Craven Delights

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“Nyan-Nyan Nyan Nyan!” The nonsensical phrasing is belted out in bass screeching tones as Fatmouth zips down the alley. Oaken baseball dragging on the pavement behind him, skimming the opening to enter the main street.
“Ni Hao Nyan!” Gripping the bat, the self proclaimed Goblin King swings for the fences, sending a trashcan flying into a nearby window. “Goujasu Derishasu Dekaruchaa!!”
“Nyan-Nyan Nyan Nyan!” He starts all over again, hopping over a parked vendor cart. All the while belting the words at the top of his raspy lungs.
“Ni Hao Nyan!” Fatmouth’s swinging bat paints a red rainbow across the pavement as two poor bastards are getting out of their car. “SOrry!” He calls back with a cheery wave. “Goujasu Derishasu Dekaruchaa!” The King just continues on his merrily psychotic way.
“Nyan-Nyan Nyan Nyan! Ni Hao Nyan! Goujasu Derishasu Dekaruchaa!” Fatmouth’s belting notes carrying on near endlessly into the night...accompanied by screams, shouts in anger, and giddy laughter.
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