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Marek Crowley

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I wasn't sure on where to put this and if it is fine here then let me know, if not move it to the correct folder.

A good friend of mine is needing help and I thought that I would help him out. I can't do the things that he wants because I do not have photoshop but perhaps someone here does? Also about the only thing that I could do with it was lower the saturation to make him look like a vampire which is the character that he is currently in the process of finishing.

He just needs a few minor things done to it. First make the parts of the armor(including the cloth parts) black but still visible. Afterwards with the picture make two alternates one with dark green eyes and another with blood red eyes as he will be using both for his profile, make a signature with the dark green one and make the border design for it gothic and dark red. I am not sure what kind of font that he wants just use whatever that you think would fit with the picture and use Red, Black and White for the font colors.

The characters name is Adrian Templeman

If anyone can do this for him that would be awesome. Thanks.
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