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Crystal Watcher

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1. Character Name:
k’Rysh’tyly’vk (Crystal, for short)
3. Character Appearance:
Full-blooded Kirn
red,black and purple streaked hair to her shoulders, peridot green eyes which now hold just a few flecks of pink, and cheetah markings
Age: 19
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 105
Hobbies: acrobatics, singing, music, generally causing mischief and getting into and out of trouble.
Both ears now sport lines of purple enameled rings, in one ear is also a silver ear cuff, signaling she is a student at the KIA. At her throat is a thin chain, with a finely detailed ring hanging from it, a cheetah chasing its own tail, carved in a white stone. (Birthday gift from Rand alTan)
Finally, on her right hip, rather clear against the white fur (assuming its visible) is a purple crown dyed into her fur with the letters "Rs" in stylized script in black.
4. Character Profile:
Crystal Vortiv, now, since Khoom adopted her, is a full-blooded kirn, the child of traveling traders (or so she had always been told) - as a result, she’s only recently seen Motuv’Utaw or the colonies, and has been raised entirely surrounded by humans and other races, leaving her woefully ignorant of Kirn culture and society.  She is a rather typical teenager - mischievous, mercurial, and incredibly curious about the opposite sex.  Pairing that with the Kirn’s natural affinity for magic and a keen sense of empathy spells a potential for disaster.

Crystal has always had a touch of mischief about her, always being found where she shouldn’t be, or doing something she hadn’t been specifically told not to (the ability to find the loophole in any rule seems to be innate).  Once she hit puberty, however, her pranks took a decidedly ‘blue’ turn … leading to several incidents aboard both station and ship that showed a hedonistic bent to her magic, and a marked willingness to use it.  Between being caught in a ‘compromising’ position with one of the crew, and using her burgeoning abilities to cause the Captain of the ship transporting them to publicly embarrass himself, her parents knew they had to find someone to "guide" the precocious little minx.

Fortunately, or at least everyone hopes so, her father had gone to school with just the right Kirn for the job.

Of course, a great deal has changed in her months on RhyDin - lessons learned, friends made - and finally on her way to getting clear of her past.
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