What to do with a player you don't get a long with?


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Author Topic: What to do with a player you don't get a long with?  (Read 2429 times)

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What to do with a player you don't get a long with?
« on: Nov 04, 2016, 11:08:59 PM »

What to do with a player that you don't get along with? What happens if, as a member, a moderator or a bard--we find out we don't like or play well with another member, a moderator or a bard? What happens if we find out someone we had a falling out with on RDI or ROH or from AOL or somewhere else, signs up for GR?

There are many personal ways of handling these issues. But I would like to take this moment to address this (as we are growing and have more members, staff and Bards volunteering, and this issue may crop up.) and how I would very much like members and staff to consider how to attempt to handle it.

1.) If you are on your Bard name and you encounter a player with whom you have had prior issue with on another site or here on GR, you do NOT have to play with someone that you absolutely do not want to.
a) It is not a Bards' part of their voluntary job to mediate or deal with OOC, personal issues of any players. Please direct them to admins. We do not want Bards dealing with anything other than role play, and how to create it here at GR.
b) If you have a problem player on ignore for your sanctity and sanity, you do not need to remove them as a Bard/member.
c) If you encounter a player role playing something that makes you uncomfortable, have communicated this fact and they still insist on role playing it: at you, your character, or trying to force the issue OOC you are NEVER obligated to role play with them! Please do not feel guilty for contacting the staff and/or ignoring/blocking that player. 

2.) If you are encountering a problem player who is disrupting GreaterRealms chat or other players then do not hesitate to report them to us immediately. Harassment and stalking is something we consider serious and will try and catch it as soon as we can (and are made aware of it!)

3.) If you are encountering an issue with a fellow bard/member and:
a) have attempted to resolve the matter player to player and are unable to reach an amicable end, come talk to the admins.
b.) feel that an issue might compromise your volunteering here at GR, come talk to an admin.
c) are having a difficult time period, come talk to an admin.

The admins are here to try and make your experience volunteering here on GR as easy as possible. If at ANY time you are having difficulty, come talk to us :) We're listening!

Last but never least--although I do not think I need to say this, I will to have it out there: keep calm, keep polite, do what you need to do to keep sane but also remember that you are a representation of this website and everyone on it whether you are staff or member. If in doubt of what to do, come talk to us :)

Let's do this thing: TOGETHER! <3
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