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Let me start this off by saying I have no idea what I'm doing.

Don't get me wrong, I've been roleplaying for 8 years. But I've never been the kind of person to join a board as impulsively as I did this one. A pretty affiliate button led me here, then a quick glance around and I was caught. Something about it just seemed to say to me; "This is where you're supposed to be." So here I am.

I realize things are still being set up and tested out, but I really look forward to getting stuck in with a good plot or two. Until then, I'll be wearing my lurk hat.
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Welcome @Death !

My secret is, I too, have no idea what I am doing and I think I've been that way for the last 40 years. I love that meme floating about that says the rest of us are in the same boat, we just google everything to try and pretend we know what's going on.

I am honestly really glad for your reasons, mostly because of pride. I spent a good long week and a half working on new logo designs for GR and rejected so many that I made I wondered if I was just going to explode. I'm glad I didn't explode and also found one that appealed to others and not just me!

Thanks for being patient with me while I figure out how to run things. Our board is relatively quiet but I hope to fix that in the future. Our forum: The Repository has a few pieces of how tos, FAQs and guidelines already and I will work on adding more as I can. Please feel free to lurk away! I look forward to hopefully seeing you when you're ready and comfortable enough to RP!
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