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A friend on my Facebook Group "The Dragon's Rocketship" popped off with this, and it cracked me up:

Bryan Fields -- Good grief - I just found something Noelle and I put together way too many years ago...
You Might Be a Yuppie Gamer If...
You have your character sheet laminated for use in the hot tub.
You buy your dice at Sharper Image.
You don't try to bribe the DM. You have your lawyer negotiate a better ruling.
You've ever said, "What? Iron rations don't come with brie?"
You have a Gucci dice bag
You keep a substitute DM on retainer.
You've ever named your riding horse "Beamer".
You hire Antonio Banderas or Angelina Jolie to pose for a character portrait.
You've ever had a character with skill points in water polo.
You have your tax accountant deduct your gaming expenses.
Charitable giving means sending new rule books to the bored children in impoverished third-world countries.
You ask the pro shop for a +5 tennis racket.
You named your kids Buffy, Tad and Drizzt.
You cast Find Familiar before buying a purebred show dog.
You call American Express to see if they have a mithril card.
You only buy hand-knitted chainmail (from steel wool, of course).
You brag about your antique mithril tea service
how about...
You might be a redneck gamer if...
Hipster gamer...
Retro gamer...
I'd add examples but I do not have the idea coffee to blood ratio yet.
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