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The Wailing Teacup
The place is nowhere close to “fancy” and yet it’s certainly clean… To a degree. The walls are covered in band posters and jerseys of Earth's European football players, more often than not signed and tacked up with nails over some older, or less important band or flag or picture. Were one to find one of the further walls, less covered in posters and jerseys, they’d see nice, relaxed green colored boards closing in the establishment.

Hardwood floors worn to perfection cover the floor, remnants of a better time when someone that cared about it had cleaned them as hardwood floors were meant to be cleaned. The best they got now was a good nightly mopping.

The first thing one would notice upon entering would be the bar, immediately to the left and taking up the entirety of the South wall. It’s a polished and well-aged cherrywood, that’s likely only kept clean by Queeny’s love and zealous care. Wrapping around it are cushy stools that aren’t bolted to the ground, and of varying heights. Mostly to please any customer, but also for people who want to sit higher than their friends. The back bar, instead of holding various liquors, holds a truly incredible display of teas in large, sealed-shut mason jars. There were liquors, of course, but they were kept below the bar. An image thing, really. Taps and kegs and barrels (for both traditional hot and iced varieties) sitting on the backside held unique, more popular blends, and there was a large sink and tarnished, scratched up freezer box for icing teas to sell to patrons on the run. In the Southeast corner of the room lies a door, that goes back into the owner and tenders’ offices.

To the left, taking up the much larger space of the main, front room, is the commons. A jukebox sits in immediate view, playing any number of records from most of the artists on the posters somewhere or other across the wall. From there, one can follow the “hallway” presented by the shorter end of the Teacup’s renowned gigantic sectional couch and the East wall to open out into an alcove with couches, loveseats, and a smattering of oddly shaped tables. Another hallmark of the Teacup are its tables, which were collected and donated by anyone that had a new shape or design of a rather uniform height, and didn’t mind their precious furniture being sanded down and whitewashed to allow any and everyone to leave their marks, in ink, paint, carvings, or the occasional smear of blood from a scuffle or two. Within the wall of the sectional lies the proper commons area, where five massive circular tables are set up with plush, round chairs surrounding them all. It’s a pleasant setting, really, as long as you don’t mind punk – and various other types of -- rock playing seven out of ten songs.

Directly across from the main entrance is the door leading into the back hallway. The hallway is famous for being the site of three things in its history; a murder, a birth, and a successful open-heart surgery. Nobody knows which is which, but three deep stains in the floorboards are testament to their stories. At the far West end of the hallway is the door to the alleyway out back. There are twelve locks (five of them magical) and a barbell across it during the hours the pub is closed.
The one door along the right-hand/leg/foreleg/tentacle side of the hall wall leads to the owner and tenders’ office, which is decorated with a desk, a few file cabinets, an armoire holding aprons and a few changes of clothes for any of the full-timers as well as a pair of couches and a very plush executive’s chair.

Around the bend of the hallway lie two doors more to the left and towards the end, the furthest leading into the men’s washroom and the closer leading to the ladies’ washroom. They hold various standard-bathroom items and accoutrements, and are kept cleaner than the whole rest of the pub, for the most part.

Overall, the Teacup is an establishment set up and run for the enjoyment and general comfort of its patrons, and if you don’t like that, you’re probably not one of them.

The Owner
Percival Skivington III, or Perce as he’s more commonly known, is a man of many words, and he speaks them all in a delightfully unintelligible British cockney accent. He owns and manages the first tea-centered pub in Rhy'din, The Wailing Teacup. He stands at a height of six and a half feet, and is built something like a telephone pole. Always wearing tattered and shredded punk clothing, his mohawked head -- in a different color every week -- turns towards those entering his life and love with a hawkish glare and a jolly greeting all at once. He's a very friendly sort, though he tends to end more fights in his pub than any patron ever has. Seen most often driving around the Lanes or off into the West End proper -- maybe sometimes even into the greater portions of Rhy'din for some new blend or other that he has to set up trade for, is his 1968 Dodge Charger. He rebuilt the beast, Delilah, from a frame and rusted-out old engine he found in the scrap yards some years back, with a little help from a True Blood and a bit of juice from a spellbox. Since his move into Rhy'din's Shadey Lanes, and the founding of his pub, Delilah's become a sort of mascot for his business.

The Help
The Teacup has a trio of full-time employees that run the place in Perce’s absence, the first and most notable of which is the beautiful, buxom, and disarmingly sweet Queen of Cups. Her name’s actually Queeny, one of the more amusing coincidences in the Teacup, and she’s a bright, talkative and beautiful ocean-haired girl with the slightest of points to her ears. She dresses in things that have her looking like she belongs on the front of a box of hot chocolate, rather than behind the bar of a pub… Even if that pub only serves tea and tea-related inebriations.

The only other pair that ever seems to belong behind the bar are Rhyme and Reason, the paternal twin Halfies. One Drow, the other Elfin. Their Human father had one hell of a sense of humor, because on either side of the racial fence they seem to catch flack for being too true or too much of a joke to bear those names just about every day. Luckily, though, with their double-jobs as dishwashers and doormen, they get plenty of opportunities to show a disrespectful bigot or two the door. They don’t speak much, but if they ever do, you’ll want to listen. Their homegrown wisdom is legend around the Teacup.

Below is an link to the Teacup's actual layout.

Who Can Use This Setting?
Anyone! In forums, in chat (if the submissions come back some day!) or in your private sessions in IMs or whatever!

Can I Destroy Everything?
No, sorry! A fistfight or mild altercation is fine and even expected, but anything too wild and crazy (jeopardizing the property or the tenders) will have the staff tossing your character out on their backside!

Can I Use This Setting Outside of RDI/GR/Whatever?
No please! It's my baby and it's set in Rhy'din! Otherwise, enjoy!
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