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Old Crow
1. Character Name:
Jack Scot
3. Character Appearance:
Jack is Coyote, Crow, Dreamer, Dragonslayer, The King of Ghosts and Shadows, the Ribbon Man and Bad Jack. Jack wears many hats; Husband, father, lover, faerie lord. Jack wears a coat of ribbons of every hue and color, a pair of denim button-flies and good pair of walking boots, sometimes a tattered broad-brimmed hat.

Jack has black hair cut in a raggedy mess. He is slim and gangly. Jack has black eyes full of stars.
4. Character Profile:
He is anchored by a silver binding ring, one grass green and two pink ribbon around his wrist and most precious of all, a delicately braided circlet of three fine hairs (two hues of silver and one jet black) around the other. Protected by a violet, silver-streaked tear. A pendant of crow, moon and twin stars dangles at his neck and shines.

Wears an silver ear cuff adorned the black feathers of his murder. Tied to his hair by a thin strip of plaid another crow's feather.

Sometimes wears on his right hand a steel half gauntlet that covers his knuckles and middle finger.

Lately has been carrying a number of items in his pockets including: an obsidian cigarette case inlaid with silver coyote howling at the moon, a gold coin, a wooden coin, 5 lengths of glowing gold string, a simple silver mirror, a set of Japanese lacquered chopsticks, a vial, a crumpled soft pack of cigs, a strand of dark hair, a cigarette holder of onyx and abalone, and a four leaf clover for luck.
Artist or Photography credit:
Jack by anonymous. :)
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Jul 22, 2014, 12:14:01 AM
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