The TOMB! [GR Halloween Event Setting Desrip. Food, drink & Games]


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The tomb of the dead kings can only be reached through the Tunnel of HORROR! Party goers and guests, spooks and ghost must survive the tunnel before finding themselves at a rickety wooden elevator that enjoys creaking, groaning, wheezing, rattling, shaking and sometimes even swinging as it lowers guests. The short ride downward is mostly in the dark.

As the lift touches stone once again, guests find themselves in a circular stone chamber with only one enormously carved opening into the tomb The entrance is guarded by two very yellowed, old skeletons who have forgone their usual trappings to don crooked but dapper bow-ties. The vision might be amusing if the two of them didn't snap their teeth hungrily, giggle and whisper to themselves.

Steps inward reveal what once must have been a magnificent royal-family tomb. Lit shoddily with a collection of teetering torches and barely-held together bronze torchière filled with black candles, guests find themselves at the whim of the light. Perhaps an errant spirit or two enjoys toying with guests, as the flames randomly flicker out to plunge unsuspecting guests in the dark. The years, however, have not been kind to the structures within. The stone ossuaries that litter the floor echo of what may have once been neatly carved rows but some of them have crumbled, leaving bones scattering the floor. They can be heard occasionally crunching under feet.

Some of the stone ossuaries still had decayed remains upon them, undisturbed. Their gold, gems, crowns and most of the silks already plundered, clothing and flesh lost to dust. Even their names were worn away. In the middle of these skeletal remains, the ossuaries that were no longer the final resting place of any bodies--food, games and drinks were laid out; forcing guests to have to mingle with the dead to get a bite.

When spine-freezing sound effects and music by means magical is not being bounced around the cavern, it is the guests own voices most of the time being bounced back to them. But the cavern tends to do very odd things with speech, returning it in sibilant hisses or high-pitched snippets. The cavern's ceiling, too far up to be seen by eyes or light must be rounded. At least, that is what one may tell themselves to comfort.

Shot in the Dark
Every time you hear someone scream (alive or dead), you must chug your drink in hand. The winner of this game gets to play Try-And-Remain-Upright later. Or possibly a new liver.

Mystery Box
On a table ringed with tall bronze torchieres is a large, shining black box. A square hole has been cut on one size that perfectly accommodates any size hand. A small plaque above the box reads: Mystery box. Place your hand inside and guess what you touch for a trick or treat. A Skeleton in a bow-tie stands nearby to provide the trick-or-treat to anyone willing to play and win. What is inside the box is always changing.

Fortune Teller
Madame Milly sits at one of the raised stone grave markers, dimly lit. Her eyes are black as night, her spine twisted and hunched. Her skin wizened, wrinkled, with a set of frowning jowls and hairy warts. Beside her at her hand rests a pack of tarot and the other, a crystal ball. She will tell you your fortune...for a price. [NPC - Interract or take over Milly as you see fit, unless someone volunteers to take her place/NPC her for us.]

Rolls of off-white linen crowd one stone table. Here, a skeleton stands herky-jerky with bow-tie behind it and a sign: "How fast can you wrap?" The game is best suited for four: two to wrap and two volunteers to be wrapped. The Skeleton awards whomever can wrap their volunteer up the fastest with either a trick or a treat. It's rumored this game is much more entertaining three-sheets to the wind.

Pumpkin Toss Pumpkins ranging in surprisingly huge, middling and very tiny have been lined along one area of the cavern; holes carved near the top and sides in each. The insides of the pumpkins glow eerily. Beside the pumpkins is a waiting zombie who seems utterly uninterested in flesh. All he wants to do is hand out the plush bean-bags shaped like torn and bloody limbs for party-goers to toss into the pumpkins. The name of the game is to try and toss a felt-torn limb into the pumpkin. Prizes for those who can actually toss the limbs into the tiniest of pumpkins include a life-sized stuffed replica of the zombie handing out bean-bags. Your very own undead unicorn with the bodies of mimes dangling from its horn, or a delicate miniature pumpkin carved from Imperial Topaz.

Full Tilt
Glass bottles filled with candy corn are lined up neatly along the floor, cushioned on a dusty, moth-eaten rug. Beside the bottles are two ghouls. One ghoul holds a strange looking orange and black stripped hat. The striped hat fits upon the head, but a tiny gourd at the very end of it hands nearly down to the hips of most average sized people. The object of this game is to don the hat, and without using any other part of the body but your head--to knock down as many of the bottles in less than a minute.

