That One Bar [Chat]

The Redneck

Lay out

That One Bar really is a generic bar, there's nothing to set it apart from a thousand others. Your basic square of a building, large enough to hold more than a handful, but definitely not something you'd want to cram more than thirty people into on a given night. The bar itself sits to the north in a lazy half circle with plenty of room behind it for two or three tenders at a time, plus the 'kitchens'. There's no appliances for cooking back there, no one wanted to deal with the clean up, or learning how to cook. Just more than a couple dishwashers and heavy sinks, along side stock to be rotated in as needed.

More than a little run down, more than a little ragged at the edges, technically you could call the place a dive and that was fine. There were regulars who kept to themselves nursing their beers either at the bar itself or in the booths along two of the walls, or at the scattered tables and chairs across the dance floor. There was a jukebox set firmly between the doors to the restrooms that looked like it'd been there since Christ was a corporal, and played Big Band music right along with metal, rock-a-billy, country, and classic rock. There are pool tables off to one side that run a dollar a game. Dart boards run the same.

There was a porch of course, a good bar had to have a porch really. Deep and wide it ran across three out of four sides of the building, going barefoot was not recommended by the by. Serving window off to the right of a short flight of steps to make everything easier on customers and staff, though there really was no telling who'd be the tender taking your order there at any given time. A parking lot in front, though most people walked since they had every intention of getting drunk and didn't bother to hide that fact in the least.

Several lines of alleyways connected up to dump a person out just a few doors down, if not right there on the lawn looking at the end of the porch.

In all honesty, the place was put together following a template that more than a dozen other bars shared. Two storied though there were no rooms to let at all. The second floor served as living quarters for Afra and Harlin, and an extra stock room.

Tender, Afra.
A retired prize fighter, who'd taken a few dozen too many shots to the head. He's suffered too many concussions, had his ear cauliflowered one too many times, and lost entirely too many fights. At six foot and a lot of change, weighing in at around two seventy-five, he didn't, and wouldn't, take anyone's crap. The features of his face had been rearranged, with a heavy hand, more than once, and not even he was sure that was his real face any more. But the man could mix a drink and kept orders shouted to him on a busy night straight in his head. And really, most people had the brains to not start something with someone who was built like a big slab of brick wall.

Assistant tenders, Jacob and Harlin.
Jacob was small and on the puny side but since he had a love affair with sharp shiny things and they way they slid between someone's ribs, some people tended to overlook his lack of girth. Black haired, brown eyed, Jacob wasn't going to win any beauty contests, nor was he going to try. He had his woman, he had his house and they had their kids, that really was all he wanted out of life. That, and to go more than a couple of months without having his damn Dodge break down again.

Harlin was average all the way across the board; height, weight, physical appearances. But, there was something hiding behind those mud brown eyes that usually gave a person pause. Something, well ugly for lack of a better word. He rarely talked to anyone more than he had to to get their order, take their money, and do his job. But once you got him going, I mean really going, it was damn near impossible to get him to shut up again. An educated man with a taste for the finer things in life, when he could afford them. When his cash flow was running low, he was more than willing to start putting by again, more than willing to do without until he didn't have to any more. This system worked for him quite well.
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