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Sabine Demi God

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1. Character Name:
Sabine Gabriel
3. Character Appearance:
Age: 18

Birthday: October 29th

Job: Maid at Matadero (for Salvador Delahada)

Height: 5'2

Build: Slender, has the obvious assets that most women do.

Hair: Dark Brown and it goes to the middle of her back.

Eyes: Blue/Green. When she's excited they look almost teal. When she's upset they get bits of grey and pale green in them.

Skin: Pale.

Heritage: 1/4 Puerto Rican, 1/4 White, 1/2 Unknown.
4. Character Profile:
Things to know:

1. She wears a tear drop shaped jewel on a silver chain, always. (From Faye Random)

2. Frequently wears a three sided bone pendant. (From Skid)

3. Answers to: Mouse, Abi, Kitten, Sabeanie, Beanie, Bean, and her actual name.

4. She has Tourette Syndrome, OCD, Sensory Disorder, and A.D.D. These all vary in severity with the physical and vocal tics being the most obvious due to the Tourettes. Stress, nervousness, and anxiety are her biggest triggers. She also does not like being touched if she doesn't know you.

5. She can be very quiet and withdrawn. She's frequently lost in her own head, appears unapproachable, and can come off as rude. She does liven up once she gets to know you or becomes more comfortable around you. This takes longer with females. She's emotionally stunted and does not always react in ways that would be expected.

6. She takes her job very seriously.

7. She has an invisible mark on her forehead that other creatures might sense. It basically is a warning and says "Do not eat. Mine!" (From Cass)

8. She's very mature in some ways and extremely immature in others.

9. She's naive.

10. She sometimes "collects" things like a ferret. Food, Sal's T-shirts, random things easily forgotten by others.

11. She can speak Spanish but not well. She understands better than she can speak.

12. Non-Human creatures may have trouble detecting what she is. She is just human, but she wears an item that obscures that and also protects her.

(Please do not mistakes Sabine's reluctance to be friendly, as me. I love playing with whomever would like to interact. If I miss a send in room, please IM me. If you have ideas, questions, or anything else, IM me.)
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