The Love Booth [Eros Day Open to All Event]


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In the bustling market despite the cold, the many varied denizens of RhyDin went about their business shopping in the snow, sun, murk, fireballs, rain, sleet, or pouring cats. As unpredictable as the weather could be, the realm's citizens were as unpredictable in their resilience and trade. Terror and beauty were never far from one another in RhyDin. In some places, some of the stores and the cobblestone still bore the marks of sorrows past. Scorch marked timbres, blackened and twisted stone. In one quiet place through the busy bustle-rush of goods, traders and hawkers selling their wares was a strange little booth.

The booth was a simple affair of wood, festooned with the cheerful and gaudy hearts in red and white. Where there should have been a man, woman or being of some sort to see to the order of things behind it, there was no one. The letters along the top and bottom, painted carefully in RhyDin common read: The Love Booth, give or take some love today. A jar on the right was titled 'Give Love.' A jar on the far left was titled 'Take Love.' The booth itself was stocked full of countless types of card papers: thick and thin, girlish and neutral, red and pink and every shade in between. Sheafs of it weighed down by a heart-shaped rock were there for the taking. Glitter and glue, ribbons and lace, stickers of arrows, hearts, kisses, markers, pencils, paints, pens, envelopes, stamps and quills stood at the ready, patiently waiting.

On the table of the booth itself tacked with what looked like a replica of perhaps cupid's arrow, read a note: The love you take is equal to the love you make. Welcome to RhyDin's Love Booth. If you have loved, are loved, are in love, or knew love, you may create an Eros day card for your loved one. But in memory of that love, please consider making an Eros day card for a stranger who may have lost love, not-yet-known love, or who finds themselves lonely today in the Give Love Jar. If you are a lone and without love this month of romance, seek a little warmth from the 'Take Love' jar. If it makes you smile, make another Eros day card for someone else to enjoy. Thank you.

((100% open for play, love, hate, or disregard <3 Please feel free to write in a reply to this post that your character creates an Eros Day card (Also known on Earth as Valentines Day Card) for their loved ones, and/or leaves one for a character who might need some extra hugs this month. Have your character's react/reply/write about this on any role playing site anyway you see fit. :)
Participation icon will be handed to any players that want to play:


~*Eternity is such a long time, no?*~
Amidst the clamor and frivolity of the marketplace that had resonated with him as a comforting distraction, the hooded guise of Eternity's Avatar would be seen wandering along but one of many winding pathways etched in stone beneath him. One such via would lead him to this delicate presentation in particular, his mostly obscured visage taking in the humble spectacle with a mixture of amusement and disdain. This love booth that prompted him to either 'give' or 'take' affection seemed like quite the crock to him impressively keen one-eyed gaze. Then, just as he was primed to depart from this paltry excuse for a display, something struck him in a manner that most beings that sealed away their emotions wouldn't be able to recognize. His image, blessed be, would briefly flash and bolt for the surface of his conscious mind, rendering him all but inert for a time. A trio of white-hot streaks soon fell from the intricately woven designs boasted by his remaining right eye. Tears from a hence focused hue borne intense worry and distress within his soul.

As one would no doubt have surmised by now, he veered back to the small token of offering with quite the difference in mindset. A mournful... and yet hopeful orb settled upon one of the cards offered. Carefully, the Dread Scion would reach up into his thick sleeve to disengage something inside with an audible hiss and click. Free from the stranglehold imposed on them by his obsidian gauntlet, the fragmented man's bare hand soon slipped out and gingerly grasped said card, bringing it up to its master's hidden face. ". . . Were you only here with me... I would not still be so... stubborn," the reminiscent, still-human wraith would utter in a remarkably hushed tone so as to not draw more undue attention to himself than his appearance would already. He laid the folded card stock flat upon the table before him and set about engraving his sentiments into the hastily crafted trinket. A duplicate would follow in its place, created by the zealous magus in due time. Both would be placed into the appropriate jar prior to his summary leave, his form melding into the crowd without difficulty. That a veritable phantasm twisted into his like could experience love was shady at best. One had to wonder just what kind of 'love' he intended to give those who received those two cards...

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Eros stumbled upon the quaint little booth, rolling his eyes at the absurdity of it. Silly mortals and their silly customs. Didn't they know all they had to do was venerate themselves to him, and he'd grant them all their wishes? In spite of that fact, he gave the "Give Love" box a tap, instantly filling it to the brim with numerous paper Valentines spouting such silly phrases as "Won't Ewe by my Valentine?" There were enough cards in the box for a hundred poor lonely mortals looking for a little love on his special day. It was the least he could do. He was the God of Love, after all.

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