A Night in The Tomb [GR Halloween Event]


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  • A Night in The Tomb [GR Halloween Event]: Oct 24, 2014
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Author Topic: A Night in The Tomb [GR Halloween Event]  (Read 3018 times)

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A Night in The Tomb [GR Halloween Event]
« on: Oct 15, 2014, 07:46:22 AM »

October 24th
9PM EST to The Witching Hour (Midnight)

In Delver's hall, by the bar is a trap door. The door is often eyed warily and with trepidation by most of Delver's servants alike--for through that trap door is the cellar. Damp and dark, like most cellars are--barely lit by sputtering, spitting torches that flicker in soft, moaning wind from the depths. Many adventurers take the plunge to roam down here, as the vast under belly of RhyDin past and future, collapsed tunnels and strange connections to even darker things seem to roam freely here.

It is the perfect place this year to celebrate All Hallow's Eve in RhyDin. A day when it is said the doors between the living and the dead are thin and perhaps you can hear them scratching to get through. Party-goers are encouraged highly to come costumed with their visages obscured, with masks or make up or magic, to further disturb and delight.

To access the night's festivities, brave adventurers must meander through THE TUNNEL OF HORROR! A wide, curving, winding hollow path through deepest, gloomy stone. THE TUNNEL OF HORROR! features ghastly visions and horrific scenes to titillate and frighten!

Once party-goers have survived THE TUNNEL OF HORROR! they will find themselves ushered into a rickety wooden elevator that plunges haphazardly deeper into the black recesses of below the earth. At the bottom of a chasm, as they step off the unstable wooden elevator groaning behind them guests find themselves in a circular space dimly lit by old wooden torches. One gaping maw of a carved doorway stands two animated skeletons wearing formal bowties, their eerie clattering and hair-raising whispers (how DO they speak anyway?) entreat you to pass through them and enter THE TOMB!

As the party-goers pass them, they plunge themselves into a behemoth cavern with ceilings so high that the light could never touch it. The cavern takes conversations and warps them, filling the air with strange echoes and ssssssibilant whispers. One is never sure if the whispers are actually their own voices or something whispering back.

The cavern itself was once the resting place for ancient royalty. Between the tables laden with ghoulish and ghastly delights, bubbling brew drinks, blazing cauldrons and strange flickering lights--their bones in still-dusty, half-rotten finery can be seen on raised stone beds. Their names wiped away from age.

Skeleton servants giggle and clack their teeth as they rattled between guests carrying drink trays and food for those not brave enough to venture into the spotty shadows for food and refreshment.

Music mingles with the spooky whispering, fitting to the celebration at hand. The night is dark, and the cavern is full of delightful terrors waiting for anyone to partake.

MUSIC - [[Opens a spotify Halloween music/sound effects play list. If you do not have spotify, it is free to download if you wish--if not, that's cool too :) ]]
SOUNDS OF THE TOMB! [[A Youtube playlist of what the TOMB! sounds like + bonus creepy halloween sounds for those who don't want to use/download Spotify]]
The TUNNEL OF HORROR! - [[Setting Description]]
THE TOMB - [[Setting Description, Food, Drinks & Games ]]
 You own a rock. It's a rock with a symbol on it. Nobody is sure what it does.    Light, flexible, and handy for the acrobatic types.    A versatile vegetable for cakes, stews, meals and rabbits.    RhyDin's finest home made brew. Random and questionable contents which all lead to the same thing: getting stupefied drunk. Warning label reads: May cause fire breathing, murderous rampages, embarassing confessions, illusions of grandeur, overly affectionate thoughts and gut rot. Drink at your own risk.    A heavy long steel shield, enchanted with nature and shaped to resemble a leaf. The shield is said to be able to cloak the bearer in forested areas three times a day.    Madam Curio's specialty potion. One potion can restore either a tiny tidbit of health, stamina, mana (magic), strength, dexterity, perceptions or intelligence with one draw back: the effect is random and the drinker has no idea which will be bolstered.   A steel shuriken, or throwing star. Easily concealed, these weapons can be thrown or hidden in the palm for slashing or puncturing.    A deep green ring carved from spinel. Engraved are shapes of twisting vines that seem to reach out. This ring is ensorcelled to allow the wearer to cast Tangling Vines, a spell to trap a target, twice a day.   A necklace with the mummified claw of a supposed harpy. It is said the necklace may grant the wearer feather fall once a day.    This health potion is enough to restore light wounds (cuts, bruises, knock outs.) It may be enough to keep serious wounds together long enough to seek medical attention...but it isn't recommended for near-death health issues.    A splendid long cloak dyed as black as a starless night. To keep a body warm or to keep them hidden in the shadows?  
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