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Deputy Director of Dickery
1. Character Name:
Salvador Delahada
3. Character Appearance:
For the most part, Salvador Delahada looks entirely human. He has two legs, two arms, a torso, a head, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth like any other human does. His general shape and build suggests that he spends a great deal of time exercising and working out to keep his body fit and trained for combat. He is by no means grotesquely muscular, but has an athletically proportioned structure with a great deal of subtly compact muscle. This specimen of humanoid design was built to be a predator, a hunter of men. 

His eyes stand out as a strange and unusual color not commonly seen among humankind. They are a reddish-orange color similar to metallic rust, which most modern humans more often observe under the frame of an old car. Though aged weaponry, such as swords and axes, that have seen little use, also tend to suffer this affliction. Sometimes his eyes may appear yellow in hue, however.

He stands at 5' 10" in height and weighs approximately 175 pounds. He has bronzed tan skin and black-brown shoulder length hair that is beginning to show the faintest traces of gray. There is a network of vein-traced black ink on his skin in some places, most notably under the tear duct of his right eye across the cheek. An eight-pointed star pattern scars the palm of his right hand.

Usually he can be found wearing attire that consists of loose fitting jeans , short sleeved tee-shirts, a pair of black work boots without laces and a long black overcoat. The jacket should not be mistaken for a duster or trench coat, though it is similar in design, as it only falls to the knees in length. He does not wear any other accessories.

Sometimes, especially during the warmer months, he may be seen not wearing a shirt at all. In this case it is important to note the spikes. These are not a form of newfangled elaborate body art. They are in fact a part of his body, connected to an extra joint attached to each of the five lumbar, twelve thoracic, and three of the lower cervical vertebrae of his spine. These spikes are hinged, capable of snapping and locking erect as a self-defense mechanism to protect his backside when in danger. Mostly they lay flat along his spine, but in detail are all three inches long, tapering to a point, and serrated on the underside. Of twenty total, two are missing, leaving gaps along his thoracic curve, specifically at T5 and T10.
Out of Character:
This character is fluent in the following languages (even if the player is not): Spanish, English, Irish Gaelic, Drow, ASL, Italian, Latin, Russian and Greek. Unreadable to empaths and telepaths. He reads as static. Aura sight and psychometry, as well as a variety of other supernatural skills, are at his disposal. Never hurts to ask (in IM) if you want to know more.

It is important to note that Salvador's blood is toxic and destructive. His blood is infused with the purest essence of the avatar of natural decay. A single drop can be lethal, and he does not smell the least bit delicious to vampires. Though it is often described as acidic and burning cold (like liquid nitrogen), the truth is that the magical properties infused in his blood work swiftly to reduce any animal, vegetable, or mineral to its base elements, returning it to the dust from whence it came. Imagine one of those time elapsed videos of a rotting animal happening in real time. Enchanted items, iron, and fae silver are immune to the properties of his blood.

Please be advised: My character is not affected by the Nexus, as I the player prefer not to use that excuse. Please do not assign any disappearances of my character's user name from the room to 'The Nexus'. Just wait. I'll be back and pick up right where I left off.

Another point of fact: My Fae are not your fae. Though the inspiration is derived from cultural myth and folklore, the interpretation is solely my own. The closest likeness I have encountered in fiction is in the writings of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. Note that fae does not necessarily equate to fairy. This is important.

Yes, I do play chess. Yes, Salvador plays chess. If you would like to play our characters playing chess, I prefer to actually engage you in a game at - look me up here:
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