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Registration Agreement

By registration to GreaterRealms (GR, GR on SMF and so on) you hereby state, agree to and knowingly understand that you are a mature free form role player with passing knowledge of how to conduct yourself in a manner responsible, adult and semi-mature. You agree that you have understood and read our Guidelines posted in the GreaterRealms Guide forum or from the Knowledge Base. You agree that you understand and are aware that GreaterRealms is rated R and that mature themes such as (but not limited to): sex, sexuality, profanity, adult themes, mature themes and the exploration thereof will no doubt be present in forum or in chat and are a mature enough individual to accept you may or may not be presented with writing(s) that could offend but are within GreaterRealms guidelines and rules.

By registrations and use of GR, you state that you are of or above the age of 18; or if you are not, you have the consent of a parent to view, access and use this website and will do so under parental supervision. If you are caught lying about your age and you cannot produce proof that you are of our age limit you can and will be banned.

Moderation & Banning and administrative actions is an open process at GreaterRealms. You acknowledge that if you are caught being asinine, spamming, trolling, or disobeying the rules any administrative actions taken against your account (Temporary Bans, Warnings, Permanent Bans) will be listed and readily view-able to other members as well as the reason why. This is non-negotiable. We are srs business about this.

You agree by the act of registration to GR that you will not use GR to purposefully spam, harass, stalk or otherwise take action to willfully disrupt posts on the forum, site or in the chat room. In addition, registration is taken to mean that you will be responsible for keeping up to date with the TOS or Guidelines for GreaterRealms, you agree not to share your Parent accounts, password, or log into GR while using a public machine. If you suspect your account has been breached contact staff immediately.

Your registration states that you understand the difference between OOC and IC. That you know what blending is and that you try your very best not to do that 'cause that stuff is whack, yo and not awesome. Registration claims that you know there is a divide between what a character does and what a player is like and that simply because a character is deemed 'evil,' 'nasty,' 'mean,' and otherwise a 'villain,' that does not reflect at all on the player who controls said 'evil' character.

Lastly, by registering to this site you agree that you will respect yourself, your fellow players and conduct yourself in a manner of a reasonable adult, approaching issues and that you are keenly aware that GR is not a democracy, a state, or a government: Administration and Moderation will do what is necessary to ensure the safety, sanctity and cohesiveness of this site.

Registration note: if you are an AOL EMAIL USER, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT AOL TENDS TO BLOCK EMAILS FROM SMF. YOU WILL MOST LIKELY NOT GET AN ACTIVATION EMAIL. If you still decide to register with an AOL email and encounter issues, staff can activate your account for you, however, you will NOT receive any notifications of primate messages, replies to your topic, or any important site updates, news and announcements.

If you register with an email that NOT AOL and you do not receive an activation link after registering, you may contact the Administrator at anytime for manual activation at:
AIM: Pinkatron2000

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!