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Teshid Watcher

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Teshid stands at 5'7". He's got an unruly mass of grey hair upon his head, that's straight when he wants it back and frizzy when he wants it straight. His eyes are like mercury spattered with blood, and he bears the tearing canines and incisors of an alpha-predator in an otherwise wondrously charming smile.

He usually wears dark, simple colors (all the better to hide the dirt and grit of the seedier places he travels), and has a number of piercings that would probably look ridiculous on anyone else his age. Five titanium hoops along his left ear, and five along the right with an industrial bar through the top. He also bears a piercing through the bridge of his nose, with two little black steel spikes peeking out of either side. The lowest left ear hoop has a dark blue ribbon fastened to it, twisted in on itself in a little helix. He'll proudly tell anyone that can stand to listen about any of them.

By anyone's reckoning, he appears to be just over fourteen years old.
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Nov 11, 2014, 04:39:31 PM
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