Beginner's Guide and Forum RP basics


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Author Topic: Beginner's Guide and Forum RP basics  (Read 1325 times)

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Beginner's Guide and Forum RP basics
« on: Nov 02, 2016, 11:04:16 PM »

Hello new friend! Welcome to GreaterRealms! If you are new to Roleplaying in general, here's a guide to Free Form RP role playing, the style we generally use here on GreaterRealms. If you are new to GR in general and confused on how to start let me show you the way!

Read GR's forum guidelines first.
It's super important that you're all caught up on how things work here on GR and that everyone's on the same page. To do that, everyone is urged to read our GUIDELINES and to keep up to date on them.

What is Forum Roleplaying?
Forum roleplaying happens when a group of people using a forum to create a story. The story can be loosely related, as in a large forum roleplaying game where many characters inhabit a huge world. The story can also be closely related, as in a small boarding school roleplaying game where all characters know each other. The actual roleplaying happens through text. Roleplayers write responses to one another through posts. Each post describes the character’s actions, speech, and thoughts. Forum roleplay is often called play-by-post roleplay. Note that play-by-post roleplay does not always take place on a forum. With the rise of social media, Tumblr has become a large roleplaying hub. Livejournal has always hosted roleplaying communities, too. Forums are still a popular way of organizing roleplaying games, however.

How Does Forum Roleplay Work?
When you roleplay, you assume the role of a character. A character is made-up entity created for roleplaying. You create a character (a person, animal, demon, alien, or whatever is appropriate for your RPG setting) and write from their perspective/role. Your character isn’t you, and you aren’t your character — you’re separate entities. You can think of it like an actor in a movie — the actor is not the character. Johnny Depp is not Captain Jack Sparrow, Mort Rainey, or John Dillinger.

Post Length
Generally, posts on the forums give leeway for longer responses. There is no limit (other than character space) or word minimums for forum roleplaying on GreaterRealms. What you feel is a necessary length for a reply is up to you. Some writers enjoy keeping it very short and simple, some love to write lots and lots of detail. Whatever you like and are comfortable with is encouraged!

OOC Does Not Equal IC
  OOC = Out of Character. This is the player, the person behind the computer.
  IC: In Character = This is the character, the fictional creation.

 One of the most important things to remember in forum roleplaying: your character can be different from you. Many people say your character should be different, and that it’s the best way to roleplay. New roleplayers find it easy to create “themselves” as characters. This can very easily lead to destructive roleplay behavior, though! For example, a player with a self-character may take offense at another character disliking the self-character. IC does not equal OOC. Keeping that in mind is very important for an enjoyable roleplaying experience. Just because a character dislikes your character does not mean that player dislikes you. A fight between players does not mean characters have to start disliking one another (though it may be easiest to avoid drama by avoiding the roleplayer).

IC Actions made by your character will probably have IC Consequence/Reactions from other player characters
One essential of forum roleplaying is remembering you are writing a story with many other players. Though your character is important to you, others’ characters are equally important to them. Though there is great freedom in online forum roleplaying, it’s not absolute. It is important to remember that for your character’s actions that involve other player characters, there are often consequences. Don’t expect to be able to do whatever you want in character at all times without characters noticing, especially if you role play with a group of people. If you roleplay with people it stands to reason there are other people playing, too. If your character does something, other characters will react.

Types of Role Playing Threads - What does it mean when a thread is marked (Open)/(Public) or (Closed)/(Private)?
If you find a thread marked or tagged in the title with any of these, it means:
All Welcome or Open/Public threads are free for any roleplayer on the site to join.
Private or Closed threads are intended for specific roleplayers who were invited to that thread.
Don’t join private or closed threads you weren’t invited to. Your post may be deleted or removed, depending on the RPG rules.
Ask before you start a private thread for someone. If your thread “demands” their presence or requires it, it’s kind of inconsiderate of their thread load, real life, other duties, and so forth. Please be considerate.

Can I start a role playing thread anywhere on the board? There are two main categories on GreaterRealms. IC (In character) and OOC (Out of Character.)
IC is where all the roleplaying and writing happens.
OOC is where the communication of real people/players happens as well as fun postings and day-to-day chat. 
When you want to roleplay, you will want to post in the section marked IC.
There are two types of forums here on GreaterRealms in the IC (In Character) section. First, you'll notice that our main forums are the ones with much larger, easier to read titles. For example: "From the City," with a description underneath. These main forums are all public. Anyone can post a new post, or thread, in our main IC forums. The second type of forums here on GR are called "sub-forums", and they can usually be found below the description for main forums. Sub-forums are owned and run by a specific or specific characters. These are not considered public, as they are run by players for their characters. In order to post in a sub-forum, you must either be invited by the sub-forum owner, or first find who is listed as moderator, or sub-forum owner, and contact them to ask permission to post within.

Do I have to role play on the forums?
You do not have to roleplay on the forums if you do not wish to. If you prefer our chat room, you may choose to RP in there instead.

Do I have to roleplay in the chat room?
You do not have to roleplay in the chat room if you do not wish to. If you prefer forum roleplay, you are welcome to write with us!

I have other questions?
Try checking out our Knowledge Base topics to see if they help!
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