On what appears to have once been some sort of stone altar dedicated to long-gone ancestors, a magnificently malevolent spread of food and drink waits. Party-goers may self-serve themselves with bone china plates and ghastly chalices. The table itself is decorated with edibles to look like spiders, roaches, chocolate rats, marshmallow miniature skeletons. All of them are disturbingly life-like. There is the usual standard drinking fare as well; RhyDin and Earth native ales, wines, bottles of water. But all of the food is creepily themed.

Chocolate and Caramel Fingers - Home made pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate or caramel with almond sliver fingernails.

Witchcakes German chocolate cupcakes topped with mint icing. White chocolate and dark chocolate create the witches 'legs', making everything but the cupcake liner edible.

Skeleton cookies - Bittersweet chocolate cookies with vanilla bean icing.

Poison Apple Bites - Red Velvet cake pops dipped in vanilla icing that seems more like a grinning skull than anything. A touch of chocolate at the top makes the 'apples' stem.

Haunted Berries - RhyDin's home grown, organic, and juiciest strawberries dipped in white chocolate.

Hand loaf - Your mother's meatloaf didn't look anything like this. Ground sirloin beef mixed with herbs and vegetables, shaped into a hand. Onion slivers make the fingernails and onion created the 'wrist bone.' Wrapped in a thin layer of sharp cheddar cheese 'skin,' and settled into a bed of whipped garlic potatoes.

Blackout - Black Vodka with splashes of blackberry liquor and a touch of tangerine juice.

Swamp Juice - Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut cava decorated with a peeled lychee fruit that reminds one of a speared eyeball. A piece of dry ice is added to the drink, making it look truly like a glass of foggy swamp water.

Black Widow - Creme de Cassis, Vodka, triple sec, fresh lemon and pomegranate juice. Glasses decorated by slivers of thin black licorice that appear as if a drowning spider wishes to crawl from the bottom of the cup.

Ghost Blood - Simply vanilla syrup, a spritz of soda, a touch of heavy cream and a generous splash of vodka. Cherry syrup colored blood-red decorates the rim of the glass.

Zombie Maker - Pineapple, orange, lime juice mixed with dark rum, light rum, apricot brandy and topped with Bacardi 151 rum. ...Good luck.

No Alcohol:
Candy Corn Cups Orange soda, lemon gelatin, and whipping cream decorated with candy corn. This sugar-coma inducing drink is guaranteed to please the sweet tooth.

Witches Brew Lime sherbet, lime concentrate mixed with lemon lime soda.

Vampire floats - Hawaiian punch and vanilla ice cream in mason jars. A black straw dangling a set of false vampire fangs are free.

OOC Tips
You are allowed to NPC any Halloween spook/ghost/ghoul/skeleton that adds to the atmosphere.
You are allowed to interact with the setting, PC's and NPC's anyway you see fit short of destroying it. That's it. Those are the only rules.
Well, other than I want you to have as much fun as possible rule.

Mood & Writing help:
What guests might faintly hear in the TOMB! when music isn't playing
Music 1 [Youtube playlist and sfx for those who do not have/do not want to download Spotify]
Music 2 [Link that opens the GR Spotify Halloween Playlist. You will need to have or install Spotify to listen to it.]

Any and all who participate will be given a small token of GR's appreciation in the form of a token that appears beneath your signature here at GR.


The Redneck

Though she'd be unable to attend, the redneck lent her hand to the more savory side of the food spectrum. A table, or three, laid out buffet style to compliment the sweets offered. Someone was always on hand to make sure the platters never dropped below half full, and the displays never went bare.

Sticky Sausage and Bacon bites. Served with a fresh tomato salsa, these skinless sausage links, wrapped in bacon and coated with honey and mustard are a wonderful combination of sweet and spicy and savory and salty.

Juicy ribs, slow cooked over a plum and apple wood fire, dry rubbed with spices and dry aged for an intense beef flavor. Tender enough to fall off the bone, and for those with the appetite for it, there's a layer of spicy heat injected right into the marrow.

An elaborately styled meat and cheese tray. The centerpiece is layered in more meat and cheeses. Perfect for a quick snack of a sandwich.

Shrimp cocktail with a bit of a twist. Enjoy dissecting the patient's brain one layer, one fold at a time, and try the sauce.

Brain dip on buttery, crispy crackers. Cream cheese, scallion, mushroom and bay shrimp combined with a hint of Sriracha fora spicy kick, and moulded to fit the occasion. Served chilled with a hit of spiced sauce across the top.

Except, actual bat wings. Coated with the flavors of Earth's Asia, and possessing a sweet heat that creeps up on a person until it has them by the back of the throat, these juicy little morsels are perfect for a quick snack.
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