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The FUNDERDOME (always capitalized) is a new, unrecognized (officially speaking) dueling venue and recreation center housed in the heart of... Well, nobody's quite sure! The main building is, of course, located in the city proper and those with the ability to see through magics with any degree of effort can determine which of the locations happen to be the actual FUNDERDOME, but a number of warehouse-sized buildings have been purchased and built up with Gate doors leading to the actual location! The 'shell' buildings serve as storage facilities holding the extra equipment for The FUNDERDOME.

The building itself is built after the fashion of the other dueling venues of Rhy'din with natural wood, sturdy construction, plenty of rafters for the shadow-friendly and a second level balcony. The interior dimensions are akin to a massive rectangle. A staircase from the entrance (along one of the short sides) leads down along terraces that line the walls, with tables upon them, to 'the pit'.

In the pit, coffee tables, couches, wing-backs, beanbags and the huge stretch of the bar run through the floor, as well as eight dueling rings which are in near-constant configuration shifts to accommodate for the huge variety in types of duels available. The pit is also where the spiral staircases leading to the balcony level and catwalks are situated; six of them in total.

Some say that for the children at heart, there's even a ball pit ring. Others say that's stupid, and that there's obviously a ball pit ring, right there for that matter, and it's for Dueling pros to leave their children in while they get their fight on! Caretakers (all living, of course) watch the kids and make sure they have fun while parents practice! (DUELY DAYCARE HOURS 8am-3pm M-F NO EXCEPTIONS*)

Underneath the Terraces directly across from the offices are the owner and administrative/caller staff offices. Beneath the terraces to the right of the entrance are the locker rooms, showers, and restrooms (most of which are co-ed, but there are individual dressing rooms and door-stalls of every type to suit every level of prim or proper a patron may require!). Under the terraces to the left of the entrance lie the kitchen and labor staff rooms.

*No exceptions made due to the nature of the duels that may and will take place after Duely Daycare hours. To alleviate the worries of parents of the sanctity of their children, an expert team of cleaning magi are in The FUNDERDOME'S employ. No worries!

The Owner
The owner of The FUNDERDOME is a rather unassuming fellow, an Elf just over five feet in height and with an uncanny talent for the development and maintenance of dueling rings who goes by the name of Mart Di'luna.

The twentieth Keeper of Earth in the Duel of Magic and the very soul behind the development of the Keeper and Archmage rings, Mart has decided to break out of his self-imposed retirement and life of only working on maintaining the Keeper rings, and to branch out and try something new. Ensorcelled by the different rings available in the Duel of Fists, Mart opened up The FUNDERDOME as a place in which duelists could get in practice for their official duels while simultaneously being able to train in different types of environments in any way they wish! Though he himself gets a little red in the ears from the antics of his patrons, he accepts that in the end, through all the extremes, it's all in good FUN.

Rumors has it the funding for The FUNDERDOME'S construction and initial payroll came almost exclusively through talks with one Khoom Helston, avid duelist, exhibitionist, High Priest of Chryrie, ring-carrying Helston and local Blue Mage.

The Help
Sheridan Driscol, or as you duelists may know him THE FABULOUS DRIS has signed on with his longtime friend to manage The FUNDERDOME and, should the whim strike him, lend his voice to call duels!

Thorn, Rhy'din's own rockin' redneck beauty, has signed on with Mart to work The FUNDERDOME'S bar on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

Of course Khoom Helston, hitherto mysterious benefactor in the conception and construction of The FUNDERDOME has signed on with Mart to call duels Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings! Come and get it, ladies and gents!

Darcy Huntington-Shimmerscale, or as most know her, Awesome Darcy has been brought on by Mart to serve as an Event Coordinator and occasional 'tender for The FUNDERDOME at her every convenience! If Darcy's in, you can bet SOMEONE'S shins-deep in jello!

For now, the general maintenance and janitorial help consists of a number of techmaturgical, gem-powered bots and a few rather personable Elves, though the bots run the bar when a 'tender isn't present.

Whispers hear tell of Mart in talks with a number of his old dueling acquaintances to secure management, callers and 'tenders for the venue.

Who Can Use This Setting?
Anyone! In forums, in chat (if Mel makes this room for our dueling FUN!) or in your private sessions in IMs or whatever!

Can I Destroy Everything?
Technically, no! But you can sure try! The FUNDERDOME has so many layers of enchantment in it that any destruction rights itself within six hours, up to and including a thermonuclear detonation! BECAUSE FUN!

Can My Character Do Dirty Stuff or Violent Stuff?

*Outside of Duely Daycare hours, obviously. Unless Dris convinces Mart nobody's gonna bring their kids in and to just nix the offer.

Can My Character Work at The FUNDERDOME?
If you want to learn to call, or volunteer to tend at the bar, H TO THE F YEAH THEY CAN!

Can I Use This Setting Outside of RDI/GR/Whatever?
No please! It's my baby and it's set in Rhy'din! Otherwise, enjoy!


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"Can My Character Do Dirty Stuff or Violent Stuff?ALL IS PERMITTED IN THE FUNDERDOME FOREVER. SEX AND VIOLENCE ARE ACCEPTABLE* PRACTICES.*Outside of Duely Daycare hours, obviously. Unless Dris convinces Mart nobody's gonna bring their kids in and to just nix the offer."

Just to clarify; sexual acts can be hinted to, alluded to, cheered on or even openly performed, within reason. We've all got imaginations, so spelling out every little graphic detail isn't quite necessary. Feel free to use your words, just not all of them.


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((I've added (FINALLY! SORRY!) Looking_for_Duel, In_Pit, Ballpit, Calling_Duels, Balcony, Catwalk, and I think Showers, Terrace and Locker_Room may have worked/been added as well. Let me know if anything is typoed!
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