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Author Topic: Features & Fun at GreaterRealms  (Read 1204 times)

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Features & Fun at GreaterRealms
« on: Nov 02, 2016, 11:21:54 PM »

GreaterRealms Features

GR uses Tapatalk, a fantastic add-on for Android, Iphone or Windows phones that allows users to browse, read, reply and more right from the comfort of their mobile phone.
  Post likes! If you like something someone wrote, well...like that post!
Sticky topics have a distinct separation from usual topics--so you'll always know what's important at the top of any forum.
Our forum offers members a great place to create their own stories and character histories in specific areas or settings.
Members may also request their very own personal, special sub-forum within the main forums of GR, granting them the ability to moderate their own slice of GR.
If you still like to settle disputes the old fashioned D&D way, GR boasts a dice-roller within posts to help make those tough decisions like when to doge and when to take a hit.
Working spell checker
Subaccounts-enjoy switching between an unlimited number of your characters all from the safety and comfort from ONE registered name. Subaccounts allows members to create, delete and easily switch between their role playing characters; even from within posting a thread or reply!
Easy link to user within post. Use the bbc code  to surround a forum name and have it link to their profile.
Do you use Polyvore to show off what your character is wearing? Easily link to your character's Polyvore account in your profile!
If you're a role player from Dragon's Mark: Red Dragon Inn, or Rings of Honor, link to your profiles there so you can still show off all your hard earned icons
Customize the In Character part of your GR character profile with bbcode. You CAN use bold, italics, underline, and even insert images in your profile to fancy things up!
Our extended social media icons allow you to share your G+, Facebook, Deviant Art and many more with your fellow players.
Share your favorite youtube videos with our super easy youtube embedder.
Share your OPEN role playing threads by taking advantage of our links plugboard found on the right-hand side within the forum index. Let GR know you're looking to start a story!
Administrative action is transparent: if someone is banned, you'll know exactly why. Our banned list is view able to all members as well as reasons.
Delicious tool tips. Hover over a topic to see a sneak peak of what's inside before you even click it.
Keep track of your favorite players with a forum buddy list!
Keep your sanity however (if you need it), with the ability to block unwanted contact.

Earn coins each time you post in character or in the forums.
Spend your coins in our Shop for items magical, battle, and more!
Display your 10 recent purchases proudly in the mini profile beside every post
Check out your full inventory and other members by clicking the "View Inventory," in their mini profile

GR Awards are displayed small but proudly in member's signatures on the forums.
Post activity Awards
Community participation & volunteering awards
Event participation awards
Special awards for players to give to other players

Member Calendar
As a registered member, you get to use the awesome calendar here at GR.
Create, add and edit your own RP event to the calendar. Show off a big plot twist, share a fun little party, schedule a dungeon run--it's up to you!
Link your created event to a post in our Events forum and add a description, notes and more in the post.
Want to go to an event? Might forget? Event reminder for members will mail you at a time of your choosing to remind you!
Events are displayed on the front portal, on the forum and even at the bottom of the forum near the Who's online. More exposure than ever!

Live RP Chat Room
Log in to your GR account, click the "chat" button and get writing!
Hang out in our out of character room, The Lounge to say hi and plot.
Leave the lounge to visit any of our already-created RP chat rooms to RP, live time, in an environment of choosing.
Wait, don't like any of the pre-existing chat rooms? Create your very own chat room to RP in!
Player created rooms can be password protected
Players in the live chat show up in the Who's Chatting list on the front page portal and the forum.
Players also show in which room they are occupying.
Public (Not player made) chat rooms are logged in LIVE TIME, meaning you can check the logs at any moment to see what's going on in the room at that second as it's happening! No need for /back 10 anymore!
Custom sounds for fun and immaturity in the Lounge.
A large list of 16x15 icons to choose from in the chat room to have appear beside your text, to better stand out in the crowd and represent your character.
Color wheel color picker for your chat room font color!
A small collection of fonts inspired by famous novel print, such as Times New Roman, Book Antiqual, And Palatino Linotype for readability.
IM players in the room or whisper them
Administrators and moderators available at any time for help with any chat issues
Block any players that may be harassing or creating trouble for you.

Waiting for more people in the chat? Waiting for a post? Spend your time in the arcade!
Challenge your friends for highscores!
Show off your hard earned points by becoming a champion!
Then attempt to outscore the latest champion!
Enjoy nostalgic classics, puzzles, strategy games and more!
 You own a rock. It's a rock with a symbol on it. Nobody is sure what it does.    Light, flexible, and handy for the acrobatic types.    A versatile vegetable for cakes, stews, meals and rabbits.    RhyDin's finest home made brew. Random and questionable contents which all lead to the same thing: getting stupefied drunk. Warning label reads: May cause fire breathing, murderous rampages, embarassing confessions, illusions of grandeur, overly affectionate thoughts and gut rot. Drink at your own risk.    A heavy long steel shield, enchanted with nature and shaped to resemble a leaf. The shield is said to be able to cloak the bearer in forested areas three times a day.    Madam Curio's specialty potion. One potion can restore either a tiny tidbit of health, stamina, mana (magic), strength, dexterity, perceptions or intelligence with one draw back: the effect is random and the drinker has no idea which will be bolstered.   A steel shuriken, or throwing star. Easily concealed, these weapons can be thrown or hidden in the palm for slashing or puncturing.    A deep green ring carved from spinel. Engraved are shapes of twisting vines that seem to reach out. This ring is ensorcelled to allow the wearer to cast Tangling Vines, a spell to trap a target, twice a day.   A necklace with the mummified claw of a supposed harpy. It is said the necklace may grant the wearer feather fall once a day.    This health potion is enough to restore light wounds (cuts, bruises, knock outs.) It may be enough to keep serious wounds together long enough to seek medical attention...but it isn't recommended for near-death health issues.    A splendid long cloak dyed as black as a starless night. To keep a body warm or to keep them hidden in the shadows?  
The Wizard of Words award is given to members who have created 50 topics on GR, celebrating their words. This award is given to players with a bad ass character. This award is granted to members who have become prolific posters on GreaterRealms. The Enkindler Award is given to the Top Ten Topic Starters here on GreaterRealms. A small thank you from us for starting something good! An award given to the Top 10 members who have spent the most time online here at GreaterRealms. Thank you for your time! This award is granted to members who have volunteered and who are volunteering to be staff or bard at GR.
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