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Alex Lightshadow Watcher

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1. Character Name:
Alexandra Lightshadow
3. Character Appearance:
Standing only at five feet in height with short red hair, pale skin, and huge breasts accenting her hourglass shape, she was a true beauty to behold. She enjoys wearing gowns, whether revealing or conservative, as long as it was comfortable. Always wearing a manic smile, seeming to find everything in the world humorous, there's nevertheless a hint of sadness in her eyes as if her mirth was a mask.

She's actually quite insane. Her madness, presently left unchecked, has her craving for more blood than necessary, making her deadly when she hungers. It is unwise to be left alone in the room with her, as she's completely unpredictable.
4. Character Profile:
As a vampire, Alex has all the strengths and weaknesses that come with it. She has higher strength than any mortal being and can move at incredible speeds. She is also vulnerable to the sunlight, its rays capable of burning her to cinders.

Furthermore, she has received tutelage in the ways of magic and has become a very capable wizardess in her own right. However, because of her madness, she may sometimes forget that she has such capability at her fingertips.
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Feb 18, 2015, 01:10:04 AM
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Dec 09, 2018, 02:36:00 PM
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Why are you looking at me like that?