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    Old Adventures of the SS. The Swordsman and Crew

    Chapter 1 The Great Captain Sebastian Immanuel Thorne stood on the quarterdeck, watching the Crew manned the ship, with the crew stood his daughter, Aurora Lightwood. and his first mate, Dante Keltar. He felt pride. Dante had started on the ship as a cabin boy. Young and Prideful. He gave the...
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    Dante's Closet

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    The Royal Fortune

    Location: Docks Characters involved: Dante Keltar, Silphion, Raye, Onyxia Dante didnt mind the docks, and of course The Swordman was tied on the dock. Dante was there, checking off the supplies. The morning's heavy fog had finally lifted, and city life returned to a place that was normally too...
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    Rough Waters (Dante's Ipod)

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