical, tongue firmly in cheek humorous R and covers bodily humor, non-human humor, possibly machine humor and anything from drinking and driving to seducing a Venusian Gendermorph.
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