Powdered Trouble in a Bag [RDI]

Dracina Hemdagg

Dangerously Psychotic
Across Rhy'Din, a quaint ad flyer was posted just about everywhere:


"Get yours while supplies are still available. PASSION POWDER, the number one LOVE POTION on the market that's sure to BRING OUT the love you always wanted from that special someone.

"GUARANTEED to work all the time on anyone REGARDLESS of species. So don't waste time, order your bag of Passion Powder TODAY!"

((OOC details.

From: http://rdi.dragonsmark.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=203894 and http://greaterrealms.us/index.php?topic=786.0

It's not a love potion though, just a very strong aphrodisiac that overwhelms the libido. The only cure is obviously having sex. Meant to be humorous, so if it's not awkward and silly, you're using it wrong. :eek:mg: ))
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