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    So, following this template (how closely or loosely depends on you) tell us one of your character's secrets. Found the image on facebook and dug it, so I brought it over here. Doesn't have to be an earth shattering secret, doesn't have to be something silly either. Just, a secret. What's...
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    Community Feasts

    Starting late Wednesday evening the Dream Chasing Foundation, and its various arms and partners began setting up community meals throughout the city. Trestle tables loaded down with a wide variety of mains and sides and desserts stretched four long, end to end and were set up under large...
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    The person above me, RP style

    I'd say, in my experience, it's a lack of communication, or in some instances, failed communication. Most of the time I wing it when I play, especially since, Thorn. I don't have a set idea or goal in mind when I throw her out into a room other than, "Hey, let's pretend to be young, hot...
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    Welcome back! And welcome to Greater Realms!
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    Jak Siv's Birthday Feast!

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    Jak Siv's Birthday Feast!

    Whether you're in the mood for simple ankle skimming skirts, corsets and low cut dresses, or fine brocades and heavy velvet knickers and a ruff. Shining armor or boiled leather. Keep it simple, keep it kind of in with the theme and have a blast with it! (Also, feel the urge to post your...
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    Jak Siv's Birthday Feast!

    A banquet set up buffet style on heavy wood trestle tables that seem to groan under the weight. Meats Venison in Collops Thinly sliced steaks of venison sandwiched with parsley, thyme, rosemary, spinage and other sweet herbs, and beef suet, salt, cloves, and nutmeg. Salted bacon...
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    Jak Siv's Birthday Feast!

    (Scheduling conflict came up short notice, so sorry for the inconvenience!) (The Celebration begins Friday March 6th, at 3:00 p.m. (PST, 6:00 EST, 11:00p.m. GMT), and continues on until the last person goes home. Or passes out.) To celebrate the birthing day of Jak Siv, the FUNDERDOME has...
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    Finally a Hello to you all.

    Welcome to Greater Realms!
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    What--for you--makes you consider your RP a success?

    For me it's a combination of things. It's events like the Booze Fest (happening again this August yes), birthday parties, party-parties, where people enjoy themselves, and actually show up, and play. Even better for me is when I get even one person who says they had a great time and look...
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    Pet names for Characters [Game]

    Pet Name for Colleen: Unbreakable. Character Name: Thorn
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    Holy Sh*t : Videos of Awesomeness

    DhvXST1Rc3g This is, oddly cool.
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    Music that inspired RP or is inspired by RP

    Fits in very many ways for Thorn and her life, even before Rhy'din. Walk between the worlds, bravely down the candle road. The light will lead you deep into your core. Move into the center, add your sorrow to the coals with incense rising, steady as a...
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    It's Time for that Question of Character!! What is your char's signature song? Ran across this today on youtube and had to share. Kind of works for A Murder Of Crows, kind of. Or you know, Jack Scot a bit. Kinda.
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    A little late

    ::Hugs!:: Welcome aboard!
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    Ahem, well I suppose I could say hello.

    Welcome aboard! :dnc:
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    Better late than never

    Welcome aboard!
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    The FUNDERDOME [Chat/Forums/Etc]

    :dnc: :hrt: <3! Mel!
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    Tinsy belated Hi

    Hi Tom! Welcome to Greater Realms! Hope you continue having fun! :dnc:
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    Its a bird thing

    Welcome to Greater Realms!
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