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Dungeon-delver and drink-slinger
1. Character Name:
Ilinoira Abernova Tiranel Sibreth - "Noira" for short
3. Character Appearance:
The elfess is short for her kind, barely five feet and two inches if she's remembered to stretch that morning, and three inches if she's wearing her boots. Her dark hair is wavy if she lets it down, but as a soldier and adventurer she usually gathers it out of the way in a practical braid or bun.

She is petite but her slender frame is defined and rather strong for her size, earned by many long marches under a heavy load. She has piercing gray eyes, narrow black eyebrows a little too eager to express her amusement or skepticism, and a narrow mouth more comfortable twisting into a smirk or a wry grin than stretching into a warmer smile.

She likes to tease her friends and taunt her enemies, and her sharp and expressive features tell that story well on their own. She might even look severe if not for her freckles, splashed across her cheeks and all over the button-like nose she is prone to wrinkling when she laughs.
4. Character Profile:
Noira is a military-trained dungeon-delver who has been working freelance since her involuntary arrival in RhyDin.  She uses historical research and her talent for ancient languages to locate ruins worth looting, and relies on her arcane knowledge to protect herself, mostly specializing in combat magic.
Out of Character:
Noira loves adventures, and so do I! If you'd like to play or plot, please don't hesitate to approach me in play or send me a message. Collaboration rules.
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Jul 31, 2013, 08:51:20 AM
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