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Welcome to GreaterRealms guests and new members! We're so happy you are here. If you are confused as to where to start, here's a (hopefully) quick guide to get you up and running here at GR.

What to do first?
1. Accept our cookies! Unfortunately, they are not the delicious fresh baked kinds, but website cookies. Cookies are important on GR especially for logging in. If you are a chrome browser user, and do not get a cookie pop up to accept, clear your cache and try again please.

2. Create a character or pick your favorite! Think about what you would like to write as.

3. Who, or what, do you want to roleplay as? Since there is hardly any limit here, you've got a lot of choices. Feel free to pick the one character that stands out the best to you.

4. Now, what is your character called? Do you want your account to be the same name as your character? Example: "Janarra," or instead: "The barbarian." Up to you! Try to avoid using a lot of numbers in names if you can, such as "Joe1243," as you may be accidentally mistaken for a spam sign up.

What to do next?
It's time to create your account with us on GreaterRealms. In the upper left hand corner, you should see a key icon with the words: "Register." You'll want to click that register button. When you first register and log in make sure you accept cookies! If you do not, you may find issues with logging in and remaining logged in. Chrome users: if you are experiencing issues with remaining logged in, clear your cache in and try again.

Tip: If you are an AOL or Yahoo! email user, you may find that you do not receive your registration validation email. Contact an admin to get your account validated.

I'm registered! What now?
Why not post a short hello or introduction in our Intro forum? You don't have to of course, but it's always nice to see new members, what they like, who they play, or a little bit about them.

I'm registered, I posted an Intro/Didn't want to. What should I do now?
Well, you can do whatever you want of course. But as a suggestion and a means to help you get into roleplaying and roleplayers find you, think about filling out your character profile here at GR. There are custom fields you can choose to fill, such as what your character's appearance is, about your character, upload an avatar that represents your character. Having a little something in the profile field is a great idea to attract potential role play partners.

Where and how to I change my avatar, add a signature, write my character's profile, or make a public status update?
Once you have registered and activated your account, make sure that you are logged in to GR. When you are logged in, your user name should appear in the upper right hand corner between the "chat," link and the email icon. Click on your user name. This will open a menu of user options. Within those options are : a count of your messages, your reaction score, trophy points. Links to: your news feed, your content (threads and replies), your reactions received, your account details, your password and security, your connected accounts (Facebook or Google), your privacy settings, your preferences, who you are following, who you are ignoring, your signature and editor templates. Finally, a small text field at the very bottom can be typed in to update your public status here at GR.

Click on any of those links at any time to be taken to these settings and edit.

Account activation/confirmation emails
Didn't get your activation/confirmation email? Are you using an AOL or a yahoo! address? It may be deleted because our forum is not yet well known or trusted. Contact us to get your account activated if you do not receive and email.

Make sure you've read our Guidelines
Link: Forum Guidelines
Link: Chat room Guidelines

Get to know our setting by reading about Rhydin
Link: GR's Setting: Rhydin

Make sure you're familiar with free form role playing / role playing.
Link: What is Free Form Role Playing?

Do I have to pay to use GreaterRealms?
Nope! Absolutely not. GreaterRealms was free to use and role play in since day 1, and it will remain forever so, as long as its Administrator remains. Everything you see here was 100% funded by our community members generously donated. You never have to pay to play or donate to play if you don't want to.

Don't know what God mode/power gaming is? Take a gander at this helpful explanation.
Link: God mode / Godmodding / Meta gaming / Power playing : Why is it bad?

Multiple characters? OOC account/IC account?
GreaterRealms does not require you to create an account specifically for posting out of character. You may use your IC account to post both your in character writing and your out of character writing. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing so, you are also free to create a secondary account to post out of character content should you wish. There is no restriction on how you handle your postings here so long as the Registered name you choose for yourself is appropriate.

This version of Xenforo GreaterRealms is running does not allow you to have multiple accounts using the same email. GR deeply apologizes for this. We hope in the future a developer will consider creating a sub accounts mod, but for now, you will need to use a different email for every character.

If you use a gmail account, however, there is a small tip you may use to trick the forums into thinking you are using a different email. Simply add a period randomly in the gmail address.

