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Enter a world rife with magic, science and mystery with no limits on character genres or backgrounds. Rhydin the city crumbles, Rhydin the city is rebuilt. Medieval roads wind with paved highways lit by holographic or eldritch magical signs. The ultimate melting pot of existence and undiscovered wilds awaits your character.

Collaborative and Free Form Role playing
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GreaterRealms was originally created in 2010 to be an alternative Rhydin role playing website during AOL's twighlight years. Created by S.L. Watson, GR began as a phpBB forum with a small well knit community of players who posted writing in the forums. Eventually however, the original creator was unable to maintain the forum and reached out for help.

The forum and website domain was given over to a friend whom made the promise (that stands to this day) that GR would never close as long as they were around and able. Originally, GR was a pg-13 website, but the new administrator realized that many websites already catered to a family friendly atmosphere and did it well; such as the Red Dragon Inn and Rings of Honor. The admin decided to change the rating of GR to mature and the minimum age to 18 to cater more to adults who wished to relive their Rhydin experiences with fellow older role players.

For the past nine years GreaterRealms has remained a part of the free form role playing community set in Rhydin. We've gone through many forum changes and upgrades, and finally have found a new home here using the Xenforo forum software. We are so proud of our well knit community for keeping us here and we hope that you too, will find a home with us. Welcome to GreaterRealms and beyond!

Our chat room settings

A taste of some our chat room settings

The Lounge

This is our out of character chit-chat room. Our rooms are available to registered members, and this is a great room to start in. Say hi, talk about your day, ask questions and have fun!

O'Cleary's Pub

O'Cleary's is the quintessential little tavern and pub tucked away in a well wooded, quiet gravel road away from the hustle and bustle of Rhydin city. The pub manages to mix quaint medieval aesthetics with small modern touches such as plumbing and a large choice of food. It's the perfect place to relax.

The Brazen Wench Inn

Huddled inbetween dilapidated buildings, the Brazen Inn is as dirty-deeds, done dirt cheap as you can get. Run by a grizzled looking dwarven tender named Orlak, you can get anything at the Brazen for the right price.

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