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When I took over GreaterRealms from its original owner, I made the promise to every player that has registered, whether active or not—that GR would remain so long as I remain on this earth.

Today, I must, with my whole heart and mind apologize to every one of you as I must break that promise. It is very clear to all of you that the board has been shut down, and not for any other reason other than I have moved on with many things. One of those things is administrative duties to communities. The other is that what was once a hobby in which I admittedly poured much love into—I no longer have the time or energy to do more than once or twice a year.

To be candid, my issues with mental and physical health, coupled with a full-time writing job, the nature of the world today, and the ongoing issues that affect us all, I find myself unable to return to any of my RP hobbies full time nor frequent.

I am getting old, my friends, and people change. I feel that I have changed so much that I can now look at what I promised with more mature eyes as well as the reality of an inactive website means. Since this is no longer being paid for, I am unable to keep it upgraded. Forums that cannot be upgraded are vulnerable, and eventually, that vulnerability spreads into all aspects, or could, to our personal lives—my information, and your information that is used for your account to be registered.

A breach in data is something I would rather never happen to you, but the longer GR remains as is in this version, the more questionable the security.

So today, I will be making the old forum's public, and as such, that means you should be able to view everything. I ask that you begin to save everything and everything of your writing that is important to you and transfer it to sites in which you are active, or archive on your own storage devices.

By January 1st, 2021 GreaterRealms will be shut down and no longer available. Should there be a breach in security at GR before that date, the forums will be shut down immediately. I urge you again to attempt to backup anything important to you and your characters.

Please contact me via discord, PM, or reply to this thread if you cannot read any of the RP forums, I will do my best to fix it.

I would like to thank, personally, in no order (and please forgive me if I forget someone): SLWatson, for turning the forums over to me. Ehzoterik, Delahada, Cane, Collie, Jenai, TheRedNeck, Kalamere for their countless hours in assisting me with code, creation and more, Dill T Jones, Fio Helston, Gemethyst (RIP), Gren Blockman, Jack Scot (RIP), Johnny Storm, Katt, Kitty Helston, LSama, Mesteno, Necromesh, Nigel Alder, Noira, Panther, Pharlen, Rekah, Reva, Rohin, Taneth, The Birdborne, Travis Preston, and Val Holt.

You believed in me and in GR when I needed it most. You volunteered your time and energy not only to the site but to role playing here and it is a joy to see these names continue to exist and bring dreams to life on other sites, continuing a legacy of Rhydin that I am proud to be part of. Should you not know of it yet, please visit and consider playing at
Rings of Honor aka to find a lively and thriving RP community forum and discord chat.

I will no doubt talk to you again through discord and other media, and thank you all for the light, fun and memories. Again, I am truly sorry. Keep writing! Keep dreaming!

--Mel, aka, Pinkatron2000, aka Suliss'urn.

GreaterRealms will be shutting down on January 1st, 2021.
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