For example: my admin contact address is [email protected]. If I wanted to create a second account, using the same gmail, I would register my second account with the email [email protected], a third with [email protected] and so on.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience, the admin has a limited amount of coding know-how and cannot create a sub accounts mod on her own. GR will have to wait for someone far more experienced.

Don't know how to start playing in free form without staff guidance?
Dive head first! Or, hang out, lurk, watch other people post in character or play in the chat. Feel free to chit chat with fellow players. Free form RP is all about free. Start your own journey, or keep an eye out on the events forum or for members role playing in the chat and join in! You can also:

Gather your friends, tell them about GR, get them to play with you here.
Gather your friends, tell them about GR, get them to play with you in the chat room.
Request a subforum and start writing stories or journal entries or thoughts from and about your character.
Find a public forum or a public RP thread and join in.
Create your own forum wide event in our events forum.
Create and submit a roleplaying tutorial to the Repository for others to read, or, create a xenforo, bbc code, how to post tutorial for The Repository as well.
Chit chat out of character, hang out our Lounge chat room and play games in the OOC forum.

Don't know how to get players to RP with you in chat?
Start playing in chat! Talk to fellow role players in the chat or advertise you are looking for writing partners in our Out of Character forum! Don't forget to compliment players you really enjoy reading, give a shout out to something funny or touching or something you really liked in someone's writing. Like a members post when you read it to let them know you dig it, and don't be shy to praise your partners.

Wish there were more people to RP with?
Help us gather more like minded players by advertising GreaterRealms. Use one of our free images in a forum signature on another message board, attach it to an email, post a link to GR as an away message in your favorite chat software. Share a link to GR on social media such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Slack, Trillian, Discord and more. Don't forget to tell your roleplay friends and partners about GreaterRealms!

What are thread prefixes and what do they do?
Thread prefixes are a means to display a little info about what kind of thread you are making, and, they help organize the forum. When you use a thread prefix, it displays a colorful icon and small description beside it. Prefixes can also be clicked, loading threads that use the same prefix. For example, clicking on a Prefix that is titled, "In character," can load all the threads using the "In character," prefix.

To use a prefix in a forum, create a post or a thread. To the left of where you would type your posts title, there is a drop down with available thread Prefixes you may choose to use with your thread. You do not have to use them, of course, these are just an added functionality to the web site.

What does OOC/IC/AFK and other RP phrases mean?
Link: Role Play Abbreviations, Phrases & Symbols

What can I do to help RP/help participate in GreaterRealms?
Link: How can I participate in or at GR? How can I help site activity?

How do I create in character plots or events that involve many people?
Link: Advice - Running Successful RP Events

What do I do when I encounter a chat room or forum bug/error?
If you encounter a bug or error, please take a screen shot if possible, remember as much info as possible (what were you doing, what browser you were using, what link you clicked etc) and post in our bugs forum.
Link: Bugs, Suggestions & Feedback

Are there any post length requirements in the forum or in the chat?
Generally, posts on the forums give leeway for longer responses. There is no limit (other than character space) or word minimums for forum role playing on GreaterRealms. What you feel is a necessary length for a reply is up to you. Some writers enjoy keeping it very short and simple, some love to write lots and lots of detail. Whatever you like and are comfortable with is encouraged!

Do I need to fill out an application?
Nope! You're welcome to create an account, think of a character concept (or play your favorite) and dive right in!

What do I do if I encounter a player I don't get along with/like?
Link: What to do with a player you don't get along with?

What do I do if I find myself being harassed?
Take screenshots if possible immediately. Keep all private messages and logs of chat and send it to an administrator a.s.a.p. It will be looked into and dealt with swiftly.
Link: Contact the Admin

Who are the staff members?
Pinkatron2000 (formerly known as GreaterRealms)

(We're 'hiring'! )

What do I do when I have a question that isn't answered here?
You may contact the Administrator anytime, day or night (although please be patient as I do sleep occasionally and work) using our Contact Us form found at the footer of any page in GR. Or directly via Private Messaging on Xenforo, in the chat room if logged in, or to their Discord name, or email.

Discord: pinkatron2000#0794
Email: [email protected]
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This guide is a work in progress and will be edited. The contents of this guide may change or grow to adapt to GR's community.
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