The Grateful Tree


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Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
they are the charming gardeners
who make our souls blossom.

--Marcel Proust

The ever-shifting change of shop owners made their marks in the downtown markets. A few buildings always seemed abandoned.

One such building standing tall and proud despite it's boarded windows used to be a tea shoppe of some sort. The white paint was in need of repair, the windows were boarded. But something new had been lovingly hand-painted along its east wall--a wall bereft of windows or decoration. A giant blank canvass of a wall was no longer blank.

Sprawling from the very ground where wisps of weeds and dirt, inching with bare, decorative curling limbs to nearly the very edger of the eaves grew a tree. In spite of it being such a well-thought of work of art, a passer-by could not help but feel their eyes itch a little. Perhaps because it seemed as if something vital was missing--that the tree needed to be more complete some how. Perhaps that urge would make someone stop and spy to the right of the tree's trunk, attached to the wall, a very large, see-through box stuffed absolutely full of autumn shaded leaves. Red, orange, yellow, brown and every shade of the season in between. Beside the box was a much smaller one filled with pens attached to the leaf-box with a string.

A simple note on the box read: What are you grateful for this year, RhyDin? Who would you thank? Take a leaf and help the Grateful Tree grow.

Hello! This is a wide-open thread where any member of GreaterRealms may reply. If your character would like to write something down on a leaf, please feel free to do so in this post! Any character who decides they wish to participate in this thread will be gifted a special Thanksgiving leaf icon to show off in their signature here at GreaterRealms. I can't wait to see what gets written on the Thankful Tree! Happy Thanksgiving, GreaterRealms! You guys are the best!

The Redneck

The redneck's tendency to wander wherever the mood, and her feet might take her paid off, in good ways, the vast majority of the time.

Today, with a small smile curling lips made for as many smiles as they could ever hold, she stood considering the leaves of the tree. When impulse shoved her into action, nudged her into with a great deal more care than many would give her credit for, writing a brief note regarding the source of her current thankfulness, she went with. Didn't consider arguing or resisting. Thorn was a woman who followed her impulses.

"This year, oh Grateful Tree, I am thankful for everyone who has chosen to remain in my life, and the lessons I've learned from those who chose not to stay. I am thankful, for every blessed moment I get to live in this world, and every blessed event I get to experience. And most of all, I'm thankful that I have someone who appreciates what my heart has to give them."


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There she was at the tree, still kind of recovering from her 'troubles', but she was too stubborn to rest for too long.

There was so much she was thankful for so where to start?

Biting her lip she started to write...

I am thankful for:

My brother who has been the best big brother a person could ask for.

For my boyfriend who makes my heart flutter with just a smile.

For all my friends who, despite my oddities, are still my friends and accept me for who I am.

For being alive to meet so many people that have influenced my life and made my life into something I never imaged it would become.
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