The Tiefling's Den [Chat]

The Redneck

The Tiefling's Den is actually two buildings connected by a canopied breezeway the patrons have begun calling a porch. Behind the complex, in the middle of a large grassy area is a pool that is always kept sparkling clean, and is always the perfect temperature (even in the middle of the winter).

The Den caters to persons with more ... exotic tastes in refreshment. A seedy establishment where information can be exchanged over a meal that may or may not have been someone's favored pet (in pretty much any connotation of the term) an hour or two before. Slicked over with the sort of gloss and shine that had tourists, and more than a few locals wondering whether or not the rumors were truth or fiction.

Anything, everything quite nearly, available in the Multiverse for the right price, can be acquired through contacts made over a truly excellent steak, or a glass of superb wine.

The Porch

Nestled between the blacktop of the parking lot, the pool behind and both east and west bars stood the porch. A few tables scattered around. Two wooden swinging benches, two stationary ones and a couch made from leather, the pattern was odd so please don't ask what it was from you might not like it. A bit sheltered as there was a translucent canopy stretching from end to end. Service windows from both Bars at the northern end.

The walls of the front of both bars having a black rod iron lining the stone. A spiraling and chaotic pattern on either side. The stone of the ground would hold the same pattern as well etched into its surface though great care had been taken to fill in the etching with white marble and solidified so there there were no gouges or tripping hazards.

West Bar

The west bar's interior looks like natural formed stone and feel like it aswell. Low set tables and wide cushioned chairs adorning each. Boothes set along the walls only broken by two hearths. A swinging door to the far end just behind a wood grained bar on the north side of the room. Behind the bar menus stood aplenty and ranging from the most plain to exotic tastes. Not too much on the drink though it looked like all that was served here was food and lighter drinks. Small glowing stones held in reflective holders along the ceiling making the place a rather warm and hospitable setting. To the west end of the bar stood another door marked bathrooms. Though you might think that is the place to relieve yourself it is not. Inside the room you would find a communal tub tiled in light blue for those that are tired to soak in and relax.


Joran - Half elf Male, Tender. 5'5" 130 pounds Red hair green eyes tanned, around thirty years old.
Daritariax - Cambion Male, Chef. 6'1" 290 White hair black eyes pock marked black skin, around sixty years old.
Zovarath - Steam mephit, Cooking Assistant. 4'1" tall 80 pounds. Grey eyes, dark blue skin.
Vax - Fire mephit, Cooking Assistant. 4'3" tall 100 pounds. Black eyes brick red skin.
Sarah - Human Female, Waitress. 5'9" 140 pounds around twenty-seven years old. Blond hair and blue eyes.
Brandon - Centaur Male, Waiter/Bouncer. 6'8" tall around thirty-five years old. Black roan, black hair and green eyes.
Jenny - Human Female, Waitress. 5'3" tall 97 pounds around twenty-seven years old. Red hair and green eyes.
Verin - Human Female, Waitress. 5'6" tall 190 pounds around forty-two years old. Brown hair and hazel eyes.

East Bar

Through the east doors is what everyone seems to want. A large room with tables and chairs everywhere spread almost haphazardly. A center hearth in the middle of the room and two others at the north wall and one on the south. A bar against the east wall running the length of the tavern. Behind that bar it stood stocked with shelves of beer and liquor containers showing off what the place had. Hanging tapestries adorning the walls of battles and hunts, not to mention a few that looked like a knight in courtly love with the one he wasn't supposed to be in love with. Wide double doors on the northern wall next to the hearth marked lavatory. The lighting in the place was dim though not hard to see in as there were those glow stones around the ceiling though no reflective surfaces and not as many as the west bar.


Zuu - Gnome Female, Tenderess. 4'3" tall, 83 pounds around sixty years old. Brown hair, and brown eyes.
Rochelle - Half-Giant Half-Human Female, Bouncer. 7'6" tall 250 pounds around twenty-nine years old. Blond hair, and blue eyes.
Gemeni - Half-Elf Male, Server 5'9" tall 160 pounds around twenty-three years old. Multi-colored hair (green, blue, white, and red), with silver eyes.
Arran - Elf Female, Server. 5' tall 80 pounds around one hundred and forty years old. Silver hair, and green eyes.
Goran - Hill Dwarf Male, Server. 4'6" 170 pounds around fifty years old. Brown hair, and brow eyes.
Felicia - Half Drow Female, Server. 4'8" tall 95 pounds around seventy years old. White hair, and red eyes.
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