So not the girl next door


I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way...
Name: Ravyn Du Winter

Race: Succubus, mostly
Sex: you're kidding, right? Female
Age: Looks 25
Height: 5'3", but nearly always in heels
Hair: deep, dark red/burgundy (for those familiar with Laurel K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series - the color called 'Unseelie Red")
Eyes: a mix of green, blue and grey, the color shifts with her mood. Very rarely, they will turn entirely black. Not something you want to see.
Occupation: Currently none, although she's done a little bit of everything
Marital Status: Complicated
A sensitive topic - her father is Asmodeus, King of the 9 Hells, and her mother is Lilith herself. As a result, she is unusual even among the succubi with whom she identifies..having inherited some of her father's gifts, as well as his curse. She is currently in a semi-self-imposed exile, unable and unwilling to do what her family requires of her to return home. Most of the time, it does not bother her, and she's taken the opportunity to travel widely and explore. It has, however, made her wary of other demon-kin - while they are currently at peace, her father has been known to try to "force" the issue of her return in the past. As for siblings and other family, she's sure they exist, but as most demons are not too particular about their ancestry, she has very little idea who they are.

Throughout her wanderings, she has amassed enough of a fortune to support several properties,as well as her indulgence in gourmet food, fine wine, and designer clothes. She tries to make a point of not flaunting her status, although she does have a strong tendency to lavish gifts on those she likes. She has a unerring sense for those who are trying to take advantage of her (or those she cares for) and has little tolerance for them.

Generally speaking, Ravyn is quick to make friends, and can usually be found wherever the excitement is. Partly as a result of her family life, she is reluctant to share her feelings, or even acknowledge that she has them, although she is very empathetic to the feelings of others. Only her closest confidantes will likely ever see her emotional, and even with them, she will hide her deeper emotions as much as possible.

Fun Facts:
-She loves animals, even though she currently doesn't have any of her own due to her schedule and frequent travel.
- She maintains residences in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Moscow and Venice, and recently purchased a penthouse condo in Rhydin. She also has a staff of both personal and business professionals who she relies on to keep her network up and running.
- She is absolutely passionate about music and dance. Her tastes are eclectic, ranging from classical to industrial, and she has studied ballroom, bellydance, burlesque and exotic dance. To keep herself busy, she has been know to take shifts at gentleman's clubs for kicks.
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