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1. Character Name:
Alexis Blue
3. Character Appearance:
Alexis was unlike the typical Rhydinian fare. She was tall like them, 6' solid, like an amazon, but the similarities ended there. She was thicker, with an hour glass figure, and certainly no waif. Her figure was proportionate; a large chest matched wide hips and solid legs. She didnt appear muscular, but decades of physical training have honed her form.

Long, waist-length chestnut banana curls fell down, often wild and untamed. Eyes of lapis lazuli curiously watched all things around with fascination. Flesh was lily white, and her lips were a pale pink, nearing a blue color. Crows feet touched the sides of her eyes, made deeper when she laughed or smiled.

Some would say that she was senile; Alexis was certainly old enough for it. Grand Mammy Blue always had been amused with the surprising youth of the Rhydinian lot.

Love me, and I will give you all of my love in return.
Betray me, and never hold my trust again.
Artist or Photography credit:
[PB is the lovely Monica Bellucci.]
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